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Leila Ben Khalifa

Leila Ben KhalifaLeila Ben Khalifa, born on February 16th, 1982 in Tunis, Tunisia is columnist, model and an actress, known for Maskoun in 2015, Awled Moufida in 2015 and Maktoub in 2008.

Coming from a modest family, Leila, was full of ambition and has always dreamed of sequins and working in fashion. She began at the age of 15 to parade as a young amateur model in Tunis.

Desperate for travel and discovery, Leila learned many languages such as Arabic, French, English, Italian and Spanish - so she is multilingual.

At 18, endowed with a passion for classical and contemporary dance, she toured France, Italy and Portugal. After obtaining her degree in Tunisia she decided to return when she was 19 years old to her mother's home in Italy.

"Education is the number one goal every woman should have. Being beautiful is just part of being a healthy and successful woman." She earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

When not involved in on-screen projects she continues to model. Between Paris, New York and Milan, the beautiful brunette shares her globetrotting life on Instagram and Facebook.

Leila Ben KhalifaAt the start of 2019, Leila Ben Khalifa took her 531,000 subscribers to Colombia where she publishes on Instagram photos of her stay where the only risk she takes is that of "wanting to stay" .

She made a perfect advert for the tourism of the country long plagued by drug trafficking - Colombia found a perfect ambassador in the person of Leila Ben Khalifa. On Instagram the young woman posts pictures in saturated colors that make you want to book a flight there immediately.

So, she moved to Rome - where she was pushed by her parents to begin studying art at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts. Recently graduated, she was noticed by the producers of the show, Big Brother - who invited her to participate on the show.

In 2006 when she was 23 years old, Leila attended a casting of "Grande Fratello" (the equivalent of Secret Story in France) and was chosen. She only stayed on the show for one month, having failed to collect enough votes from the public.

However, in those four weeks she used the opportunity to seduce Italian media and won over many newspapers. It was all it took as she has been elected several times among the most beautiful Arab women by several men's magazines.

She also became a co-host / showgirl on a show about people on the private channel Mediaset. From 2008 to 2013, she reached the Grail by becoming the muse of the famous rock brand, John Richmond. She is found predominently on the advertising campaigns of beachwear, perfume and sunglasses.

Leila Ben KhalifaAlong with these activities in Italy, Leila becomes an actress for the series "Maktoub" (Destiny). She plays the role of "Halima Mejri". She was cast as a young woman from a very modest family who works as a cleaning lady.

As she has stated herself this role is completely the opposite of her real life and she loves it. Filming will be resumed next year.

In addition, she is invited for the first time to the famous talk show "Labess" to talk about her role in the series and about her life in Italy.

After her overwhelming victory in Secret Story, she was invited a second time and was acclaimed by the Tunisian public when she arrived in the country by a crowd of 3000 people who were waiting at the airport.

After participating in Dancing With The Stars, she returned to Tunisia in a few days time to shoot scenes for a series that was broadcast during Ramadan in 2015.

The series is aired for 15 days and Leila makes an appearance in the last teaser episode of season 2 shown in 2016.

In 2014, Leila was contacted by Endemol to participate in the 8th season of Secret Story. She was one of four impostors, a secret she shared with Sara, Stefan and Aymeric.

Leila Ben KhalifaVery popular from the beginning, the public appreciates her and saves her from several eliminations.

The show is running quickly around her to the point where the other participants complain because, according to them, she is on camera much too prominently.

Leila arrives in the final against Jessica, Nathalie and Vivian and defeats them with 51.3% of the vote. She won a total of 117,000 € and promises to pay a share to a charitable cancer association.

Its rise continues and the craze it causes attracts producers who propose many other new projects. She appeared in her first French role on TMC (TF1 group) in the series "The Mysteries of Love" where she plays the role of Julia.

She was also in contact with Endemol and prepared a pilot for an entertainment show that was to air in 2015. Leila was invited on October 22nd, 2014 at the TRACE Urban Music Awards ceremony where she was openly committed to supporting the fight against cancer. She finally presented an award of honor to the group AMER Ministry

On 23 November 2014 she was invited to the Top Model Belgium where she was part of the jury composed of many different models and stars.

She won a reward at the Lauriers TV Awards 2014 on January 6th at La Cigale in Paris.

Leila Ben KhalifaAfter Dancing With The Stars, Leila announced that she will be involved in a new daily show on a TF1 group channel: Secret Story.

Indeed, from late August 2015, Leila animated the after-secret with Christophe Beaugrand, Adrien Lemaitre and Julie Taton every Friday night after the bonus. In addition, she was daily in The Debrief of Secret Story at 19h on NT1.

In 2016 Leila is announced to be in the cast of the program Five to Seven with the animator Arthur. She is indeed part of the band of chroniclers comprising several French personalities. This program came back weekly in September 2016.

She is also part of the Friday All Permit band, made up of the same people as the 5 to 7 band with Arthur.

In August 2016 she resumed her role as a columnist for Secret Story 10 alongside Christophe Beaugrand, Julie Taton and Adrien Lemaitre on TF1 and NT1.

Leila knows reality TV well, since she was seen in the Italian Big Brother (Loft Story) competing against Francesca Cipriani. Thanks to the notoriety that brings her the "House of Secrets", the young woman pursues a career in France.

But before presenting, in 2015, the After of Secret Sory 9 with Christophe Beaugrand (with whom she shares a Laurier Award for Best Animators of an entertainment program ), she participates, in the spring, in Dancing with the Stars Arab at Lebanon, of which she is a finalist.

Leila Ben KhalifaLeila is not satisfied with France, Italy or even just Tunisia. Indeed, she played her first role in cinema in Lebanon. She was the heroine of an Arab horror film "Maskoun" which will be released in theaters in 2015.

The film was shot entirely in natural settings and was shot in English and Arabic. It is the first horror film produced in the Middle East.

Subsequently, Leila announces with several projects in Lebanon including the shooting of a series / soap opera with singer Ramy Ayach.

Indeed, after Secret Story 9, Leila goes to Lebanon to shoot Amir Al Layl, a period series alongside Ramy Ayach and other great actors.

In parallel, she hosts the Fashion Star show, a format of 12 bonuses which will be broadcast at the start of 2016. It is one of fashion shows where designers are competing to get their collection released.

The jury will consist of Reem Acra, the famous Lebanese seamstress, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, muse of Lancome and Ramzi Tabiat, director of Al Ostoura boutiques.

The following summer, she is back on the air for the Debrief Secret Story 10 which she incorporates the "Secret Team". And in the fall of 2016, TPMP .

Leila Ben KhalifaAt the same time, she has a career as an actress. In a Tunisian soap, Maktoub ( Destiny ), she plays a recurring role. She also plays a small role in the series The Mysteries of Love . And at the end of 2016, in Lebanon, she plays one of the main characters of the historical drama series Amir El Leil .

Leila attended Burning Man in 2018 and had this to say about one particular outfit she wore there:

"My look was inspired by a warrior woman, like Joan of Arc or Nefertiti. A woman who has forged and grown with each challenge of life; A woman who been through the storm and survived; A woman who’s fully awakened and is taking a stand, taking problems by the horns and has no fear to conquer the world."


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