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Afef Jnifen

Afef JnifenAfef Jnifen, born on the 3rd of November, 1963 in Medenine, Tunisia is a Tunisian fashion model, actress and television presenter.

She is a naturalized Italian citizen. She was married to Marco Tronchetti Provera, an Italian businessman and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli & C. S.p.A.

She is also daughter of the former Tunisian ambassador Mohamed Jnifen, who used to be ambassador in: Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain.

Afef's modeling career began when she was discovered by photographer Jean-Paul Goude, who spotted Jnifen walking on the beach while he was shooting a Club Med ad with Carla Bruni in the Bahamas.

Goude put Jnifen in the ad and suggested she go to Paris and meet the designer Azzedine Alaïa.

She quickly became a favorite model of many of Europe's top designers, travelling between Milan and Paris while working for Armani, Fendi, Gaultier, Cavalli, and others.

Afef's successful career in fashion has since spanned three decades representing top international brands such as L'Oreal, Paris.

Afef JnifenThe Middle Eastern beauty of Afef Jnifen, or more simply Afef, has rattled the world of French and European high fashion. She has been acclaimed by designers like Armani, Chanel and Cavalli, and even after her retirement she is still a style icon with whom everyone wants to collaborate.

Italian television has appreciated her talent for success, her anti-racist ideas and the social activity that distinguishes her efforts. She is the ambassador for Peace of the Red Cross, claims the Telefono Azzurro, she is part of the Enfants en danger Association and for many years has been fighting against prejudices against the Arab world, especially towards her beloved Tunisia.

Admired by her French, Italian and Arab fans, Afef enjoys international success like few others have; she has lived in Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, only to be fascinated by Parisian haute couture. This is a beautiful woman who is not all appearance, but who is also happens to be a woman in possession of a lot of depth and substance.

She is the only female child of six siblings, and soon she would distinguish herself. When she was very young, she married a neighbor , disobeying her strict parents and traveling to start a modeling career.

Afef Jnifen's second marriage arrived in 1990 when she married lawyer Marco Squattriti. From him the model gave birth to a son, Samy, but the relations between them became complicated due to the Safim-Italsanità scandal - where 29 people were investigated for aggravated fraud - and, at the end of the 1990s, they separated.

Afef JnifenAfef Jnifen settled in Italy, where she began collaborating with noted magazines such as Vanity Fair and Panorama. Her columns were being enthusiastically read by millions of Italian women every week.

Between 1996 and 1997, Jnifen attracted considerable attention for her appearances on Italian television shows. Her strong character and courageous statements on a number of topical political issues rapidly made her a well-known public figure in Italy.

She started her career with Rai 1, and went on to present a number of programs on various Italian channels about culture, diversity, minority rights and women's rights, bridging cross-cultural divides between Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

In 2004, she presented the Le Iene Show on Italia 1, then shortly afterwards La Grande Notte on Rai 2. Her contribution to this prime-time program was rewarded with a Television Oscar in March, 2007. In 2009, Jnifen started work on a new project for an international television channel: Nessma TV Arabic.

Jnifen also had a taste for acting, and in 1999 she took part in Alberto Sironi's telefilm Il Ladro Di Merendine (The Snack-time Thief).

She has been a L’Oréal Paris Ambassadress and a face of L'Oréal since 2008.

Afef JnifenJnifen also became an advocate for civil and human rights, making good use of her celebrity to further various humanitarian causes. She is currently an Ambassadress for Action Innocence, a private voluntary organization that helps to protect children’s dignity and integrity on the web against the risks of pedophilia and sexual abuses.

In the past, she cooperated with Telefono Azzurro and worked for Inter Campus, an organization that gives back the right to play to thousands of needy children, using the values of sports and the game of football as educational tools. She joined F4D officially in 2017 as a Goodwill Ambassador to the organization.

Afef Jnifen and Marco Tronchetti Provera meet when she worked as a regular guest at the Maurizio Costanzo Show . The relationship with the managing director of the Pirelli group - and former president of Telecom Italia - became official in 1998 and in 2001 Afef became the wife of Tronchetti Provera, with a ceremony as beautiful as reserved for Portofino.

Afef Jnifen and her husband did not have children, but she has always shown affection and complicity with the children that Marco had from his first wife, Cecilia Pirelli : Giovanni, Giada and Ilaria Provera.

In 2018 came news of a divorce between the two. The model had already celebrated her birthday on November 3rd without her husband, and already there was an air of crisis.

A few days later, then, the main gossip newspapers spread the news of the separation of the historic couple after 17 years of marriage . And apparently, the request for separation had already been filed with the Court in Milan during the first days of November.

Afef JnifenAccording to the information released, the couple decided to separate by mutual agreement. No one seems to know the reasons for the separation between the two, which by all appearances seemed to be in love and happy - partners in a solid and lasting relationship. The first suspicions arose when looking at her Instagram page, where for some time the model had not appeared in shots or stories with what in effect one could soon call her ex-husband.

The photos without him on his birthday, then, had triggered the alarm, which then materialized within a few days in the media.

In the beginning of her career, after traveling between Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, Afef studied in Lausanne and then moved to Paris, where she fell madly in love with high fashion. Armani, Chanel, Cavalli, Gaultier, and especially Jean-Paul Goude immediately adored her.

She became a model on the catwalk but also a spokesperson for cosmetics houses, first of all the L'Oréal Paris. Her debut on TV dates back to 1996, when she became a regular guest at the Maurizio Costanzo Show . For her it was a nice springboard and soon also the opportunity to stand out as a presenter with the Nonsolomoda gravure.

In 1999, Afef switched to Rai and leads Bet We? with Fabrizio Frizzi; in 2004 she also conquered Le Iene . Then, however, something changed and beginning in 2006 she completely disappeared from the TV :

“ I decided many years ago to stop doing television, I wanted to keep quiet and think of something else - I was always in the spotlight and even my husband was at the center of unjust people and violent attacks back in 2006.

Afef JnifenSince then, I have not done anything: no TV, no public statements, if at all, some very rare time to talk about fashion she said in an interview with Grazia of 2017.

Her latest projects include being a judge on Project Runway Middle East , the Arabic version of the well-known American program conducted by Heidi Klum.

Those who want to have a glimpse of her more detailed life, can browse on her Instagram page, where she often publishes shots both of her everyday life and of her work projects.

On instagram one can also see this remarkable woman photographed alongside Franco Zeffirelli, Karl Lagerfeld, Habiba Ghribi, Rula Jebreal, Sir Elton John, Giorgio Armani, Valentino Garavani, Elie Saab, Azzeddine Alaia, Sophia Loren, Naomi Campbell, Tina Turner, Michelle Rodriguez, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Mila Jovovich, Richard Gere, Adrien Brody, Deena Abdulaziz, Diane Von Furstenberg, Franca Sozzani, Peter Dundas, Gigi Hadid, Karolina Kurkova, Zoya Sakr, Sara Sampaio, Eva Herzigova, Amanda Lear, Ciara, Lana Delrey, Roberto Cavalli, Bar Rafaeli and many others to numerous to mention - but including the Presidents of Tunisia, Italy and former American Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as well as Russia's Vladmir Putin.

In addition to modeling, Afef is also a successful actress, known for La grande notte in 2003, and television productions such as Quelli che...il calcio in 1993 and the Maurizio Costanzo Show in1982. She is also known for Inspector Montalbano in 1999 and Buona la prima! in 2007.

Afef JnifenAs a popular Italian television presenter, Afef has hosted Fabrizio Frizzi Scommettiamo che - on RAI. And La grande notte at RAI 2.

In 2016 and 2017, she starred in Project Runway Middle East on MBC as a jury member along with Lebanese designer Elie Saab and Egyptian actress Yousra. In 2017, Jnifen was named the ambassador of Fashion 4 development.

"Honored and proud to be appointed as the new goodwill ambassador for fashion for development in support of the United Nations millennium development goals - every woman every child"

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