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Dilşad Çelebi

Dilşad ÇelebiDilşad Çelebi, born on July 4th, 1984 in İzmit, Turkey is an actress, known for Bugünün Saraylisi released in 2013, Intikam filmed in 2013 and Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare in 2018. She has lived in many Turkish places like Sinop, Bolu, Kocaeli and Aarhus but currently lives in Istanbul.

She completed her secondary education in Kocaeli Anatolian High School. During her secondary education she studied taekwon-do.

She was educated in Kocaeli Bay Science High School in 1999 for a year as the other was damaged by an earthquake.

She was able to recognize her life ambitions early on thanks to her sister working in Cateurs. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Science Department in 2002 as their second best student.

During her university years, she decided to play bass guitar but after two years of education, since she couldn't find any groups she had to settle for being a good-note reader.

She has volunteered in organizations such as ResFest and the Istanbul Film Festival. In this same period, she started to work as a cartoonist with Ali Murat Erkorkmaz who wrote Bekir, Tekir and Tails in the comic strip series on Star Tv of which 80 episodes were aired.

After watching Voksne Mennesker in 2006, she went to live in Denmark with a friend as an exchange student. She currently plays in the Revenge television series.

Dilşad ÇelebiShe joined the Gaye Sökmen Agency and began doing commercials. In her transition to acting she worked with famous top producers such as Tomris Giritlioğlu, Timur Savcı and Osman Sınav and took lessons from Lâçin Ceylan.

She was cast in the television series Gönül Çelen and later in the television series Aliya released in 2018.

In 2016 she married the Turkish musician Samet Evci - the lead singer of the Frapan Group. When I first came to the university in 2002 my sister was taking lessons from Selim Evci at the İFSAK short film workshop.

"My husband's brother is Selim. When I was shooting a movie, his brother Samet would come to the set and so we met. But our relationship really began 4-5 years later."

"It's fun to be home during the day. We built a room in the house, my husband is doing his recording there and sometimes we make fun records together."

Dilşad enjoys playing guitar, writing children's books, swimming and cycling. She also likes to solve puzzles and play table tennis. She is 172 cm in height and weighs 56 kilograms. Her hair color is blond and her eye color is hazel.

Çelebi, who was highly interested in the martial arts in her youth, studied Computer Science at Bilgi University following her high school education.

Dilşad ÇelebiAfter graduation, she started acting and for the first time she appeared in the drama Derdest with the character Canan. She then appeared in several series and films.

In 2009, she played the character of Merve in the series canlandır Alayına Isyan (English: Alayına Agenda) in 2009. The series tells of a barrage called Damascus. The cast starred Erol Babaoğlu, Birce Akalay, Sage Sen, Salih galleon and Dilsad Chalabi.

Then she played Selin in the series called Gönülçelen. The series tells the story of a beautiful woman named Hasret, who lives in the suburban neighborhood of Istanbul, who earns her living by floriculture. The series stars Tuba Büyüküstün, Cansel Elcin , and Onur Saylak.

This beautiful actress played the role of Neslihan in the series named Bugünün Saraylısı (English: Today's Saraylik). The series describes the process of disintegration of a deep-rooted family and the family's attempt to escape from this process.

The leading roles in the series were Selçuk Yöntem, Nazan Kesal, Cansu Tosun, Ali Ersan Duru and Serhat Teoman . In 2013, she played the character of Asli in the series İntikam (English: The Revenge).

The series tells the story of a woman named Derin who wiped her arms to clean up the slander and take revenge from her father many years ago.

Cast in the series was Beren Saat, Mert Fırat, Engin Hepileri, Nejat İşler, Arzu Gamze Kılınç, Zafer Alagöz, Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Dilşad Sağlamtook. Since the series could not provide the required ratings, it was canceled early.

Dilşad ÇelebiIn 2015, Çelebi played the character of Leyla in the series Eve Dönüş (English: Returning Home). The series tells the story of a woman who returned to pay for betrayal. The series starred Cansel Elcin, Dilsad Chalabi, Tardu Flordun, silk Erdem, Feride Çetin and Edip Saner.

Dilşad Çelebi is one of the most popular actors in the Eve Dönüş series. In 2013, Çelebi took part in the voice overs for the House of Magic: The Magic Cat.

The series, which will connect the audience with its exciting and immersive story, will tell the story of Yusuf and Leyla, who are forced to share the same fate, even if they are foreign to each other.

Featuring Cansel Elçin and Dilşad Çelebi, began the screen adventure in October with the story of love, family and revenge themes.

Her education began at Kocaeli Anatolian High School in Koceali and continued at college when she attended Bilgi University - Computer Science and recieved a Masters degree at ITU in Business Administration. She later attended Laçin Ceylan Acting School.

The Film and Television productions she had roles in were Derdest (2008-Canan), Alayına İsyan (2009-Merve), Kapadokya Düşleri (2009-Füreyya), Gönülçelen (2010-Selin-Bahar-2 Sezon), Seni Bana Yazmışlar (2011-Burcu), Bugünün Saraylısı (2013-2014-Neslihan-2 Sezon), İntikam (2013-2014-2 Sezon-Aslı Sağlam), Urfalıyam Ezelden (2014), Eve Dönüş (2015-Leyla), Aliya (2018)

Celebi has done print and television advertisements for Digiturk, Panda-Senben, Rocco Sugar, Beko-Minibig, Ulker-Roko, Ulker-Krispi and Molped.

Dilşad ÇelebiShe has written two illustrated childrens books called Şatşat Nereye? (English: Where is Şatşat?) and Kunikul'un Peşinde (English: Kunikul's Pursuit) which can be purchased at www.kitapyurdu.com.

"My college years were the best times of my life. At first I was doing a lot of soul searching for not being enthusiastic about my classes."

"I was going to other classes and attending seminars - there is a lot of activity in Istanbul such as exhibition openings, events and other interesting things. We could always find something to do."

"I have very nice friends and we attended very nice activities together. I'd created my own little bohemian environment, they were good years."

"One day we were bored again and thinking about what to do. The old Dolapdere that came to the roof of the building came to our mind."

"We weren't sure we could do it, but if we succeeded, we wouldn't know what to do on the roof. Then we came out on the roof - from there our legs were shaking, but we didn't know there was a camera and the security guard came down."

"At University I was thinking about how to shape my life. I started at Martı Animation Company for an internship. My cartoon writing began there, but I had already previously published a cartoon in 2-dimensional format" (Bekir Tekir and Tails).

"So, this time we began to publish in 3D - I wrote their stories, and that was where I made the first money in my life."

Dilşad Çelebi"How did I manage to reach the child's language level? Was it a special talent?"

"I guess I was already at that level, I didn't have to go down. At first, there were revisions, for example, when I wrote certain words, they were always altered."

"In the cartoon, I was writing more dear and entertaining dialogues, but in the children's books, I have philosophical references in every chapter. But now they don't understand, I know that when I go to interviews, the questions are more superficial."

"Up to the point where acting became my focus I was not at all serious about it. Until then, I was playing in some of my friends' short films. But it was just an activity."

"My cousin wanted to sign up for an agent when he was a senior, so we went together and I signed up with the agency. Later, after a few interviews there was an advertising job when the advertising business was contracted with the agency."

"There were also a few ads after my first contract, and it was in that same year I guess I started playing in a series. It was in that summer that I graduated fully - the series began Derdest başla - it was the first series. It's already been 7 years since that time."

"I have tried many things and I've discovered that I am happy in acting. In this sense, I'm a lucky minority - doing what I love."

"I loved the story of the last job I had, Eve Dönüş. I was playing a more vengeful but weaker character. It was a very fun character to play with - it could have been nice. But the set was so much fun. On the Bugünün Saraylısı series, we were really enjoying the set as well."

Dilşad Çelebi"I mean, the more I change, the better. I was always playing bad woman or the other woman. I always had rich characters - like I never played a poor character."

"My first criterion for selecting roles is the scenario - the story is very important to me. The second is the director. Actually, it comes as a package."

"For example, we worked with a very good script and a very good director at the last job, but the production company was new, I didn't know what to expect, but in the end it did a good job."

"I once did theater, in fact, but because I'm not a graduate of the conservatory which has a separate discipline - the use of the diaphragm. I may not be using it properly."

"It is absolutely something that can happen with education but it is necessary to spend time learning. But, one day I would love to do theater. I thought I could write something on my own or get together with friends and we could get something going. It could be a project."

"I like to ride the ferry, my mother and I love to walk to the market." Of course it is nice to know, but if I come to the level that requires me to waive this fame it will not make me unhappy..."


Dilşad Çelebi Scenes - Hale & Çetin


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