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Dalianah Arekion

Dalianah Arekion Dalianah Arekion, born on the 23rd of February 1996 in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, is a Spanish-Mauritian model that is notably known as the "muse" of Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy after walking for Givenchy and Mango.

Arekion is signed with ELO Management in Sao Paulo, Traffic Models in Barcelona, M4 Models in Hamburg, Unique Denmark in Copenhagen, Next in Paris, London, Milan and New York City. Her mother agency is Traffic Models in Barcelona.

On the advice of a friend, Dalianah visited Traffic Models in Barcelona, and in just a few short months, the newcomer stirred up a tornado of interest. Dalianah's sun-kissed beauty is a genetic blessing from her Spanish/Mauritian parents.

Already a veteran of the Custo Barcelona campaign, this girl with the startlingly blue-green eyes is now on exclusive option for a major designer in the upcoming Paris shows. Dalianah plus ultra!

In 2011 Dalianah Arekion was in the fall ad campaign for Custo Barcelona. In 2013 she appeared in an editorial for the spring issue of Horse Magazine that was called Sweet and Sour by Vladimir Marti.

Dalianah ArekionShe appeared in an editorial for the August issue of V Magazine that was called Carine’s Sweet 16 that was photographed by Sebastian Faena.

She appeared in an editorial for the fall issue of CR Fashion Book that was called The Cult, which was photographed by Sebastian Faena.

She appeared in an editorial for the October issue of Vogue Russia that was called Military Romance, which was photographed by Mariano Vivanco.

She appeared in an editorial for the October issue of i-D Magazine that was called You + Me = Awesome, which was photographed by Boo George.

She appeared in an editorial for the November issue of Vogue Espana that was called Juego de Extremos that was photographed by Miguel Reveriego.

She was in the spring ad campaign for Schwarzkopf. She was in the fall ad campaigns for Givenchy, Chanel Eyewear and Chanel Cruise. She walked the fall show for Givenchy.

In 2014 she appeared in an editorial for the September issue of Vogue Japan that was called La Canzone Del Mare that was photographed by Boo George.

Dalianah ArekionShe was in the fall ad campaign for Revlon Love Is On. She was on the spring cover of Tush. She was on the September cover of S Moda for El Pais. She walked the fall show for Givenchy.

In 2015 she appeared in an editorial for the February issue of W Magazine that was called La Clique, C’est Chic that was photographed by Steven Klein.

She appeared in an editorial for the March issue of Teen Vogue that was called Super Heroes, which was photographed by Jason Kibbler. She walked the fall shows for Adidas and Mango.

In 2016 she appeared in an editorial for the January issue of GQ Spain that was called Dalianah, which was photographed by Alvaro Beamud Cortes.

She appeared in an editorial for the January issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain that was called Dalianah, which was photographed by Gonzalo Machado. She was on the February cover of Glamour Spain. Her look books include the 2013 look book for Givenchy Resort.

Represented by Next Models worldwide and Traffic Models, among several other international agencies, she has collaborated with top brands such as Chanel, Adidas and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Dalianah ArekionShe has been seen on the covers of Glamour Spain, S Moda for El Pais and Tush. Her hometown is Santander, Spain, but she was born in San Sebastian.

For some girls it can take years of catwalk shows and test shoots before they have their 'moment’. That is if they have one at all, but that couldn’t be less true for Spanish model sensation Dalianah Arekion.

Arekion made her catwalk debut for autumn/winter 13 opening (as a worldwide exclusive) at Givenchy, making that Bambi sweatshirt she wore - one of THE moments of the season.

For Riccardo Tisci to cast a relatively unknown new face to open what is one of the biggest shows of Paris Fashion Week might seem statement enough, but to prove his faith in his newfound model muse he went on to cast her in the Givenchy mainline, eyewear and resort campaigns as well.

Not content then as the muse for one leading fashion house, she aught the eye of one Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed Arekion in his new Chanel Cruise 14 campaign. That again, was another career-defining moment.

Without doubt, Dalianah’s agency, Next Model Management, is particularly excited about her and what may be on the horizon for her, and at just 17 years old, her potential is phenomenal.

Dalianah ArekionThe Barcelona-based fashion brand unveiled its spring-summer 2017 swimwear campaign with model Dalianah Arekion, their advertisements went to an enchanting desert landscape where photographer Jonas Bresnan captured the gorgeous brunette in new season looks ranging from one-piece swimsuits to printed bikinis.

Arekion took the spotlight in the March 2017 issue of L’Officiel Ukraine - photographed by Vladimir Marti. the Spanish beauty wore sleek styles from the resort collections. Stylist Daniel Gonzalez Elizondo selected a wardrobe full of metallics and edgy details for Arekion to wear.

She posed in the designs of Gucci, Emanuel Ungaro and Miu Miu amongst others. Top model Dalianah Arekion brought the heat for the January 2016 issue of GQ Magazine in Spain.

Posing for Alvaro Beamud Cortes, the brunette cozied up to a male model while sporting some extremely sexy looks. Stylist Joana de la Fuente selected designer looks from Versace, Calvin Klein Underwear and Loewe for the heated up feature.

Her coolest career moment was when she opened the Givenchy show, of course! Important people want to work with me now thanks to Riccardo Tisci, and I'm very grateful.

I'm in between books right now, but I enjoy historical ones, especially about the second World War and the history of Spain.

Dalianah ArekionWhen she finished high school, studies that she combined with her career as a model, she considered studying journalism, although at the last moment she changed her mind. "I will opt for Tourism."

Although the models do not usually admit that they take care of themselves, Dalianah does. "I go four days a week and I dedicate an hour and a half a day. I have a personal trainer and I go for a walk.

Although at the moment she is devoted to a catwalk, she would not mind devoting herself to acting when her modeling career ends.

Within the fashion world, the newcomer model is known as a New Face . This model is so endowed with a special grace that in a short space of time she managed to stand out and thus capture the attention of the popes of the fashion universe.

Her physical attributes, her magnetism and her ability to distill character with her mere presence, this New Face is the model chosen to leave the world of mannequins and rub fingertips with the Olympus's of the top.

And the lucky young woman who just got this designation is Spanish model Dalianah Arekion - a nineteen year old Cantabrian with a Mauritanian father and a Spanish mother.

Dalianah ArekionRiccardo Tisci , the designer at the helm of Givenchy, is the highest supporter of this model. He had her to open the autumn / winter 2013/2014 parade - she was thrilled to say the least.

"I am very grateful to him for trusting me as a new face . Besides, his words at the end of the parade I keep them in mind with great affection," Dalianah tells us.

It was Tisci himself who told the press that he had been inspired by Dalianah to create the collection. "The woman who creates Riccardo is different and exotic; the endowment of beauty , elegance and comfort at the same time," she agrees.

The staging will be remembered: some musical chords break the silence and give way to the voice of Antony Hegarty - vocalist for Antony & The Johnson's.

As the light on the circular walkway increases, the flashes burst out and all the eyes stop at the first model to go out to parade. It is Dalianah Arekion and only her vision augurs a brilliant collection for autumn / winter 2013/2014 .

Dalianah culminated with this epatante foray into the catwalk an incredible hat-trick . Her cover letter included - in addition to the opening of the Givenchy parade - a campaign for Custo Barcelona and a hair advertisment for the Schwarzkopf firm Shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

"I want to work with many photographers because with each one I can learn unique things, derived from their particular universe , Arekion points out.

Dalianah Arekion"I like both sides of the profession," she continues. " For the rapport with the camera if it is a photo shoot and for the adrenaline rush with all eyes on you if it is a walk on the runway."

Dalianah has revered fashion since she was a child, and she does not hesitate to find her references: "Nieves Álvarez - I like her for her elegance, and Naomi Campbell for her incomparable presence on the catwalk."

"I want to work with many photographers because with each one I can learn unique things, derived from their particular universe"

Revealing what best suits her she declares "Eating healthy with an emphasis on vegetables, my favorite dish of rice with vegetables prepared by her mother, also adding an exercise routine to the day, but above all to be happy " says Dalianah.

Follower of The Beatles and Queen, Dalianah recognizes that she also likes house, pop and rock. A soundtrack that matches your wardrobe basics: skinny jeans, shorts, sweaters and oversize shirts .

"With a personal touch on seasonal trends," she limits her style - "That which has made Riccardo Tisci dream. And when Riccardo dreams, we all dream..."

" I like Álvarez Nieves for his elegance, and Naomi Campbell for her incomparable presence on the catwalk."

Dalianah ArekionDalianah Arekion had a bittersweet beginning. What happened to her?

Revlon, Victoria's Secret? The model triumphs like few, but not all have been joys in her career.

Her beauty is off the charts - exotic and unique. Dalianah Arekion knew at age 19 to position herself as one of the most international of Spanish models .

From her native Cantabria, now she has been through her 'New York Moment'. And, among the bright city lights and the skyscrapers, this model - 'the best' of the last edition of Madrid Fashion Week, continued to rise to the top, savoring a big sweeping success. But like in every profession, not everything is always sweet spots and good news.

Back in 2014, Dalianah failed to pass the selection tests to be included for participation in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show . So she let everyone know through her Instragram account the bad news where she revealed that likely due to her youth she had not been chosen.

But fortunately she woke up to great news and through her Instagram she revealed her newest professional accomplishment. She would be celebrating her first advertising campaign for television under the seal of the cosmetic giant Revlon.

And not only that, but she told everyone that her 'new face' would be seen on the jumbotron in busy Times Square in New York City.

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