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When it comes to Mexican food I do believe that the TexMex style of cuisine is some the very best. If only Texas had the Mesilla Valley of southern New Mexico and could offer the same chilis that are grown in Hatch then Texas would hands down have the best Mexican cuisine anywhere.

about usI have lived a number of places in Texas, such as Corpus Christi, Amarillo and several other small places you've never heard of and likely never will anytime soon. One place I spent some time at was a cattle ranch near McLean, Texas which is, by the way, a dry county about 30 minutes distant from the ranch. Dry county? Never have understood the wisdom of making a county dry so that residents of that county have to get in their pickups and drive (often while intoxicated) to the next county to buy liquor or beer and then hop in their truck and zoom on down the highway back home at some point. But, anyway while at the ranch my brother and I got the idea to return to the south coast of Turkey where we both had spent time before. We both had lived in a place called Çamyuva where he had built a house several years before.

about usSo, off we went to Dallas, New York City, Frankfurt and finally landed on the south coast of Turkey at the Dalaman International Airport about 14 hours later. From there we went to the resort town of Dalyan just minutes up the Dalyan Cayı (river) from Iztuzu Beach on the Mediterranean Sea. From Dalyan we went even further to a mountain village about 15 kilometers from Dalyan called Gökbel. It is a small delightful village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the beach at the foot of the mountains. About 6 months later we moved to the other side of Dalyan behind the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos to another small, yet amazing little village overlooking Iztuzu Beach called Çandır. It was in Çandır where I met my wife Ellis, who is from the Netherlands. After My wife had spent 6 years there and I had spent 4 years there, we decided to move to northern France to assist her parents who lived there in an old French farmhouse.

about usThe flight this time went to Brusells, Belgium from which we drove south to the French border through the town of Chimay (of Belgian beermaking fame) and through the forests of northern France to arrive at the rural farmhouse near Hirson, France. Located in a part of France that has little to no economy, it is a beautiful place, but certainly not a place abundant in life and culture, unless visiting the location of Hitler's Belgian headquarters is something you'd want to make a habit of. This region of France would be far more inhabited and beautiful place to live if wasn't for the weather. The forecast for northern France is alway rain, rain and more rain. The rain along with the accompanying gray skies are enough to make you completely crazy. So many Americans romanticize Paris, but more than likely would not be able to stand living in it's cloudy rain-soaked environment which seems to be from being in path of weather systems coming in from the north Atlantic Ocean. Now after 5 years in rainy France we are going to Texas for a little sunshine and some English speaking people. Yee-hawww! Where to next? Who knows - maybe Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

about usSo, now I am coming full circle back to where I started in Texas. In September 2013 my wife and I will be visiting at the ranch near McLean, Texas. I look forward to being able to easily get all those things American that I was deprived of in Turkey and France. TexMex food is certainly one of those things that you can be deprived of for only so long before your system revolts and demands a combo platter from an out of the way TexMex cafe somewhere in Texas. It will be great fun introducing a woman who has spent most of her life by the North Sea in Holland to the Mexican influences that are a part of Texas. I guarantee that it will be more fun than walking down the Champs-Élysées on a dark cloudy and rainy day. Update: Now back in Turkey in a small village by the sea where we have built a house with a garden for growing much of our own food and making our own delightful wines from pomegranates, plums, mandarin oranges and several other fruits that grow here prolificly.

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