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Müge Boz

Müge BozMüge Boz, born April 13th 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a Turkish film and television actress and model.

Her mother was an immigrant from Yugoslavia and her father was from Egeli, Turkey. She spent her childhood in Istanbul, but at the age of 12, due to her father's work, they moved to Karsiyaka, Izmir.

After graduating from İzmir Atatürk High School, she studied at the Department of Cinema and Television at Anadolu University.

She has also taken strategic design and digital photography courses in Norway where she had won a scholarship to Hogskulen i Volda in Volda, Norway. There, she took strategic design and digital photography classes for advertising and newspaper photography.

In 2008 she was the first actor to have performed with the Angels. Sevda Bird's Wing, Doubt, Leyla and Mecnun, Back Streets, Ask For Labor, Lie, such as Lie World has also played a role. Fox TV screens posted; Erkan Petekkaya, starring Songül Öden and Dolunay Soysert.

At the end of 2013 in December, "This is a lonely There" "in the motion picture movie Altan Düzyatan, Özgü Namal, Emin Gürsoy, Umit Erdim, Wilma Elles, along with players such as Iskender Paydaş.

Directed by Hamdi Alkan, which was published in 2014, TRT 1 series, "Gurbette Aşk"; starring Cezmi raid, Gökhan Alkan, Muge Boz, where Wilma Elles and Serhat Ozcan share, years before Turkey is the story of a Turkish family who migrated to Germany.

Müge BozIn 2006, she started working as a commissioner named "Ece Dündar" in the television series "Arka Sokaklar" ("Back Streets"). Back Street series was directed by Orhan Oguz, starring Zafer Ergin, Sevket Coruh, Ozgur Ozan, Alp Korkmaz, Ilker Inanoglu, Berk Oktay.

Boz has been living in Izmir since she was 12 years old and it was there she started to model. She is a graduate of public relations and theater department of Anadolu University.

She started modeling at the age of 7, began ballet at the age of 7, studied piano for 11 years and was interested in sports such as swimming, tennis, skating, volleyball, yoga and she loves motorcycles.

She also danced as a ballerina for 12 years and by looking at her it is easy to tell that her body is flexible. Muge Boz has been in a Turkcell advertisement on 3G. She has also been the advertising face of major brands such as Arçelik, Maximum, Mavi Jeans and Nescafe.

In addition she shot ads for Zen Diamond, Loft and T-box models, Vogue, Tempo, Marie Claire, Women's Health and Instyle fashion magazines .

She was cast in the Turkish TV Series Melekler Korusun, Karakol, Süphe. Now she is cast as Sirin in Leyla ile Mecnun. She appeared in the TV drama Doubt starring actress Selin Demiratar.

Being a Turkish model and actress who has graced the pages of major women's publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Women's Health, she became the face of the Diamond's campaign in 2010.

Müge Boz"I will continue to live an organic lifestyle. I regularly walk to the Yeniköy Kurucesme five days a week, today I think I will walk up to Baltalimanı because the weather is windy." she said.

Boz has been eating an organic food diet for a long time, will continue to live organically throughout her life. There will soon be a festival where organic products will be promoted and they will tell you how to eat healthy foods with organic foods.

Where does this interest in healthy living come from?

"I turned to this because I have a point of view and an allergic nature, such as turning to the center and the source of the events. We live and we have a body."

"I realized that we know very little about this, we don't even know where our organs are. As I was curious, I stepped deeper. I'm committed to finding the answers."

"In order to be healthy, it is necessary to be engaged with the soil and to do regular sports. Many series projects for the summer season is coming now I'm in the reading phase, a good project lying in my head, I'll be on the screen soon." she said.

I'm crazy about nature and health and find answers by trying. I recognized myself first. Mine is a long trip. I am constantly studying on this subject both at home and abroad.

Müge BozI read books like crazy. I was reading the book 'The Inner World of the Intestine' while everyone was reading a romantic novel at the beach. You know, with health, I'm crazy about nature.

What about your handmade raw and vegan chocolate brand Boz Ganayı?

"When I saw so much health education, I decided to make my own chocolate. The most important feature is that the cocoa beans are not roasted, they are served at very high temperatures - most importantly they do not contain additives and sugar."

"My goals in acting are quite simple. I don't want to go out of this life without a theater. (Laughing) I want to do comedy. I want to make a movie with the people I love, maybe I manage it myself."

"I usually bought books instead of expensive shoes - I do not have a life to be a lover and love scandals."

"My own projects are my top priority. I'm expanding my YouTube channel concept. I'm differentiating the contents. There is a more mobile, traveler-made kitchen setup."

"We are preparing a natural and healthy kitchen concept. I love taking risks - it's about trying things out. I took a film in Azerbaijan in December and it will be released in December."

Müge Boz"I don't like to look at anyone's else's hand. I'm fond of my freedom. I never felt I had to get married and have big money. So my family's job isn't enough to feed me, so it's not a big deal. I had read about a lot of schools, won a scholarship and went to Norway."

"Then I started working. But what I saw didn't sound like my dream. I was very disappointed - very disappointed. I was a young girl trying to exist in Istanbul alone, but I never gave up."

"I didn't give in to anyone. I did what I did but got it. I did not move away from my character for great lofty goals. Every time I fell I stood up again and continued working."

"It was never my main goal to be known and loved by everyone. The challenges and stories of everyone are different. I don't need to try to create that kind of sensation like: 'Look, I'm here.' Because I don't feed those ideas."

"I've always aimed to be better and more successful than I was before. I aim to be a light that doesn't flash at all, but always shines and for a long time."

"I put my back on precious and true stories, not instant celebrations and sensations. I wanted to tell people something meaningful. I wanted to show different and new things."

"Creating an awareness, causing a change. These are always my priorities and I hope I can do them. Instead of dressing up and showing myself around, I spent time reading and researching myself."

Müge Boz"Instead of buying expensive bags and shoes, I chose to buy DVDs and books. I bought books instead of expensive shoes just because I had a right to choose. I'm focusing on being able to enjoy more of my time than ever."

"I have my own tactics! I don't have a life that I'm being a lover of. Love is a diseased feeling, I think. It doesn't always contain good or positive energies."

"Ignorance, disrespect, lacklessness, simplicity, oriental cunning. I cannot tolerate these."

"Acting out is modeling! Boz was the face for many advertising campaigns and says she took modeling seriously."

"It's easy to be sexy and female for a beautiful woman. What is important to recognize is the beauty of the woman's naturalness and to make it attractive" she said."

TRT 1 series 'Sevda Bird's Wing' revives the character of Light. For 10 years, she had worked on health and devoted herself to nature and healthy living - chocolate bars and acting.

Why did she want to take part in the 'Sevda Bird's Wing' television series? Being about Turkey it is a series which aims to shed light on certain periods and I wanted to take part in this project because it is a story based on real events.

Müge Boz"We are a generation that we didn't dominate because we were too young, but we had stories from our parents. Now, I feel very interested when I am animating these stories."

"I understand the seriousness of those things more. It was terrible - the events of July 15, the time that we took was almost confused."

"Believe me after July 15 I could not come to myself for 1-2 months. I had a very bad process - both spiritual and material. My excitement about starting a new series was prolonged. I didn't feel like I had any morale. Thank God I'm better now."

"He's a little more sane than the tumour character. He's closer to things. He has a mediator role that calms the family. He has no mother. The burden of the people he loves as if his problems are not enough."

"At first, injustice made me very angry. Making something very sloppy - the evils that are done towards nature, even like garbage dumped out, the words of women thrown out, the things I plan to go in place makes me very angry."

"Every project is definitely adding something to you. What did your character in 'Sevda Bird's Wing' add to you?"

"She taught me to look at some events from a different window, not just her own truth but also the point of view of the people in her face."

Müge Boz"Will I have my own projects in the future? Yes, I write and draw. I want to do things in documentary style. Do not enter into the role of others, but also wants to stand on how he treats what Müge does."

"I don't want to go out of this life without a theater. (Laughing) I want to do comedy. I want to make a movie with the people I love, maybe I manage it myself."

"I'm enjoying being mature now, knowing something and being sure. I'm determined to know what I want now and what I don't want."




Year Production Role Cinema / Television Task
2008 Melekler Korusun Çiğdem Dizi Oyuncu
2011 Toprağın Çocukları Karika Film Oyuncu
2011 Şüphe Meltem Kutlu Dizi Oyuncu
2011 Karakol-Herkes Adalet İster Ada Dizi Oyuncu
2012 Leyla ile Mecnun Şirin (Adını değiştirerek daha sonra Leyla adını kullanmıştır) Dizi Oyuncu
2012 Bir Hikayem Var Yağmur Film Oyuncu
2012 Karaoglan Bayır Gülü Film Oyuncu
2013 Gütbette Aşk Bir Yastıkta - Dizi Oyuncu
2013 Yalan Dünya Oya Dizi Oyuncu
2013 Aşk Emek İster Leyla Dizi Oyuncu
2014-2015 Arka Sokaklar Ece Dündar Dizi Oyuncu
2017 Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Telli Humaşah Sultan Dizi Oyuncu
2017 Kayıtdışı İdil Dizi Oyuncu


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