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Hatch Chili

When it comes to chili peppers, the definitive chili peppers are grown in the Mesilla and Hatch Valleys in southern New Mexico. Once you've tasted green chilis from Hatch, all others pale in comparision. There is something about the soil and the weather around Hatch, New Mexico that produces the finest and most flavorful chilis anywhere in the world.

hatch chilisHatch chilis are a variety of species of the genus Capsicum, which are grown in the Hatch Valley to the south of Hatch, New Mexico. Most of these chilis grown in the Hatch Valley were grown from seeds developed at the New Mexico State University over the last 100 years or more. Hatch peppers range in heat from the rather mild varieties to others which are much hotter than jalapeƱos, such as those called NuMex Barker or Lumbre. Hatch chilis can be purchased locally in many parts of the Southwest, but distribution outside of the region is quite limited and as a result the production is pretty much sold out within 45 days of the harvest. This has led some of the growers to the internet to market their peppers. The soil and growing conditions in the Hatch Valley contribute greatly to the consistent flavor of the Hatch chili. Every year the Hatch Chili Fest is sponsored by the Hatch Valley Chamber of Commerce.

As the heat of summer cools, the Village of Hatch starts to heat up. Labor Day weekend is when the annual Hatch Chili Festival, a two day celebration, attracts over 30,000 visitors from all over the United States, including heavyweights like the Food Network and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Festival attendees can sample the famed chilis, watch the crowning of the chili festival queen, or play a game horseshoes. The Hatch Chili Fest also features chili ristra contests, artisan and food booths, and a carnival. In the Hatch and Mesilla valleys, the green chili harvest begins around July 25th and continues through the red chili harvest or up through the time of the first frost of the year. Fresh chili is usually available from late August to the middle of October. Hatch is often referred to as the designer chili center due to the fact that Hatch and Mesilla Valley growers are constantly developing new species types and various flavors to satisfy the increased demand for their special chilis. Basically, these are tailor-made chilis introduced to the locals and then to consumers from all over the United States and the rest of the world via the internet.

hatch chilisRecognized worldwide for their superior chili crop, the Hatch Valley also raises onions, pecans, alfalfa, lettuce, cabbage, sweet potatoes, wheat, cotton, and various experimental crops as well as supporting a host of subsidiary industries, such as onion sheds and chili dehydrating plants.

Most people know little of the benefits of green chilis other than their flavor.

One fresh medium-sized green chili pod has as much Vitamin C as six oranges.

One teaspoon of dried red chili powder meets the daily requirement of Vitamin A.

Hot chili peppers burn calories by triggering a thermodynamic burn in the body, speeding up the metabolism.

Teas & lozenges are often made with chili peppers for the relief of a sore throat.

Capsaicinoids, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot, are used in muscle patches for sore and aching muscles.

Chili peppers are relatives of tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants - all belonging to the nightshade family.

The color extracted from very red chili pepper pods, oleoresin, is used in everything from lipstick to processed meats.

There are 26 known species of chili pepper, five of which are domesticated. For a wealth of information about different peppers have a look at www.jalapenomadness.com or www.chilipeppermadness.com or order one of the books below from Amazon.com.

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Hatch Chiles

Order Hatch Brand New Mexico Green Chilis, Jalapenos and other fine Mexican food ingredients and have them delivered to your front door within 24 hours with free shipping on orders over $25. Click on images below to visit the Hatch Store. A click will open a new browser window. When finished at the Hatch Store, simply close the browser window and you will return to this page.

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mexican sauces

mexican sauces

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