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MatadorU is an online education center for the advancement of new media professionals, particularly travel writers, photographers, and filmmakers. They launched in August of 2009, and have had hundreds of students graduate from their travel writing program, many of whom have become independent writing professionals.

The creation of MatadorU was an organic process that formed out of their worldwide travel community and independent travel publication.

As the size of their audience and community took off - in 2009 they became the biggest independent travel publication online, they found potential contributors sending work that exhibited the same kinds of mistakes over and over.

Instead of continuing to simply reject submissions that were not right for Matador, they recognized an opportunity: by offering online classes, they could provide students the same kind of feedback and interaction that is always been part of their editorial process.

As various members of Matador's editorial team shared their experiences and perspectives, this early vision of MatadorU evolved into its present form, where not just beginners, but writers, photographers, and filmmakers at any level of their careers could find resources and education, as well as a supportive community of both teachers and students.

With the help of the first MatadorU students in the summer of 2009, a new kind of educational experience was born.

Instead of just receiving instruction, participants would be immersed in the life of a new media professional, actively engaging in everything from social media, branding, pitching, and publishing to building their skills as writers, photographers, and filmmakers.

Although the vision and scope of the U has grown, at its heart is still the idea that for the right student - he or she who has the motivation and willingness to make certain sacrifices - it is possible to make a leap from whatever career or job you feel trapped in, to the life of a working travel writer, travel photographer, or other uniquely skilled new media pro.

Those at Matador who have made this leap or are in the process of making it, were part of the inspiration behind MatadorU. They literally created a blueprint of the steps they took to make the leap, added the steps they have taken to grow Matador into a powerful and sustainable new media publisher, and then remixed it all into an online educational resource and community that is waiting for you.

MatadorU Travel Writing Course

MatadorU Travel Photography Course

MatadorU Travel Writing Course

MatadorU is the creation of MatadorNetwork.com the world's largest independent travelmagazine - the Web's #1 destination for professional travel writers. Hundreds of students have enrolled in the first two months andthe course material is available for life, so you can take it at your own pace


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