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Aitana Ocaña

Aitana OcañaAitana Ocaña, born on the 27th of June 1999 in Barcelona, Spain, known professionally as Aitana, is a Spanish singer, songwriter and model.

She first gained national recognition in Spain in 2017, placing as the runner-up in series nine of the Spanish reality television talent competition, Operación Triunfo, behind Amaia Romero.

While competing in Operación Triunfo, Aitana released the single "Lo Malo" with fellow competitor Ana Guerra. The song went on to become a number-one hit in Spain and was certified five times platinum, additionally being used in International Women's Day demonstrations in Spain.

Following the competition, Aitana signed with Universal Music Spain and released her debut solo single "Teléfono", which became her second number-one single.

The music video for the song became the most-watched Vevo music video of all-time in Spain within twenty-four hours.

Her debut extended play Tráiler was released in November 2018, becoming her first chart-topping album and the second most-streamed album of all-time in Spain within twenty-four hours.

Aitana OcañaThe extended play's second single "Vas a quedarte" became her third chart-topping hit and the most-streamed song in its first twenty-four hours on Spotify Spain, surpassing the previous record which was also held by her previous release "Teléfono".

Her debut studio album Spoiler in 2019, was later released in June 2019 and became her second chart-topping album. Then in December 2019 she released the lead single, called "+", from her second studio album.

It peaked at number 2 and went on to spend 9 weeks in the top 10 of the official Spanish charts.

Aitana Ocaña was born in Barcelona on 27 June 1999 to Cosme Ocaña and Belén Morales. She grew up in the municipality of Sant Climent de Llobregat, but her parents often visited France and the Netherlands.

In 2014, Aitana began to share cover versions of popular songs on YouTube and in the same year, she composed her first original songs.

In 2017, she completed bachillerato and was admitted to study design the following year at University. After taking selectividad, she visited Ciudad Universitaria in Madrid, where the auditions for Operación Triunfo were being held. After auditioning, she eventually was chosen for series nine of the competition.

Aitana OcañaIn October of 2017, Aitana entered musical reality show contest Operación Triunfo and after over three months it ended with her as the show's runner-up.

During her participation in the contest, she competed to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with two songs: "Arde", which she performed solo, and "Lo malo", composed by Brisa Fenoy and performed as a duet with Ana Guerra.

The former song ended in second place and the latter finished third in the selection. Even though "Lo malo" hadn't been selected by the public to represent the country, it became an instant hit in Spain, topping the charts for five non-consecutive weeks and being certified 5x platinum.

A remix of the song featuring Greeicy and Tini was released in August of 2018, the song was performed at the 2019 Premios Lo Nuestro in Miami.

Aitana embarked on a co-headlining tour with her Operación Triunfo mates from March to December of 2018. The tour consisted of 23 dates and was attended by almost 300,000 people.

In July, the singer released her first solo single "Teléfono" which received mixed reviews. The song became her first number-one solo song in Spain.

It topped the charts for six consecutive weeks and was certified 4x platinum with its music video becoming the most watched video on its first twenty-four hours on YouTube's Vevo channel in Spain.

Aitana Ocaña"Teléfono" was included in her debut extended play, Tráiler, which she released on November 30th, 2018. The EP features six original songs, of which one is a collaboration with the Venezuelan-American singer Lele Pons.

A week after, "Vas a Quedarte" was released as the EP's second single, written alongside Colombian band Morat, it became her third number-one hit in Spain and was nominated for "Song of the Year" at the 2019 LOS40 Music Awards.

She also released an illustrated book which she named La Tinta de Mis Ojos, became an embassador for Stradivarius, took part of a Coca-Cola Christmas campaign and presented Bad Bunny alongside Pons at the 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

Aitana began teasing her debut studio album in March 2019 which was intended to be a new EP that would be the second of a trilogy. That same month, the singer announced that she would be embarking on an intimate promotional concert tour the month after produced by Los40.

At the tour's first stop, in Barcelona, the singer revealed that she had changed her mind a little bit. Now, she wasn't scheduled to release another 6-track EP but a full album.

She announced the album's name, Spoiler and hinted the release date of the album; she said that it would be released by the beginning of summer.

Aitana OcañaIn April 2019 she collaborated with Morat in "Presiento". In May she collaborated with former One Direction member Zayn in the revamped version of "A Whole New World" for the live action film of Disney's Aladdin.

On May 17th, 2019, she released "Nada Sale Mal", the lead single of her upcoming debut studio album. It peaked at number 4 on the Spanish charts and has been certified Gold.

The album was released both digitally and physically on June 7th, 2019. It debuted at the top of the charts and was certified Gold in its first week.

Later that month, the collaboration with Lola Indigo "Me Quedo" was released as the album's second single. Due to this work, Aitana was nominated for Best New Artist at the 20th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, where she performed "Mi Persona Favorita" alongside Greeicy, Nella and Alejandro Sanz.

The singer embarked on her first concert tour, the Play Tour, in support of the album, on June 22nd, 2019. With it, Aitana has been given the opportunity to sell-out large arenas like Madrid's Palacio Vistalegre, Seville's Auditorio Rocío Jurado or Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi, with the last one being the country's largest indoor arena.

The singer performed 27 shows around Spain from June to December 2019. It has been confirmed that the tour will continue throughout 2020 in Spain and Latin America. Thus, in February 2020 she announced the "+ Play Tour", its extension.

Aitana OcañaIt was set to begin on May 23rd in Valencia, but because of the virus pandemic will be rebooked in the future.

Shortly after releasing Spoiler, Aitana announced that the album would be reissued. Thus, on December 3rd, 2019, it was released by accident on Spotify.

After removing it shortly after, the singer announced "Spoiler: Re-Play". Released on December 20th, 2019, the reissue includes the album, five acoustic versions of her own songs and a tour documentary that features images of her concerts in Madrid, Barcelona and Granada.

It hasn't been released in digital platforms but only in physical stores. Aitana ended 2019 being the third most streamed female artist on Sportify in Spain only being surpassed by flamenco fusion singer Rosalía and Colombian singer Karol G.

On December 18th, 2019, Aitana released the lead single of her upcoming second studio album. She anticipated during fall that it would feature an internationally-known artist.

Thus on the mentioned day she released "+" featuring Colombian duo Cali Y el Dandee. The song debuted at number 21 on the PROMUSICAE chart with only two days of tracking making it the only song in Spanish music history to reach this position with within this 2 days, later peaking at number 2 and spending 9 weeks in the top 10.

Aitana OcañaOn December 28th, 2019, it was announced that Aitana will have a cameo role in the third season of the original Spanish Netflix series, Elite. The singer will be back on TV as a judge on the upcoming season of La Voz Kids, which is set to premiere in late 2020.

On the 20th of January, 2020 she won premio Odeón for Best New Artist. In April 2020 she collaborated with Spanish singer and fellow friend David Bisbal on the remix of his song "Si Tú la Quieres".

A fury caused by the contestants of the last edition of Operación Triunfo has been such that everything they do, say or wear is viewed through a magnifying glass.

This is what happened to Aitana Ocaña , who came second in the contest, when at the beginning of February she signed in the honor book of her town , Sant Climent del Llobregat (Barcelona), while wearing a yellow jersey .

Many believed that they saw this as a nod to the independence initiative because of the color of the outfit they chose for the event, and more when the first mayor —Isidre Sierra, from the PDCat—, sitting next to her, had a yellow bow on his lapel.

The singer explained in an interview published this Monday in El Mundo why she chose this garment. "The truth is that I put on the clothes I found that morning," she said. "It turns out now I have to look at what clothes I'm wearing so I don't offend anyone."

Ocaña also tells how she reacted when she saw the criticism: "There was so much controversy that, in response, I put yellow hearts on the networks." The artist also asks: "Can't I really dress now in the color I want to be a public person?"

Aitana OcañaAlarms have gone off after the friendship between Aitana and Miguel Miguel Bernardeu was made public. The couple have been discovered in a restaurant in the center of Madrid sharing a romantic Cuban dinner.

The rumors about a possible romantic relationship between them have increased since during this dinner they were seen in a very complicit attitude.

Miguel is the son of actress Ana Duato and producer Miguel Ángel Bernardeu. He presents himself as one of the most promising young talents in our country.

The young man has risen to fame after the great success of the Elite series - a Spanish fiction that has managed to be the most viewed premiere on the Netflix film platform.

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