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Festival in TurkeyAntalya International Jazz Festival
July 2012

Antalya International Jazz Festival is held at the world-renowned ancient Theatre of Aspendos, which is a ancient Roman archaeological site in Turkey. Hosted by The General Directorate of Information of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the festival will bring jazz lovers together in Antalya. The Antalya Jazz Festival at Aspendos is one of the most important venues of Antalya which is a candidate for the world’s tourism capital will become one of the most important events in the city. The stage will host five famous jazz artists with five important orchestras during the festival. The International Antalya Jazz Festival was be opened this year by the enchanting Fado signer Monica Molina accompanied by the spectacular band Mehmet İkiz Trio and China Moses. During the latter stages of the festival, there will be influential musicians with artists such as Lisa Ekdahl, Cesaria Evora, Macy Gray, Al di Meola, World Sinfonia and Fahir Atakoğlu among others. Festival tickets can be obtained all around the world via Biletix at www.biletix.com. You can also buy tickets and make reservations at festival offices throughout the festival.

Festival in TurkeyAntalya International Opera and Ballet Festival
June/July 2012

The Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival (in Turkish: Aspendos Uluslararası Opera ve Bale Festivali) has been organized by the Turkish State Opera and Ballet directorate since 1994 with international participation by opera and ballet companies from several different countries. The festival is held annually each June and July in the two thousand year old ancient Roman Aspendos Theatre of Aspendos, near Antalya, Turkey. The theatre is noted as one of the best preserved antique theatres in the world, with many original features of the building remaining intact. With increasing numbers of spectators year by year, Aspendos International Opera & Ballet Festival has become a visual carnival where history, music and a large number of people from several nations come together. Antalya International Opera and Ballet Festival was accepted to the EFA-European Festivals Association which is among the most respectful organisations in Europe. Tickets are available via the internet. For the International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival tickets, please visit www.dobgm.gov.tr

Festival in TurkeyIstanbul Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Races
July 2012 www.bosphorus.cc

Cross Continental Races from Asia to Europe on the Bosphorus were organized by the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, or NOTC, first in 1989 with 4 women and 64 men swimming and now continue to draw more attention each year. The worlds first and only intercontinental swimming race is performed on the Bosphorus Strait between the continents of Europe and Asia. Last year, almost 800 swimmers raced across the 700 meters of the Bosphorus. Amongst the swimmers there were amputees, disabled swimmers and a number of foreigners who travelled to Istanbul especially to compete in the race. The Bosphorus Cross Continental race began on the Asian side of Istanbul at the harbour of the Kanlica borough, as competitors took to the water and headed off for Europe. The average time required swimming the race between the starting and finishing points of the race is about 50 minutes. These races are monitored by the International Olympic Committee. The event will take end of July 2012 in Istanbul. No tickets are required for this event. Go to www.bosphorus.cc to register as a competitor.

Festival in TurkeyIstanbul Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix
6th May 2012

The Turkish Grand Prix (Turkish: Türkiye Grand Priksi) is a Formula One race that was first held on August 21, 2005 as part of the 2005 Formula One season. It is held at the newly built Istanbul Park Circuit, constructed by famous German civil engineer Hermann Tilke. The circuit is one of 5 counter-clockwise circuits on the 2011 Formula One season calendar along with Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, Korean International Circuit, the Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore and the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Brazil. The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, Italy, venue for the San Marino Grand Prix - on the F1 schedule from 1981-2006 - is also a counter-clockwise circuit. As part of the podium ceremony after the 2006 race, the winner's trophy was presented by Mehmet Ali Talat, who was introduced as the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a state recognised dipomatically only by Turkey. The FIA announced they would be investigate the incident, as a possible breach of the organisation's political neutrality. The identity of the person who would present the winner's trophy had been left to the last minute, leaving the FIA no time to veto the choice. Some commentators feared this incident could jeopardise the future of the Turkish Grand Prix, and possibly also Turkey's round of the World Rally Championship, another FIA-sanctioned series. It was concluded with a 5 million dollar fine, which was later reduced by half, but still leaves questions surrounding its future...Formula One Tickets

Festival in TurkeyIGA World Golf Team Amateur Championships Antalya
27th/30th September 2012, 4th/7th October 2012

The International Golf Federation (IGF) awarded the city of Antalya, Turkey, the right to host the 2012 World Team Amateur Championships in Golf, its largest event. Turkey was running against two other bids from Italy and Austria. Ahmet Agaoglu, President of the Turkish Golf Federation said that is was a great honour for Antalya to have been selected as a host for the 2012 edition of this great event. Golf in Turkey is growing extremely rapidly, and today's success will add tremendous momentum to this development. The country is already committed to opening 100 new golf courses in the next 4 years. This encouragement follows on from the International Association of Golf Tour Operators who earlier this year voted Turkey as the best Golf destination in Europe 2008. The World Amateur Team Championships (WATC) was founded in 1958 and is a biennial event run by the International Golf Federation in conjunction with the host nation's governing body of golf. Over 100 men's and women's teams come from all over the world to compete for the Eisenhower Trophy for men and the Espirito Santo Trophy for women in one of three different zones: Asia/Pacific, European/African and American. Ask your travel agent for ticketing information.

Festival in TurkeyHistorical Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival Edirne
June/July 2012 www.kirkpinar.nl

The historical Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival is the oldest wrestling festival in the world begun with the first matches in 1357 in Rumelia. Edirne will host the 651st Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival that will take place in June/July 2012. There are folk-dance groups, thousands and thousands of spectators, artists and statesmen both from Turkey and all around the world, and with varyious other activities every year. During the time of the Ottoman empire, wrestling matches outside the palace took place in fairgrounds, at weddings, during Ramadan, in events organized for the aid of charity groups or for professional promoters of private events. This is about as close as you can get to traditional festival from the Ottoman era. Edirne is a city in the western-most part of Turkey, close to the borders with Greece and Bulgaria. Edirne served as the capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1453, before Constantinople was renamed Istanbul and became the empire's new capital. Ask your travel professional for ticketing and accommodation information in Edirne for this event.

Festival in TurkeyMevlana Rumi Commemorations in Konya
December 2011

Each year between December 10-17, ceremonies are held in Konya, Turkey for the commemoration of Mevlana Celaledin-Rumi on the anniversary of his passing. Following his death in 1273, Rumi disciples founded a Sufi order with his son Veled, and these became known in the West as the Whirling Dervishes. They sought to achieve ecstasy and unity with God through controlled trance-like spinning in an exquisitely graceful dance. Mevlana teachings extolled that love is the path to spiritual growth and insight being highly tolerant of all people and of other faiths. During the festival a Sema dance is performed by men dressed in white flowing robes who whirl and rotate around the floor in meaningful precision. This dance, in which the dancer expressing the great love of Allah is believed to attain divine unity. While attending the commemorations in Konya, the Green Mausoleum of Mevlana Celaleddin (Jalaluddin) Rumi is now a museum and quite worth visiting. Ask your travel professional for ticketing and accommodation information in Konya for this event.

Festival in TurkeySony Ericsson WTA Tennis Championships in Istanbul
October 2011-2013

The WTA Tour Championships is a tennis tournament played annually at the end of the season for the top-ranked players on the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tour. The month, city and number of players has changed since the first edition in 1972. Since 2003 there has been eight singles players divided into two groups, and four doubles teams. The WTA Tour Championships is generally considered to be the fifth most prestigious event on the women's tour after the four Grand Slam tournaments. It also has the largest prize money and ranking points after the Grand Slams. The most successful player by far has been Martina Navratilova with 8 singles titles and 12 in doubles. The championships were held for the first time in October 1972 in Boca Raton, Florida and will be held in Istanbul for 2011, 2012 and 2013. For ticketing go to: www.wtachampionships.com

Festival in TurkeyInternational Wooden Sailing Yacht Regatta Bodrum Cup 18th - 23th October 2011

The participants of Bodrum Cup International Wooden Yacht Regatta, sponsored by Ant Yapi and MM Proje completed the MM Project Course on the first day of the races. Departing from Bodrum, 51 yachts, 10 of which were bearing foreign flags reached Didim, following a 26 nauticle mile course. One of the biggest sailing organizations in Mediterranean, The Bodrum Cup International Wooden Yacht Regatta is run each year in October. Participants will taste great Mediterranean food, witness different competitions other than sailing such as a sailor’s knot competition. On the last evening the Captains will try to untie the 20 sailor’s knots after a shut of vodka for each untied. The Bodrum Cup is a unique sailing race in which interested passengers can rent a cabin on one of the sailing yachts and become a member of the team. This makes for an unforgettable experience. MM Insaat, one of the main sponsors of the Bodrum Cup and named the first course of the races, is one the leading companies in the Turkish construction sector. MM Proje is the undertaking sector representative of Dervişoğlu Şirketler Grubu, Founded in Instanbul by Mr. Halit Öztürk, operating in Design, Construction, Undertaking, Consulting and Tourism sectors. Inquire at www.bodrumcup.com in Bodrum for ticketing and accommodation information for passenger information for this event.

Festival in TurkeyEurasia Marathon Istanbul
October 2011

The Istanbul Eurasia Marathon is organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the 33rd edition of the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, 16 October 2011. Other events will take place besides the marathon including a 15 kilometer race, an 8 kilometer race and an 8 kilometer Fun Run without timing and ranking. There is no qualification by time for participation. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the marathon. The lower age limit for the 15 kilometer and 8 kilometer race is 15 years of age. All entrants will receive a timing chip - except free fun run with no timing and ranking, along with their bib number at the Marathon Expo. You must attach your chip to your shoe before the start of the race and you will receive printed instructions on how to do this. The course is open 5 hours 30 minutes. The traffic opens at 14:30. After that time, the participants who are still on the course will be asked to continue running on the sidewalks. All finishers are eligible to receive commemorative medals. The course is asphalt, mostly flat and will be free of traffic. It is the only course in the world where you can run from one continent to another. All events start on the Asian side of Istanbul, and ends on the European side on route passing the most beautiful sights of the city. If you wish to participate pre-registration can be accomplished online at: The course is open 5 hours 30 minutes. The traffic opens at 14:30. After that time, the participants who are still on the course will be asked to continue running on the sidewalks. All finishers are eligible to receive commemorative medals. The course is asphalt, mostly flat and will be free of traffic. It is the only course in the world where you can run from one continent to another. All events start on the Asian side of Istanbul, and ends on the European side on route passing the most beautiful sights of the city. If you wish to participate you can pre-register online at: www.istanbulmarathon.org

Festival in TurkeyAntalya International Sand Sculpture Festival
June 4th to November 14th 2011

The Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival has a different theme each year using 7,500 tons of sand it is the world’s largest alternative art display using only water and sand. Exhibition space during the day and night with special sound and light shows offers a charming atmosphere with many activities between May and November. The Sand Sculpture Festival, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism along with the Municipality of Antalya turn Lara Beach Park into an open air art show within the festival complex. In April, the start of preparatory work begins before the festival with the artists beginning on May 1 and the proverbial door is opened to art lovers on the 20th of May. The Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival in 2009 hosted 120 thousand domestic and foreign visitors. Now, each year there is increasing interest in this fun outdoor activity and both visitors and artists are converging on Antalya for this cultural and artistic event. http://www.larasandland.com/

Festival in TurkeyTurkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four - Istanbul
May 2012

Due to record-setting Final Four audiences, the 2011 Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four will continue reach a worldwide audience just like its predecessors with a total of 42 broadcasters bringing the games to some 171 countries and territories. Euroleague Basketball, commonly known as the Euroleague, is the highest level tier and most important professional club basketball competition in Europe, with teams from up to 18 different countries, members of FIBA Europe. For sponsorship reasons, for five seasons starting with 2010-2011, it will be named Turkish Airlines Euroleague. The competition is operated by ULEB, a Europe-wide consortium of leading professional basketball leagues. During the season, the Euroleague is broadcast on television in 171 countries and can be seen by up to 245 million or 800 million via satellite to households weekly in China. It is also televised in the United States and Canada on NBA TV and available online through ESPN3. The Euroleague Final Four is broadcast on television in 171 countries. All tickets will be available through the competition's official website, www.euroleague.net, to be sold by Koobin, the official ticketing partner for the event.



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