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Barbara Lennie

Bárbara LennieBárbara Lennie is a Spanish actress, born in Madrid on April 20th, 1984. Even though she was born in Spain her family moved back to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lived until she was six years of age before returning to Spain. Lennie graduated in from the Royal School of Dramatic Art. Beginning at the young age of only 15, she participated in many films including All The Songs Are About Me, Girl in the Park, Everyday is Yours and More Pain than Glory.

She received critical acclaim for her role in Thirteen Roses directed by Emilio Martinez Lazaro and The Skin I Live In from the legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. She was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Actress for Obaba. On television, she played a small yet memorable role in Red Eagle which led her to the current part in Isabel where she plays one of the Queen’s rivals Juana de Avis. Lenny also joined the fifth season of Love in Difficult Times from 2009 to 2010, in the role of Rosa Fernandez, an ambitious aspiring actress.

While in school during a boring economics class a stroke of luck led Barbara to participate in More Pain Than Glory by Víctor García León. Perhaps it was this role that prompted her to direct herself towards a life in the cinema.

She then studied drama at the RESAD while continuiung a career in cinema. In 2005 he starred in Obaba - a role that earned her a Best Actress nomination at the Goya Awards.

Bárbara LennieAfter Obaba Barbara continued to participate in other films. In 2006 it was The Bicycle by Sigfrid Monleón, and Women in the Park by Felipe Vega. A year later came the Mexican Every Day Is Yours, in which she shares the bill with Emma Suarez, as well as the acclaimed The Thirteen Roses by Emilio Martínez Lázaro, who works with many famous and talented actresses of his generation.

But it has not all been films that has highlighted the career of Bárbara Lenny. Her acceptance and recognition by the general public came from television, thanks to the series Countdown starring singer and actor Dani Martin, El Canto del Loco.

In it, Barbara portrayed a policewoman who is hard, strong and determined in her professional life, but a bundle of nerves and indecision when it comes to her personal life. After the end of the second season of Countdown, when it was announced that there would be no more episodes, Barbara went back to work on the big screen with The Wretched.

She also starred in the debut of Jonas Trueba's All The Songs Are About Me. To her credit the film also highlights a small role in The Skin I Live In by acclaimed Pedro Almodóvar.

Bárbara LennieIn addition, Barbara has returned to television as one of the stars of the hit Love in Difficult Times on Spanish TV, in which she plays Rosa, a sly but low social climber with a very clear goal in life: to win in the theater world.

Barbara also returned to the theater with the play The Function For Doing an adaptation of Six Characters In Search Of An Author by Pirandello.

As for her latest projects, the movie Dictation, is still pending release and the play Vacationer, made from a text of Maxim Gorky and brought to our time by the Kamikaze Theatre Company.

Estel Fugaç is currently in post-production with a release in 2014. Magical Girl is also in post-production with a release of 2014 as well. And El Niño, currently in post-production to be out in 2014.

There is also a new TV Series in post-production called Balas Perdidas. She has been filming some scenes for the second season of Cuenta Atrás in Miami lately.

Bárbara LennieFilms

Magical Girl ( 2014 ) as Barbara
Shooting Star (In production) as the Queen Mary Victoria of Spain
Child ( 2013 ) as Eva
Honey Oranges ( 2012 ) as Ana
Dictation ( 2012 ) as Laura
The Skin I Live In ( 2011 ) as Cristina
All The Songs Are About Me ( 2010 ) as Andrea
The Condemned ( 2009 ) as Silvia
Every Day Is Yours ( 2008 ) as Mary
Girl In The Park ( 2007 ) as Monica
The Thirteen Roses ( 2007 ) as Denise
The Bike ( 2006 ) as Julia
Obaba ( 2005 ) as Lourdes
More Pain Than Glory ( 2001 ) as Gloria

Bárbara LennieShorts

2012 ( 2010 ) - Isaki Lacuesta
Those Who Dream Awake ( 2005 ) - Felix Viscarret


Elizabeth (2012 -), as Joan of Portugal
Love in Difficult Times ( 2009 - 2010 ) as Rosa Fernandez
Red Eagle ( 2009 ) as Cristina
Countdown ( 2007 - 08 ) as Leo.

Bárbara LennieTheater

Trio In E Flat (2008-2009) like her
Function Done (2010-2013) as Women
Vacationer (2011-2012) as Barbara
The Maids (2012 -2013) as Clara
Brief Exercise To Survive (2013)
Misanthrope (2013-2014)

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Awards and Nominations

Goya Awards
Year Category Work Result
2005 Best Actress Obaba Nominated
Sant Jordi Cine Awards
Year Category Work Result
2009 Best Spanish Actress Convicted Winner
Actors Unión Awards
Year Category Work Result
2012 Best Supporting Actress - televisión Isabel Nominated
2010 Best Actress The Function To Do Winner
Users Cinema Writers Circle
Year Category Work Result
2005 Revelatión Award Obaba Nominated
Max Awards
Year Category Work Result
2012 Best Leading Actress Holidaymakers Winner
2010 Best Leading Actress The Function To Do Nominated
Critical Eye Awards
Year Category Work Result
2009 Cinema Convicted Winner

Mirando la television - Bárbara Lennie


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