On the Lycian coast along the south coast of the vast country are ancient sites located in Ephesus, Dalyan, Patara, Fethiye and Kas surrounded by unparalleled nature. A labyrinth of mountains, beaches and rivers in a unique ecosystem that combines sunshine and sea breezes amid the ruins ancient cultures from the Hittite, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman civilizations. All this combined with beautiful blue skies, pristine beaches and the charm of the Mediterraean lifestyle...

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Stephanie Case
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Stephanie Case - Ultra Runner

Canadian Stephanie Case is an international human rights lawyer with expertise in UN peacekeeping, post-conflict justice and the law of armed conflict. She is a member of the Independent Diplomat UN team, focusing in particular on the UN Human Rights Council, and is responsible for developing strategies on human rights across the range of the its work. Before joining Independent Diplomat, Stephanie worked as a programme lawyer at the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute in London, covering East and West Africa, as well as the Middle East. She is a former corporate lawyer at an international law firm in New York, where she maintained a busy pro bono practice working on human trafficking, death penalty and asylum cases. She has experience working in Liberia, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Palestine on behalf of Lawyers Without Borders, and also in Malaysia for the UN High Commission for Refugees. She is a former judicial law clerk and a member of the New York State Bar. Stephanie has a BA from Queens University in Canada in international development and psychology, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She is currently finishing her dissertation on human rights standards applied to UN peacekeeping missions as part of her LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law as a Chevening Scholar at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

Stephanie has competed in many RacingThePlanet 250 kilometer self-supported races. She came in 1st in the race in Vietnam, 1st in the Nepal 250K and 2nd in the Australian 250. She also won Vermont’s 100 mile endurance race in 2009. This all started in her last year of law school when she decided to go climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. For Stephanie it was a life-changing experience and she was hooked on this kind of adventure. Out one night with friends talking and drinking wine, a race series Stephanie had found while browsing the internet called RacingThePlanet came up. This race series consisted of 250 kilometer races over 6 stages in 7 days. Called self-supported because the competitors must carry all of their own food and gear on their backs. Whoa. So wine + mastercard + late night internet browsing = an impetuous decision. She woke up the next morning and realized that she had paid her deposit for the next RacingThePlanet 250 kilometer race in Northern Vietnam. Stephanie Case ended up winning her first ever ultra race in Vietnam and many others since, including the Nepal 250 in November of 2011. You can follow Stephanie on her blog at where you'll find she has a great sense of humour interwoven in writing that is interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race Video

The unspoiled Black Sea region of Turkey contains unbelievable natural beauty from its pristine mountains to uncrowded beaches, a cuisine unique to the area and a very friendly population who still live much the same as they have for generations...

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