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Karolína Hájková

Karolína HájkováKarolína Hájková, born on the 14th of December 1997 in Bratislava, Slovakia is a beautiful Slovak swimmer who competed in the women's 200 metre backstroke event at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

The 5' 9" Hájková is currently a member of the swimming and diving team at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her parents are Danka Hajkova, and Milah Hajek and Karolína has one brother, Marek Hajek.

There seems to be very little information about Karolína Hájková on the internet at present, but that won't be for long. There is something special about this girl and as she progresses, chances are she'll get the recognition due her.

At the 2020 Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships in Monterey Park, California, Karolína Hájková and Kionna Clayton turned in winning times in the respective 200s. Hajkova was 1:55.51 in the 200 back, just ahead of her teammate Anna Friedrich (1:55.65).

Clayton, going 2:11.59 in the 200 breast, took down the meet record and edged out BYU’s standout freshman Katie McBratney (2:12.29).

Hawaii took .64 off the record set by UCSB last year, with a combined 1:38.35 from Karolína Hájková (24.05), Kionna Clayton (28.19), Lucia Lassman (23.35), and Kasey Schmidt (22.76).

Both the Hawaiian Mens and Womens teams placed first at the Championships.

Karolína HájkováAt the same meet a year earlier held at La Mirada Aquatics Center, La Mirada, California, Karolina Hajkova, another sophomore from Hawaii, won the 100 back in 52.64.

She had broken the meet record with 52.23 in heats that same morning.

February 20th, 2020 College, NCAA Division I Mid-Major - Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) Swimming & Diving Championships

For Hawaii, Karolina Hajkova led the field in back (24.46) and Lucia Lassman did so in fly with a blazing 23.10 split.

Heaven Quintana‘s 27.45 breast leg for UCSB was the field’s best, as was BYU anchor Gwen Gustafson at 22.29.

In an October 2019 meet against Arizona, she was also a part of the second-place 400 free relay squad with a trio of juniors in Phoebe Hines , Lucia Lassman, and Anna Kotonen.

At the 2018 New Zealand Open Hájková won her 2nd event of the meet, taking the women’s 100 backstroke in 1:01.79.

Hawaii made it two in a row with a 52.39 win from sophomore Karolína Hájková. That would have been under last year’s NCAA invite time, and is a half-second faster than Hajkova’s career-best, put up with the Miami Hurricanes last spring.

Karolína HájkováThe Mountain Pacific Sports Federation announced on Wednesday that sophomore Karolína Hájková of the University of Hawai'i swim team has been named the Female of the Week.

The MPSF weekly award was the was the first of the season for the 2018-19 campaign, and is the first of Hajkova's swimming career.

CSU Bakersfield Invitational on Oct 25th, 2018 - Hájková recorded five first-place finishes this past weekend at the CSU Bakersfield Invitational and helped lead the women's squad to an overall No. 1 finish.

Her individual victories included the 50-yard back and the 200-yard back while competing in the 200 medley relay as the back leg, 400 medley relay also as the back leg and the 400 free relay as the lead-off.

The Bratislava, Slovakia native also added a second-place finish in the 200 free relay, a third-place finish in the 50 fly, and a fourth-place mark in the 50 free.

At the NCAA Championships in Austin Texas in 2019, sophomore Karolína Hájková saw her first action as she was a part of the field in the 100 backstroke. Hajokva placed at No. 47 with a finishing time of 53.23, narrowly missing her personal best of 52.23.

Both Hines and Hájková were in action the next day (March 23rd) as part of the final day of activity. Joining them was sophomore diver Ivy Houser as she'll make her debut in the NCAA Championships in the platform dive.

Karolína HájkováHajkova was a participant in the 200 backstroke, while Hines will have a go in the 1650 free.

17th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary on July 14th - July 30th, 2017

25th ranked Hájková competed in the Women's 200m Backstroke with a time of 2:16.42

17th FINA World Championships July 14th - 30th, 2017 2:16.42

At the 2018 Art Adamson Invitational in College Station, TX (Texas A&M Natatorium)

Hawaii kicked off the night by winning the 200 medley relay in a breakthrough performance that is faster than the school’s season-best last year.

Hawaii was 1:38.35, getting a 24.30 backstroke split from Karolína Hájková to grab an early lead.

That split was better than 7 of the 16 splits on NCAA scoring relays at last year’s NCAA finals.

Karolína HájkováFebruary 20th, 2020 College, NCAA Division I Mid-Major - Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) Swimming & Diving Championships

For Hawaii, Karolína Hájková led the field in back (24.46) and Lucia Lassman did so in fly with a blazing 23.10 split.

Heaven Quintana‘s 27.45 breast leg for UCSB was the field’s best, as was BYU anchor Gwen Gustafson at 22.29.

Hájková was a member of the Slovakian Swimming National Team, competed three years for VSK UK Bratislava Club team and was previously recruited by Texas A&M, Arizona State University, University of Miami, and Florida State University.

"I got to university in Hawai'i thanks to a friend from Iceland, whom I met at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. She told me about the school and also mentioned me to their coach."

"I am currently finishing my third year and getting ready for the final one. I study speech disorders, more precisely I study speech therapy."

"The whole world is currently fighting the coronavirus, and the United States of America is the worst in terms of risk. What does it look like in Hawaii, which is practically in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?"

"As far as I know from my parents, in Hawaii it currently looks similar to Slovakia a month ago. Transport is limited, small businesses have closed, schools have closed and teaching takes place online."

Karolína Hájková"As for the virus measures - they closed state parks, businesses, shops, canceled performances and sent tourists home. Fortunately, we were not banned from the beach. So it is true that if we carry out an activity, we can go to the beach or to a park."

"It is still not mandatory in Hawaii to wear a facemask. Most people still go out for walks or surf the ocean. Such activities have not been banned here yet."

"I am not protecting myself with a facemask at the moment. However, I wear gloves when I go to get groceries. Otherwise, apart from swimming in the ocean and exercising in the garden, I don't leave the house."

"University classes are taught online. We must work like this from March 22nd and until the end of the semester, which finishes in May."

"When they closed our school, our faculty was at home and the swimming pool was closed. I haven't swam properly since the end of March, but the ocean is still accessible, so I'm lucky I can at least swim in it. However, it is very different compared to the pool. I have no choice but to train in the ocean."

"The Olympics were in my plan. I wanted to qualify for Tokyo and get to the biggest event. But, unfortunately they were going to be canceled."

The Olympics were scheduled to begin on July 24th and last until August 8th. In January, however, a new coronavirus began to spread from Wuhan, China, which gradually escalated into a pandemic.

Karolína HájkováDespite the deteriorating situation, IOC President Thomas Bach has long encouraged athletes to prepare for the peak of the season as planned, and while he understands the negative reactions when they finally postponed the games, he recalled the IOC's responsibility.

"Such decisions have to be made with a cool head. They have accused us of unnecessary hesitation, but that is really out of place. No one can blame us, not even the lack of transparency. The only immediate option was to cancel the games, but that would ruin the Olympic dream of many athletes. and that was out of the question.

So, the Olympic Games will take place on a new date from July rd to August 8th, 2021. However, the postponement of the mammoth event will not be without high cost. Although Bach had not yet been able to quantify the costs, he revealed that it would not be minor: "The IOC will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, that's for sure now."

But this decision allows Karolína Hájková to hold onto her dream of competing in the Olympics and bringing home a medal to Slovakia.

"As I mentioned, I would definitely like to qualify for the Olympics. This is probably the biggest dream I have for my career. I still have no idea what my next steps will be after graduating and working in the USA."

"Last time I was home, last Christmas. I hadn't gotten home to Slovakia for a year and a half before then."

Karolína Hájková

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2019-20 (Junior):
  • Awards and Honors: CSCAA All-American Team, CSCAA Scholar All-American Team, MPSF All-Academic Team, MPSF First Team (200 medley relay, 400 medley relay, 200 back)
  • Qualified for the NCAA Championships in two events, the 100 and 200 back.
  • Claimed two top finishes at the MPSF Championships (Feb. 19-22) in the 100 and 200 back.
  • Placed No. 2 of the 100 back and No. 3 in the 200 back against Minnesota (Jan. 11).
  • Finished No. 8 of the 100 back event at the Art Adamson Invitational (Nov. 21-23).
  • Claimed a No. 3 finish of the 100 back in tri-match with Arizona and Denver (Oct. 25-26).
2018-19 (Sophomore):
  • Awards and honors: MPSF All-Academic, Tammy Tye Rookie of the Year Award
  • CSU Bakersfield Sprint Classic (Oct. 19): finished fourth and first overall in the 50 fly (25.47) and 50 back (25.60)
  • Roadrunner Invite (Oct. 20): in the 50 free (24:22) and 200 back (2:03.74) placed fourth and first overall, did not place in 100 free (52.85) or 100 back (55.35)
  • Hawaiian Swimming Senior Fall Championship (Nov. 9-11): finished sixth in the 100 free (52.71)
  • Art Adamson Invitational (Nov. 14-16): competed in seven events, finished 24th in the 100 fly prelims (56.08), collected six personal bests, in the 50 free (22.81) finished ninth, first in the 100 back (52.39), second in the 200 back (1:54.42), and in the 50 fly (25.08), 50 back (24.30), and 100 free (49.87) but did not place
  • 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (Dec. 11): finished 22nd in the 200 back prelims (2:12.35), collected two personal bests in 50 back (27.13) and 100 back (59.25) and finished 17th and 26th
  • vs. Minnesota (Jan. 12): did not place in the 50 back (25.18), placed second in the 100 back (54.36) and 200 back (2:02.48)
  • MPSF Championships (Feb. 21-23): competed in four events, in 50 free (23.51) finished 13th, in the 50 back (24.05) earned a personal best, placed first in the 100 back (52.64) with a personal best and second in the 200 back (1:55.19)
  • 2019 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Championships: placed 47th and 53rd in the 100 back (53.28) and 200 back (1:57.56) prelims

Karolína Hájková: In her own words:

I'll open my eyes once the world starts working again

I can't be more thankful for all the people I've met as well as all the countries I've traveled to. Especially the ones that turned my year into endless summer

The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. Only 5 days until the World Championships

The memories can be forgotten, the tanlines shouldn't fade away

Some girls just want to have fun, I just want to have coffee

Be sooo busy loving your own life that you have no time for hate, regret of fear

People think they know me, but actually they just know the things about me I want them to know

Swimming may cause - full time hunger, sore back, chlorine skin and pain in your shoulders for the rest of your life - still woudn't change it.

Rome is built on ruins and is quite breathtaking. What makes you think you can't be too?

I like small gestures that speak volumes about how much I care

I hate the way my body feels when I swim but the only thing I hate even more is how it feels when I don't swim. Amen

Hope ya'll doing great ~ don't forget to smile, stay focused, work hard and dream big! Happy International Women's Day

You actually live for these teenage years and you realize it right after they are gone

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone; only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone

When I get bored of swimming backstroke, I try to fly.

Think training is hard? Try losing.

My head said practice is in an hour but my heart said burger...please.

I want your stupid fecking sense of humor making me laugh at 2am when I have to be up at 5.

Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems.

Nothing brighter than new white Converses

Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.

I'm too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and way too determined to be defeated.

Your future mostly depends on many things but mostly on you.

Slovak nationals DONE✔️ School DONE✔ - and now I can fully focus for Czech Nationals and hopefully also for World Championships.

Expect but never accept the bullshit.

Sometimes you just have to stop and really appreciate all the good things in life.

Be a bad ass with a good ass.

Who you are now is not who you will be in 10 years. It is okay to be somebody new 10 minutes from now. We are always learning.

If you are brave enough to start, you're strong enough to keep going

She has been here through my worst as well as my best, made me laugh when the only thing I wanted to do was to cry, supported me in everything & there is actually no way I can pay you all of this back. Love you, Mum. Thank you. 'Happy Mother's Day

Honestly sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and say fuck it.

Sun is out, and those who believe that adventures are dangerous I can tell you, try routine - that kills you far more quickly.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

Ain't a women alive that could take my mum's place

I regarded the world as such a sad sight. Until I viewed it in black&white.

The best thing about winter...? Nothing.


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