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Rym Saidi Breidy

Rym Saidi BreidyRym Saidi Breidy (Arabic: ريم بريدي), born in Tunis on the 21st of June in 1986 is a Tunisian International topmodel and actress.

Breidy started her career as a model in 2003 after winning the Elite Model Look Tunisia. In 2006, she won the first edition of the Arabic reality show MISSION FASHION on LBC TV under the supervision of the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab.

In 2007, she signed with Major Model Management in Paris and today is represented by MP Models. She is also represented by Profile Models in London, Womens Model Management in Milan, One.1 Model Management in New York City, Munich models in Germany and MP Mega Models in Miami.

This stunning Tunisian beauty is a statuesque six feet one inches tall and exquisitely proportioned - not to mention absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

Lebanese TV host Wissam Breidy married Tunisian model Rym Saidi on the 16th of July 2017; They looked like they’d come straight out of a Disney movie. Saidi walked down the aisle in a Cinderella-like gown and Breidy’s eyes were glowing with joy as she approached towards him.

Known for winning the first edition of the Arabic reality show Mission Fashion, bowled the 800 or so guests over with a mythical hooded cape, reminiscent of “Red Riding Hood.” The head-turning piece featured crystals, different coloured beads and tons of laser cut flowers made from silk organza.

Rym Saidi BreidyThe stars opted for civil marriage in Milan with a close friends as a witnesses. Even though the whole ceremony was very simple, Rym Saidi’s wedding gown was way more than plain simple. It was stunning. Probably since it was created by Lebanese fashion designer Georges Hobeika.

The model was in a magnificent beige outfit with splendid white floral detailing. The fact that she chose Hobeika as her designer wasn’t really a surprise; the star actually had given a little teaser of her outfit six days ago by posting one of the designer’s bridal creations revealed during Paris Fashion Week.

As far as huge, over-the-top weddings go, there have been quite a few lately. From oil baron billionaires with man-made floral forests, to brides with $10 million engagement rings, there have been quite a few extravagant weddings so far.

But we think this one is right up there. Tunisian model Rym Saidi tied the knot with Lebanese TV host Wassim Breidy in a lavish ceremony in Lebanon's Chateau Rweiss.

Their 1,200 guests were treated to music by Michel Fadel and dabke dancing. But it was Breidy’s speech that moved everyone. “It made the night particularly special and made us all cry.”

After saying their I do’s, these two who first laid eyes on each other on the set of Dancing With The Stars took a private plane with some of their friends and traveled from Milan to Mykonos, Greece, where they will be spending their honeymoon.

Wissam and Rym will be heading back to Lebanon on September 1st to start preparing for a second wedding, but this time with their families.

Rym Saidi BreidyIn September, Lebanon witnessed the wedding of television presenter Wissam Breidy and Tunisian model Rym Saidi in an event which took place at Chateau Rweiss, Keserwan. The wedding was attended by many personalities from the world of art, politics and media.

The wedding was grandiose and the bride looked stunning in a dress created by international Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika. Her makeup was done by international beauty expert Hala Ajam.

The couple had met on the fourth season of the Arabic version of the reality television series Dancing With The Stars in 2016.

Since 2008, Breidy has been residing in Milan. She has also been studying economics and mathematics sciences part-time. Rym Breidy speaks Italian very well and loves sports.

On March 22nd, 2018 she announced she was pregnant with her first child and a girl named Bella Maria Breidy was born on September 8th, 2018.

When asked what she thought of her future husband when she first met him she replied: "I thought you were a handsome, charming, and charismatic man. And you had such a beautiful voice! You were also respectful, well-educated, spiritual, and a positive person."

"When I saw how much you cared about your family. I knew you could be a great father. "

Rym Saidi BreidyAnd when their first child was born she found out that she was right on the money - "You used to hate staying in. You loved being surrounded by people and were out almost every day. But. since Bella came into our lives, you’ve rarely gone out and are more focused on us and your work to make a better future for the family."

"I married you not just because I was in love with you, but because you were a great partner who I could always count on. True, we have ups and downs, like all couples, and we argue a lot. But we never go to sleep without saying ‘I love you’ to each other."

"I experienced the baby blues and you were patient and supportive at all times. Seeing you with Bella and the magical love between the two of you makes me love you more and think how lucky I am to have you as a partner."

Becoming a mother has been one of the hardest but most rewarding moments of my life. Bella is the greatest gift. Motherhood gives me an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

It’s also made me more patient. I now understand that I’m a superwoman, like my mom and all moms. It makes me love my mother more.

On Mothers Day Breidy posted on her Facebook account the following sentiments regarding her own mother:

"As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true.

She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her."

Rym Saidi BreidyIn Italy, She became recognised after her campaign for WIND with Italian comedian Giorgio Panariello and then her appearance as mother nature in the Italian TV Show Ciao Darwin.

In Tunisia, Breidy participated in campaigns to help promote the Tourism industry of her country. She has also been the face for the Tunisian travel agency Traveltodo since 2013.

However, in 2015 her future involvement with the company and other tourism campaigns, was called into question over comments she made on a radio station where she admitted that she had previously discouraged her friends from visiting Tunisia due to the current political instability of the country and security threats by stating the following;

"They have nothing to do in Tunisia. We couldn't invite people into such unsafe conditions - We couldn't put the lives of others in jeopardy."

General management of Traveltodo responded by stating that her remarks were inappropriate, because they undermined the tourist reputation of Tunisia and its image on an international scale. As a result, the association of her image with Traveltodo would now be questioned.

Anyone in her situation would most likely have done the same as she did. Naturally Traveltodo is going to downplay the security issues, but it most definitely should never have any bearing on her involvement in the tourism industry in the future. She merely did what any responsible and thoughtful individual would do in the circumstances.

The model based in Milan who strolls on the catwalks of the world has indeed declared that she did not encourage her friends to come to Tunisia because of the situation that prevails there.

It was enough for Internet users to unleash derogatory comments against her on social networks, even though she defended herself by a Facebook post claiming that her words had been taken out of context.

Rym Saidi BreidyThe reaction of the travel agency Traveltodo stressed in a statement made public today that "these statements were made by the person concerned in her personal capacity and not on behalf of the agency."

However, faced with the scale of the controversy, Traveltodo was obviously required to take a stand: "the general direction of the agency considers that the statements of Rim Saïdi are inappropriate because they undermine the tourist reputation of Tunisia and its image internationally."

As a result, the association of the image of the person with Traveltodo is now questioned. Following the controversy provoked by her model ambassador Rim Saïdi, Traveltodo has reacted by broadcasting the following statement:

"Traveltodo, the online travel agency, has seen the statements of model Rim Saïdi on a private radio station over the weekend, which has provoked many controversial reactions from public opinion in general and from the tourism sector in particular."

"The Directorate General of Traveltodo wishes to emphasize in this regard that these statements were made by the person concerned in their personal capacity and not on behalf of the agency."

It is indeed worth remembering that Traveltodo hired Miss Rim Saïdi to be its tourism ambassador for a period of 2 years to illustrate the photos used for advertising campaigns initiated by the agency to promote Tunisia as a tourist destination.

Mr Tarek Lassadi, Managing Director of Traveltodo, reacted to this case and said:

"I am convinced that Miss Saïdi has made the remarks that she is accused of drawing the attention of the public authorities to the a security situation that continues to arouse the concern of our citizens who want the country to regain its serenity. However, I regret that this has been spread into the public square."

Rym Saidi BreidyMr. Lassadi also added: "In professional tourism circles, the security issue is indeed at the center of all debates and discussions, including abroad with tour operators and airlines, since it is the main obstacle to the return of foreign tourists to Tunisia.

As a tourism professional, I have had the opportunity time and time again, when speaking in front of the press, to take a stand on the subject by pointing out that Tunisia was neither safer nor less secure than any other tourist destination in the world, but without ever discouraging or denigrating it ".

Rym and her husband are supporters of the Childrens Cancer and on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 Mr. Wissam Breidy and Ms. Rym Saidi visited the CCCL and spent quality time with all patients at the outpatient facility to encourage the patients.

Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon child life specialists at the CCCL use their knowledge of child development and developmentally appropriate interventions to educate, prepare and support children through difficult tests, procedures and -the sometimes drastic- changes that happen within their families due to chronic or acute illness, treatment and recovery.

Child life staff members assist both outpatients and hospitalized inpatients. Their staff is mainly composed of:

Child Life Specialist — Child life specialists is trained in working with children and adolescents in medical settings. She is professionally certified and educated at the graduate level in child development.

Social worker - An expert social worker who refers families to governmental and non -governmental social organizations according to their social needs.

School Teachers - Our school teachers are professional experienced teachers with certified degrees in different aspects of education. They coordinate with each child's school to ensure class requirements are met while the child is in the hospital.

Volunteers — Volunteers, who are trained by Child Life staff, help supervise play spaces and spend time with children when parents take a break. Whether playing a board game, reading a book aloud or holding a baby, our volunteers help kids feel like kids. Parents or staff can request a volunteer through Child Life.

Join them by making a Donation Now to Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon.

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