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Gabriela Pintos Cabrera

Gabriela Pintos CabreraGabriela Pintos Cabrera, born on March 27th,1990 in Madrid, Spain - she is a Telecommunications Engineer from Madrid that runs marathons, Triathlons and Duathons.

She runs with the Tri-Infinity Triathlon Club of Móstoles and her coach is Fernando Sancha. Gabriela won the sliver medal in the European Duathlon Championships.

"Building a good base for my iceberg of 2020, at the sports level - the results are important, yes, but what is really important is the process that leads to them, it is what will make us stronger and mark our future in order to achieve new goals and new experiences."

"This weekend I have achieved a good result, but for me it has been a push, an incentive to continue working hard and to do my best to keep combining my sporting goals with my work goals."

"I do not know if you have heard anything about the iceberg theory, but it is something trivial that explains very well that any success is preceded by a lot of work that is not seen."

"Many times we only look at success, which is like a tenth of the iceberg, and all those hours of work, persistence, sacrifice, feeling of defeat, helplessness, etc., are not seen. NOBODY gives you nothing, NOBODY, everything in this life must be earned, and the sooner we assume it the better."

"They often tell me that I do things easy, or that I have willpower, or that it is not difficult for me to get things done, or to get what I want."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"That how I do it. The truth is that I do not think I do anything strange, nor am I an expert in this, but I am going to describe a little bit of what my way of thinking is, to see if it helps you."

"The main thing, and perhaps if it is what I characterize myself for, is the passion and illusion with which I do things."

"I believe that everything you do must be done with desire - EVERYTHING. Even if it is silly or you have to get out of your own way."

"A comfort zone, you have to be intense. Break the barriers, fall, get up, dodge obstacles, get excited and do it with passion, those feelings strengthen you and make things much easier, I think that is living."

"And then, also very important, the work to achieve your goals, or success, following the analogy, everything that is not seen below that tip of the iceberg:"

"I think you have to be persistent, even stubborn, if you want something, try to get it. Don't listen to anyone, especially if they tell you that you can't. Negative messages go in on one ear and out on the other."

"Obviously you will have to sacrifice yourself, in the case of sport you will surely have to give up some things, or well, I don't call it giving up, because in reality you are doing it to get something you want."

"It is to stop doing some things for others that will help you achieve your goals. And as for the work aspect, there are priorities, for me sport is a hobby, so many times I have had to sacrifice training to achieve my work goals - which is not to say that it doesn't bother me, but you have to prioritize."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"Push yourself, all you can, and even more, you can always do a little more. The satisfaction of a good result is multiplied depending on the effort required, so give it your all."

"Also relating it to the world of work, in my opinion athletes have a greater degree of dedication and effort, taking into consideration that in competitions or training you are always exceeding your limits, outside of the sports world it facilitates that effort because you see it as something essential. So, you are always going to try to do your best in any area."

"Don't be afraid of making a mistake, of not knowing, of injuries, or as they say in sport, "to petar", try it as many times as you want, total, who is going to stop you? NOBODY, only you decide to get up and try again."

"Think that the moment when you will achieve it will come sooner or later. There is a phrase that I really like that says, if you can dream it, you can achieve it, so don't put limits on yourself."

"And you will never know everything, there will always be something new to learn."

"Change your habits, and take those that help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, whether it is in food, training, or in the way you organize yourself, take good habits."

"Repeat yourself whenever you can, whatever it is, you can get it. My parents have always told me since I was little, if you want it, go for it, you can do whatever you want."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"And it sounds like something typical, but it is true, there is a lot of psychological part in this, the mind is very powerful and if you think you can achieve something, you can."

"I don't usually let any opinion affect me, if I listen to them, some may motivate you more or less, I learn what I can from them, but I remain with my convictions."

"And the part that is related to willpower, you have to have discipline and dedication, but I do not see it as something difficult, if you want to achieve something, why will it cost you to do everything possible to achieve it?"

"If it costs you, the same is that you don't want it so much Everything needs time, dedication, planning, guides, guidelines - you have to rely on people who obviously know, I like to absorb all knowledge of the people I surround myself with, both at work and the athletes I come across."

"Before having my coach, I used to waste energy without rhyme or reason. Yes, I did sports, but without any objective, and therefore without any improvement."

"When you start to set goals, to have planning, that's when you start to see progression, and with a job well done that's when you start to see results, that is, - and I think this is it."

"I'm not going to lie to you saying that I'm not falling apart, that things aren't difficult for me, or that there are days when I think I can't, because it's a lie. We all have our moments."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"Injuries, for example, frustrate me a lot, I am very impatient, and I have delayed any recovery because I did not rest."

"I also have days in which the body does not respond, or mental fatigue in which the head does not go, days in which I do not feel like training and I have to force myself to finish it because I know that I have to comply with the planning that my coach gives me."

"And days at work that I think my brain doesn't give me, or I'm going to die of stress. But everything is worth it when you feel that satisfaction of achieving what you have proposed, because there is always some way to achieve it, you just have to find it."

"And it can be applied to everything, at work I like to set difficult goals, or things that I do not control, I love challenges, that it costs me to achieve them and more if I have to learn new things."

"Because the satisfaction in getting it is always greater, and it makes you want more. So nothing, we continue !!"

"I have always said that it is easy to combine work with training, and well, so far I had not had any problems with it. But I have been displaced in Ronda (Malaga) for about 4 and a half months, and the truth is that it is being complicated. But it can :)"

S"o far when I have had to travel for work it has been to Barcelona and Germany, but for a short time, 1 month at the most, and in both places I had enough facilities to train or a gym at Holmes Place, which is where I always go."

"Even on any trip, I always look for a Holmes or see that the hotel has a gym."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"It's supposed to be easy, running can be done anywhere, there's always a pool and a stationary bike in the gym."

"You need some cool route to roll, which also makes it more enjoyable when you are out, a gym that opens very early and closes late, the same is the pool and with spinning bikes, if they have a monitor with a potentiometer, it's even better."

"Well, in August they tell me that from September I will be displaced in Ronda for two months from Monday to Thursday. So the first thing I do is look for a gym, the hotel doesn't have it, but I see a couple near the hotel and the office."

"There is a municipal swimming pool with a free bath, well, and I also see that there is an athletics track and several paths through Ronda. Everything looked good."

"The first week I usually go for a run and look for a gym. The first day I go running motivated, to see what places I discover, new paths, where I can do series or changes of rhythm ... and what I find are the worst slopes of my life."

"Some of them were hard for me to climb on foot - hahaha - I burst my legs and I also toured the entire town, I did about 10km and with some turns, so there was not much else."

"The route was beautiful, yes, along the river, the Ronda bridge ... but the next day I had horrible sores. It was difficult for me to go running around there. But hey, I still had the track and the gym."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"Then I ask about the pool, and nothing, closed for construction until October -,hahaha - the truth is that it did not cause me much drama, I have not been swimming much since my shoulder was broken so I thought I could swim from Friday to Sunday in Madrid."

And now I only had to look for Gym, I started to look at the photos and comments of the three closest gyms, at 1km and a bit they were all more or less, and they seemed the same.

"One discarded it directly because I did not have spinning bikes, only those that look like a ride and I can't train there. I had two left, same belts, the weight machines gave me a little the same, they had what I used to use, and the bikes the same."

"I stayed in the one where I could get into spinning class in the afternoons / nights and put myself in sessions because there were no classes."

"Well, nothing, I start going to the gym, I like to do the series and fartlecks on the treadmill because I train at night, I arrive tired and it is difficult for me to control the rhythm, because it was so hot in the gym that it was difficult for me to finish training."

"It was underground and the ventilation was not enough, if I already sweat an egg, you cannot imagine it there. I was dehydrated. And the better bike, in the class there was air conditioning that could regulate me, and for sensations I was taking the training sessions that my coach sent me."

"The second week I tried again to find another flatter route, they told me that there were no steep slopes around the industrial estate."

"And it was true, I found a more rolling route, but at night the truth is that I did not like it very much, little light, cars, deserted roads with nothing around - I thought it was dangerous and I did not want to go running around."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"So nothing, all this added to the fatigue of the trips killed me - Monday flight at 7:25 to Malaga, one hour by car and arrive in Ronda at 10:30, Thursday 1 hour by car to Malaga and 3 hours from Ave to Madrid."

"And also on weekends I tried to get good training sessions, so I would arrive on Sunday with a considerable accumulation of fatigue and start packing your damn suitcase - how bad does it look?"

September passes, I manage to get most of the training, but with a lot of effort, without achieving the set rhythms and too tired.

"In October it gets even more complicated, but at work, I start to go out at 9-10 at night, so I forget to train because in the morning I couldn't even get up early - which made me even more tired."

"And they tell me that I'm staying until the end of December - thank goodness we weren't in competition season, rather rest / preseason, otherwise it would have annoyed me a thousand times more. I had a horrible slump."

"In the middle of November work is normalized and I can go out at a decent time (7-8 in the afternoon) - I change the gym and the truth is that things are starting to get better."

"I could only go swimming on Wednesdays at 7 in the morning, but the race and bike training sessions were decent. I had to change the chip, find a routine that would suit me, and my coach had to adapt the training."

Gabriela Pintos Cabrera"So, on Mondays it was time to rest, or go to sleep, or something soft like elliptical or bike."

"Tuesday and Wednesday I could train well, one day I would even double, on Thursday I would train depending on how tired I was, and the demanding training for the weekend."

"Some Sunday rest also fell. It didn't look so bad anymore, why not? Well, I have a whole year left here..."

"It is true that I cannot train as well as I would like, with the trips I have a constant fatigue there that I did not have before that complicates my life, but hey, surely we managed to find the most optimal form."

"Besides this Christmas I have been able to train a lot and well, with very good feelings and getting good training. So I start the year with enthusiasm, to see how everything goes :)"

Gabriela's Personal Records

10KM - 38:09
Half Marathon - 1:33:58
Ironman 70.3 - 4:57:58
Duathlon - 1:02:24
Olympic Triathlon - 2:07:25

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Gabriela Pintos Cabrera Gabriela Pintos Cabrera Gabriela Pintos Cabrera
Gabriela Pintos Cabrera Gabriela Pintos Cabrera Gabriela Pintos Cabrera



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