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Berfe Sancak

Berfe SancakBerfe Sancak, born on the 18th of April, 1994 in Izmir, Turkey is a runner in the 60, 200 and 400 meters, 110-meter hurdles and 4x100 and 4x400 relays.

Berfe attended Yasar University Faculty of Law and was a Senior in 2017.

Her father, Murat Sancak and her mother were also track and field athletes and currently her father is her trainer.

Hanife Sancak said that their families have been in the world of sports since their childhood due to their passion for sports and Berfe says that their parents have been great role models for her and her brother - high school student Tibet.

Berfe said, "My father and mother's love for sports and each other was a big factor in my going on the track in the first place. My father is also my trainer."

"Working with him, witnessing the happiness he had both as a father and as a trainer with my successes, does not change anything. He has always supported me." She said.

Berfe Sancak"They see the difficulties you face, what you struggle with, your efforts to achieve success."

"His experience in sports, the information he always conveyed to me in his working methods is a great opportunity for me. I always take advantage of this." She said.

Stating thathis daughters' success makes him and his wife proud, Murat Sancak said, "As a father, it makes us very happy that our children fight in national form and they are successful. We understand them better due to our sports background."

"It is reflected in our social life and the success of our children at school. Both their sports and academic achievements as well as my daughters success as a Yaşar University student are a father's greatest source of happiness."

While Berfe wants to specialize in the field of sports law.

Berfe's brother Tibet broke a 10 year long-standing Turkish record in the 110-meter hurdles. Tibet became the holder of a new record with a time of 13.77 in the race held in Bursa on June 12th.

Berfe Sancak"I want to be around people that do things. I dont want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do.

I want to be around people that dream and support and actually do things."

"People need to find something they really care about and mix that with something they love doing. Stop worrying how it’s going to happen & Start believing it will."

Have you ever wondered how an athlete prepares for competitions? With an endless need for strength, perfect conditioning and an uninterrupted breath.

It is not easy to work large parts of the body at the same time, and to have perfect control of the body in order to enter a competition.

If you want to understand this process and wonder how these achievements and degrees are achieved, then attend the training program of the Turkish national athlete Berfe Sancak!

Berfe Sancak : "Our fitness training starts one month before the race. Speed ​​increases in this type of training, and menstruation decreases. Weight decreases, frequency and speed increase.

Berfe SancakExercises that increase explosive strength are performed. Trainings that increase continuity in speed are done. This kind of race training helps us get in shape slowly.

In 2019 Izmir's Berfe Sancak ran the 400 meters at her very best this season, running 55.04 in Turkey to become a champion.

Also Berfe ran the 60 meters in the same championships in Turkey and won.

The Turkish athlete Berfa Sancak represented the country in the 60 meter and 4x400 meter relay race at the Balkan Championship that was held in Istanbul on the 27th of February, 2016.

Berfa, the 400 meters athlete was at her very best this season, running 55.04 in Turkey to become a champion.

Berfa Sankak of İzmir Athletics Sports Club has started to represent her country as a European Athletics Association athlete with her application to Turkey's Athletics Federation.

In addition to the academic education she received in the field of law, the national team sportsman was the appointed European Athletics Association of Turkey Ambassador in sessions where she attended sessions in which international athletes and the European Athletics Association officials participated in.

Berfe SancakThe Izmir Association of Athletics Sports Club founding members of our national team athletes thanked Berfa of the Athletics Federation of Turkey who was awarded this task.

The Sancak Family, which has collected nearly 400 medals in the competitions they have participated in their careers so far, is working under the roof of the Izmir Athletics Club (IZAK) to train new champions.

Berfe Sancak, a student at Yaşar University Faculty of Law, won the championship in the 200 meters in the races she participated on behalf of the university.

Young 60-meter hurdles and 200 meters, large 60 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters championship in Turkey found Berfa also carried the 4 X 400 baton with the team placing second in the Balkans.

Berfa Sandzak, whereas in previous months with his national teammates race held at the 4 X 400 meters-23, U-23 4 X is at 200 meters large managed to break the record for Turkey.

Stating that she has represented her country in various competitions with national jersey for two years, Berfe said:

Berfe Sancak"Athletics is a family tradition with us. I have been on the tracks with my mother and father for as long as I can remember."

"I started this sport of my own will. I continue, at a young age, to be proud to have also the record for Turkey with the support of my family."

"I want to work in the sports law field to complete my education. My biggest goal in Sports is to represent our the country the Olympics."

Hanife Sancak and her husband Murat reflected on their careers in sports:

"We have been in the world of athletics since our childhood, and we live the happiness of continuing our past successes with our children and raising new athletes together."

"Our daughter's achievements are not only a source of pride for us, but also for the people of Izmir."

"The discipline, nutrition, perspective and authority given by sportsmanship naturally reflect on our social life and the success of our children at school."

Berfe Sancak"It is our greatest joy to see that our athletes, whom we have trained from a young age, represent our country in the future, just like us and our children."

In May of 2018 - Yasar University athletes, held in Adana, Turkey University Sports Federation 15. Turkey was marked by the Koç Fest University Sports Games where Yaşarlı athletes became the pride of İzmir by breaking a university record and winning eight medals, three of which were gold.

Turkey's most well-attended sporting events in the various branches and over 5 thousand athletes struggling with the 15th coach in Turkey Fest University Sports Games.

Yaşar University students Berfe Sancak and Elif Taş also returned with medals from the competitions. Elif Taş, who won the silver medal in shot put last year, reached the gold medal this time.

The national record holder in Turkey despite the injury experienced by athletes Berfa Sanchez was the bronze medal in the 200 meters.

With these results, Yaşar University athletes returned from the finals with three gold, three silver and two bronze medals.

Berfe SancakBerfe Sancak is a track and field athlete who competes internationally for Turkey. Her last result is the 11th place for the women's 4x400 m relay in the European Team Championships League 1 2019. She competes in 4x100 meter relay and 4x400 meter relay.

Stating that Hanife Sancak and her husband Murat met and got married in the world of athletics, she said:

My father and my mother's love for sports and each other was a major factor in my going on the tracks.

My father is also my coach. Working with him, witnessing the happiness he had both as a father and as a trainer with your successes, does not change anything. has always supported me, "he said.

All three athletes were elected to the national team and qualified to represent Bursa with a crescent-star jersey.

"As a father, we are very happy that our children fight in national form and they are successful. We understand them better because of our sports background.

Sports discipline, nutrition, perspective and lifestyle, "It is reflected in our social life and the success of our children at school.

Both their achievements in sports and their academic achievements as a Yaşar University student are the greatest source of happiness of a father."

Berfe SancakTurkish national athletes won 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals in the International Athletics Competitions held in Bosnia and Herzegovina .

National athletes competing in the athletics competitions held in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, won 8 medals on the 12th of June 2019

Turkey Turkcell Super League First Stage Competition was held in Bursa on the 19th-20th of June, 2019.

Our Athletics Team, was third in Turkey amassed 116 points. Berfe Sancak 200m 24.61 for second and in the 400m 55,65 for third and 4X400 Flag Team with Yaren Açar - Nazire Güleç - Meryem Kasap and Berfe Sancak 3.48:15 for third

The most contentious competition of the championship took place at the women's 400 meters. The finish of Elif Yıldırım, Meryem Kasap and Berfe Sancak, who took the runway in the last series of this race, which was run in three series, caused great excitement.

Berfe, who fell behind two of his rivals in the last straight, came from the outer lane and took the first place in the last line, and decreased her best score from 55.62 to 55.04.

Berfe SancakBerfe Sancak took the first place with 7.68 in the 60-meter final in the evening session and finished the day with the double championship.

At 400 meters, Emel Şanlı Kırçın took the first place with her time of 54.58 and achieved the best time of her career. Berfe Sancak, who came second in the same race, reached the finish with 55.80.

Miracles Indoor Championships in February 2016

Berfe Sancak, the double-winning athlete of the first day of the championship, was one of the most striking names.

At the end of the day, Berfe won a 60-meter race, reducing her best score from 55.62 to 55.04 in the race in which she ruled out Elif Yıldırım and Meryem Kasap in the last line in the 400 meters.

Berfe 22-year-old ensign, took second with 7.68 Turkey the same day championship. In this race, experienced athlete Özge Akın won the bronze medal with 7.86.

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