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Alicia VikanderAlicia Amanda Vikander, born on the 3rd of October 1988, is a Swedish actress and film director, known for her role in the Swedish TV drama Andra Avenyn and for co-starring in the 2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina. Next she will play the role of Alice Deane in the forthcoming movie The Seventh Son. She won the Rising Star Award in 2010 at the Stockholm Film Festival and the Guldbagge Award – the “Swedish Oscar” – for Best Actress for Pure. Vikander was born in Gothenburg, the daughter of actress Maria Fahl Vikander, and a father who is psychiatrist who raised her and her five siblings. She appeared in several musicals at the Gothenburg Opera and later trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm from 2004 to 2007. Without being fluent in Swedish it is difficult to be able to pronounce most of the movies in which Alicia Vikander has appeared. Possibly you have already have seen her corseted up in both Nikolaj Arcel’s A Royal Affair, and in Anna Karenina, alongside Keira Knightley. Karenina’s Kitty was her first English-speaking role, one in which her character gets put through an emotional rollercoaster by Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Count Vronsky. Alicia is currently living the international gypsy life that often comes with being an actress about to break through with no apartment and living out of a suitcase. You’ll soon see her with Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges in The Seventh Son.

Alicia VikanderWhat reminds Alicia Vikander of home...?

"It’s usually chilies, risottos and lasagna – food that reminds me of being off, going home and resting. I don’t have an apartment at the moment so I always invite myself to a friend’s house. Then I bring over everyone I know, and make food. I love to cook and I love pies. It’s usually broccoli with some blue cheese and maybe some bacon."

Vikander has played British, Russian and half-Spanish characters and has just finished a film where she plays a half-witch, half-human character. When she played a British girl who went to Denmark she had to learn a new language and that was quite difficult for her. She just did a film with Jeff Bridges and the first time she met him he actually said to her, “hey man!” and gave her a hug. Vikander just giggled and felt it was a big thing and that Bridges is such a nice guy. Back in Sweden none of her close friends are actors. She has five siblings and they always ask her when she is coming back, but always being on the move she doesn't know. The good thing is that the Swedes usually travel a lot so most of her friends work outside of Sweden, so she is actually able to meet them in London, New York or Berlin.

Alicia VikanderThe gorgeous young Swedish actress has had to overcome a lot in taking on the challenging role of Kitty in Anna Karenina. The character had to move from being an immature, flirtatious girl infatuated with Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) to a wise woman who, with the help of Levin (Domnhmall Gleeson), the suitor she previously spurned, begins to understand the true meaning of love. Critics hailed her for her fine performance. The Independent's Geoffrey Macnab wrote:

"In the early scenes, flirting with Vronsky, whom she hopes will marry her, Vikander's Kitty is a flighty, immature coquette. She seems oblivious to the unhappiness she causes Levin, the suitor from the country she so casually brushes off. She is very pretty, very immature. However, late on, seen in the frozen limits of Russia tending the ill, Kitty shows steeliness and tenderness. There is more to her – and to the actress who plays her – than we could have guessed."

Anna Karenina really required Vikander to dig deep. For a start, she had never made an English-language movie before, and had to convince director Joe Wright that she could perfect an English accent.

“Alicia grasped the opportunity of this role with both hands,” says the film's producer Paul Webster.

Alicia VikanderIn addition to speaking English and plumbing the character’s inner depth, Vikander had to take on the physical challenge that wearing such constraining outfits demanded. Despite joking that she had “corset training” from having made the period drama A Royal Affair, Vikander actually fainted from the tight dresses she had to wear on the set of Anna Karenina. Shooting in St. Petersburg, however, was maybe the most grueling experience according to Vikander.

"It was 40 degrees below zero - we didn't have hot water for five days and slept in a cabin, on a bench," Vikander told The Guardian.

"On our call sheets it actually said: 'Beware of the wolves. They are known to attack lone humans.' We saw a wolf one time, and a bear, but there were some very tough Russian security guys who came along." She added with a laugh,

"It was one of the most fantastic adventures I've ever had in my life. But I don't need to do it twice."

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Year Title Role Notes
2007 Darkness of Truth Sandra Svensson
2007 The Rain Dancer
2008 My Name Is Love Fredrika
2009 Susans längtan Girl in Apartment
2010 Till det som är vackert (Pure) Katarina Sweden's Guldbagge Award for Best Actress
2011 Kronjuvelerna Fragancia Fernandez
2012 A Royal Affair Caroline Mathilde
2012 Anna Karenina Kitty
2013 The Seventh Son Alice Deane Filming
2013 Hotell Erika Filming
2013 The Fifth Estate Anke
Year Title Role
2001 Min balsamerade mor Ebba Du Rietz
2002 En Ö I Havet Susi
2005 En decemberdröm Toni/Tony
2007 Levande föda Linda
2007–2008 Andra Avenyn Jossan Tegebrandt Björn
2008 Höök Katarina


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