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Clara Lago

Clara LagoClara Lago, born on March 6th, 1990 in Madrid, Spain. Her father was a graphic designer, and her mother was a writer - a storyteller, so that craving for the creative life was passed on to Clara like an inheritance.

A friend of her father, who worked as a television producer, invited her to try her luck in the cinema. As she was still very young, she took this as interesting game, the casting was easily communicated by the employees of the television station, so she quite easily passed the audition.

Her acting career began when she was barely 8 years old. She took part in the filming of the television series Partners, which was released on television screens in 1998.

After 2 years, she starred in the TV series Hospital Central in 2000, and is voiced by another actress in the TV movie Miserable Life also in 2000.

In cinema Clara debuted in 2002. She played a major role in the film Carol's Journey in 2002 by the Spanish Director Imanol Uribe. For playing this motion picture Carla received a Goya award as best actress.

Then again followed by a cameo role in the film Your Next Life in 2004, Arena en los bolsillos in 2006, El club de los suicidas in 2007 and in The Hanged Man in 2008.

The actress plays in a crime series-drama Lex during 2008, but the break-through for Clara was the psychological thriller The Hidden Face shot and released in 2011. She got the main female role of Belem, whom she decides to teach, but substitutes herself.

Clara LagoAfter this picture the young actress was offered another main role of Ginevra in the continuation of the acclaimed melodrama.

The film was nominated to receive the prestigious Goya award - Lago has received numerous rave reviews. Interestingly, in this film she performed as a singer, taking part in the recording of the soundtrack.

The film includes 2 songs in her performance: La Cama and Aunque tú no lo sepas. Also in 2012 she played a main role in the psychological fiction drama The Endin 2012.

The film had quite good commercial success. The latest work Clara Lago today is the family Comedy Spanish Affair in 2014, which having taken in $ 77 million, broke all records of Spanish films.

Clara plays one of two main roles - Clara Lago enjoys dancing and regularly attends a dance Studio, with a particular interest in Pilates.

In addition, she is the face of companies like Hoss Intropia and Color. She also participated in promotional photo shoots and videos for brands such as InStyle, YoDona, Telva and Elle.

In March of 2020 the actress published a sentimental message to the actor Dani Rovira, shortly after he announced that he is fighting cancer

Dani Rovira, 39, had announced that Wednesday that he had cancer . “It has been a week since I was diagnosed, although I had been dragging some fatigue and discomfort for months. Today is my first day of chemo and ahead a long fight against the 'bug', he added.

Clara LagoThe actor specified in his message on Instagram that it was Hodgkin's lymphoma. In the text there was also a heartfelt reference to Clara Lago , whom he described as his "life partner."

It was the way to confirm that they were a couple after a time apart. Hours after Rovira's words, Lago's response has arrived, who has also made a declaration of love on social networks.

"Friend, teacher, travel companion and soul ... I have no doubt that if life has placed this learning on the road, it is because you can handle it and it will only make you bigger and wiser than you already are.

"Lago begins in her message in which she assures that her feelings towards the actor are" unconditional.

"It is an honor to be able to accompany you, now and always, because the 'labels' are passed through the arch of triumph when what you feel it's so fucking unconditional."

“If there is something that for me, in these 30 springs that I have, gives meaning to life, to our existence, it is to experience LOVE, in capital letters, without pretense, limits or conditions."

"And I already tell you that you have mine ", concluded the Madrilenian, who also appreciated the support received in response to the news from everyone on social networks:"

"THANK YOU, from the heart, to everyone for the messages support we are receiving. Energy travels far and wide, and I trust that will do its part as well."

Clara LagoThey had started their romantic relationship in 2014 , after meeting during the filming of the film Eight Basque surnames , the couple confirmed their courtship at the 2015 Goya Awards Gala.

It was there where they both merged in a passionate kiss after the actor's triumph, which he dedicated his first words to the interpreter on stage.

After more than five years of discreet relationship, in May 2019 the breakup of the couple was confirmed. "We love each other a lot and you are going to see us a lot together," Rovira said at the time.

Although they had been seen together many times since then, last February the couple set off alarms about a possible reconciliation when both were photographed during a trip to Rome just after posting images of a trip to Porto.

Rovira also wanted to share with her one and a half million followers on Instagram a message for Clara Lago's 30th birthday.

"Today 30 years ago the galaxies aligned to give way to one of his most fascinating creations," wrote the interpreter of Superlópez next to a black and white image of the actress, from which he had a response:

Clara Lago"And at 23 I collided with Uranus and changed my orbit - but what a piece of interstellar travel. I'll eat your face and hug you from a distance, partner! ”Added Lago.

Clara Lago, the Madrid actress who had begun her film and television career when she was only ten years old, is a lover of sports, good cinema, wild dancing to the beat of the most crazy and varied soundtracks and sharing talks, dinners, wines and moments quality with your friends and family.

Empathy is something that has always characterized his personality, but it was not until he met his then stage partner, Dani Rovira , during the filming of " Eight Basque Surnames ", that he learned to channel it towards the point of view of solidarity.

Thus, she joined Dani's initiative, "Do you want to help me?" in December 2014. These galas that are held in Malaga every year since 2012, when Dani started alone with his show "Do You Want To Go Out With Me?" - currently consists of 11 charity performances of the theatrical show "Improviciados".

In this show Clara acts as a referee / presenter of the nine improvisation challenges that her stage partners, Dani Rovira and Rafa Villena, carry out for more than an hour and a half.

After three consecutive years taking the stage of the Alameda Theater with Improviciados Clara realizes that it is a show that she only wants to do if there is a solidarity motive behind it.

Clara LagoIn this way the idea arose to create the Ochotumbao Foundation , together with Dani, to be able to continue helping from art, humor, sports and awareness.

On the other hand, in March 2017, Clara decided to start following the vegan diet as part of her individual struggle to help, defend and protect both animals and the environment.

Since this is the injustice that touches her most deeply - the damage that the human being is doing to the planet, and to all the beings that inhabit it.

Sports are the escape route in the busy life of the beautiful Clara Lago . It is her way to find mental balance and release endorphins between endless filming, promotions and travel.

"So I try to exercise every day, even if it's just 30 minutes in my hotel room. Also, I take good care of my vegan diet and keep an eyes on all the labels."

"Sport is good for everything." This is the firm conviction of the actress Lago. "We are more and more sedentary and that is not good for our health. Regardless of aesthetics and that you can eat that brownie more comfortably after doing your homework.

Exercise helps you release endorphins and feel better. the maelstrom of stress from work, that time you spend makes your mind rest completely ".

What are the disciplines that hooked Clara?

Clara Lago"At 17 I started practicing Pilates." In fact, her brother has the 2DPilates center in Malasaña, which she still attends today in a way that is more complementary to the activities she is passionate about: dancing and spinning .

"I've been doing hip hop for a long time - the gym I discovered later." She is enrolled in Boutique Gymby Martín Giacchetta with her partner, Dani Rovira, and their coach's adoration for both is mutual.

"I am very much in love with that place and with all its professionals, I have been going for years. Although I recognize that I am more in group classes than in living rooms, because the group does not bore me", confesses Clara Lago.

I never miss the cycle sessions of instructor Lorena Cruz . "Together we have done a solidarity marathon of pedaling for four hours and she is responsible for making me like so many classes, like Les Mills' . I do Body Pump".

Clara Lago is also a renowned runner and in her suitcase there is never a lack of Joma sports shoes, a brand of which she is the image.

"As a teenager it was like a pendulum, or I had streaks of doing sports without stopping or if I was three days without going to the gym I would already leave.

Clara Lago"Now I am constant thanks to the fact that I have incorporated sport into my life as a routine. If you are on a trip to promote a movie or in the middle of a shoot, try to make the space to practice some exercises in the room, - even if it is for half an hour."

"It's a habit that I no longer question, like eating breakfast every day. When you gain that constancy, your body begins to ask for it . You feel like it and you no longer have to force yourself."

Any healthy lifestyle , in addition to sports, involves a balanced diet free of processed foods. That's why Lago reads all labels carefully. "I follow a vegan diet out of personal conviction and there are many products with which you have doubts because this description does not appear or because they do appear to be but then they have ingredients of animal origin."

"I try to buy organic and, when I travel, many times half of the suitcase it is full of food, especially my bread for breakfast."

The rest is full of comfortable clothes . Not in vain, the actress says that sometimes she "tunes" the propaganda t-shirts and she is not one of those who accumulate fitness outfits as if the gym were a catwalk.

"I'm a fan of functionality . I like to wear a blazer or a cute dress but in sports shoes, and I'm hoping to go to the Goya some day wearing them," she jokes with a laugh.

Clara LagoHer biggest sporting challenge is running a 42-kilometer marathon . "I would like it to be in solidarity, it is a dream that I have pending and to see if we can complete it with the [Ochotumbao] Foundation."

She maintains her same group of friends since childhood and her family is her greatest support to keep going. "I have no more secret than trying to surround myself with people who are always there for me."


Clara Lago - Humanity



Year Title Role Notes
2000 Terca vida Bea
2002 Carol's Journey Carol
2004 La vida que te espera Genia
2006 Arena en los bolsillos Elena
2007 El club de los suicidas Laura
2008 El juego del ahorcado Sandra
2010 El mal ajeno Ainhoa
2011 Cousinhood Clara
2011 The Hidden Face Belén
2012 Tengo ganas de t Gin
2012 The End Eva
2013 Eltern Isabel
2013 ¿Quién mató a Bambi? Mati
2014 Ocho apellidos vascos Amaia Zugasti
2014 Against the Jab Pénelope
2015 Extinction Woman
2015 Ahora o nunca Tatiana
2015 Ocho apellidos catalanes Amaia Zugasti
2016 Al final del túnel Berta
2016 Orbita 9 Helena
2018 The Commuter Eva
2019 Gente que viene y bah Bea


Year Title Role Notes
2000–02 Compañeros Desirée 15 episodes
2000 Manos a la obra Estela 1 episode
2004–07 Hospital Central Candela Rodríguez 23 episodes
2007–08 Los Hombres de Paco Carlota Fernández 19 episodes
2008 LEX Eli Estrada 16 episodes
2010 Las Chicas de Oro Lucía 1 episode
2014 El corazón del océano Ana de Rojas 6 episodes
2016 Web Therap Inés
2017 The Librarians Estrella 1 episode
2019-20 The Neighbor Lola 10 episodes


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