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Tatiana Zavialova

Tatiana ZavialovaTatiana Zavialova was born on June 12th, 1974 in Magadan, a port town and the administrative center of Magadan Oblast, Russia located on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayevo Bay in the Taui Bay. Tatiana was the first Russian supermodel who later became a television presenter and host of the program Around the World with Tatiana Zavialova on the Star Channel in Russia. Her career began in 1993 when she became the winner, at the age of 19, of the prestigious modeling contest The Look of the Year - later renamed to the Elite Model Look. By 1995 Tatiana had risen to a special star category at Elite Model Management along with Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. Zavialova moved to New York after winning the modeling contest at Elite Models and was also named one of the top ten "Supermodels for 2000" in 1995 by Top Model Magazine. She traveled the world on modeling assignments, walking the runway at major fashion shows and modeling for the best photographers and fashion designers on the planet. Yet, Tatiana remained an extremely nice down to earth kind of girl that had wanted to study medicine before all this extraordinary attention was directed at her. It was my good fortune to communicate with Tatiana during this period that she was doing shows in Paris, Milan, and New York. She would send me some of the most incredible fashion images I have ever seen in order to place them in an online portfolio I maintained for her. Unfortunately, when Elite Model Management made her take down her online portfolio, I could never again find any of those runway images.

Tatiana ZavialovaThey were photos of a model with an amazing ability to completely change her appearance by appearing in some of the most outlandish and avant garde hair styles and make-up. These were extremely stunning photos of an exceptional model walking the runways of the fashion capitals of the world for top Designers like Christian Lacroix, Herve Lager, Emanuel Ungaro, Dolce & Gabbana, Cacharel, Christian Dior, Kenzo, Lanvin, Ocimar Versolato, Zucca, Barbara Bui, Lolita Lempicka, Vivienne Westwood, Mariot Chanet, Yves Saint Laurent, Jacques Fath, Comme des Garcons, and Mariot Chanet. She had also been noticed by Steven Meisel, with whom she shot covers for the French, Spanish, Russian, and American ELLE Magazines. In addition to ELLE, she also shot for COSMOPOLITAN, MARIE CLAIRE, GLAMOUR, GQ, MAXIM, and many others. Tatiana had the unique fortune to be cast for the 1997 Pirelli calendar when Richard Avedon eagerly chose her to represent Russia, along with Irina Pantaeva and Kristina Semenovskaia. Tatiana was born in Magadan, Siberia, but her father was a career officer in the Red Army and was assigned to Dmitrievka, Kazakhstan, where Tatiana grew up. It was in 2000 that she took time out from this hectic lifestyle, returned to Moscow, got married and later gave birth to three children.

Tatiana ZavialovaTatiana has been photographed for advertisements for Avatricot, Cacharel, Chanel, Christian Dior, Clarins, Clifford & Wills, Cover Girl 'Incognito' fragrance, Daymor, Diesel Shades, Dikaya Orhodeja, Domani beachwear, Galenic, Garnier, Georges Rech Sport, Hermes, Herve Leger, Herve Leger 'Paris' perfume, HR Ritual Rouge, Jean Claude Gallon, jean-Paul Gaultier, La Redoute, Lolita Lempicka fragrance, Love Sex Money, Mariella Burani 'Message' 2001 fragrance, Nivea, Norelle, Occasions, Omnitel, Orwell, Playtex, Rasurel, Renault Twingo e, Rosy, Scapa, Sergio Valente, Skiny bodywear, State of Claude Montana, Tomasina, Variance Lingerie, Vassarette, Victoria's Secret, Vivienne Westwood 'Red Label', Wild Orchid lingerie, Wolford and Zapa among others. Her incredible blue eyes, exquisite looks and the uniqueness of her presence in front of the camera lenses of the best fashion photographers in the world made her one of the best fashionmodels in the world and landed her image in the best fashion publications representing the best fashion brands across the globe. All this from a girl who had originally intended to go to medical school to become a doctor.

Tatiana ZavialovaTatiana has graced the covers of the following magazine covers:

Argentina: 'Elle' - April 1996; 'Elle' - October 1997; 'Elle' - February 1998

Czechoslovakia: 'Esquire' - July 2001

Denmark: 'Eurowoman' - July 1999

France: 'Elle' - October 1995; 'Madame Figaro' #16079 - May 20 1996; 'Photo' - December 1996; 'Elle' - March 10, 1997; 'Elle' - March 2 & 30 1998; 'Elle' - May 24, 1999; 'L'Officiel' - July 1999; 'Marie Claire' - May 1999; 'Depeche Mode' - February 2000; 'Cosmopolitan' - April 2001 'Elegance' - October 2000; 'Marie Claire' - November 2000

Greece: 'Elle' - August 1998; 'Elle' - 1999; 'Elle' - August 2001

Holland: 'Marie Claire' - November 2001

Italy: 'Vogue' - May 1995

Portugal: ' Elle' - May 1998

Russia: 'Elle' - April, May, October & November 1996; 'Elle' - December/January 1996; 'L'Officiel' - May 1998; 'Elle' - April 1999; 'Vogue' - June 1999; 'Elle' - May 2001; 'Marie Claire' - March 2001

Spain: 'Elle' - March 1996; 'Elle' - May 1997; 'Elle' - May & July 1998; 'Elle' - May 1999; 'Elle' - May 2000; 'Elle' - May 2001; 'Women' - January 2001

Sweden: 'Eurowoman' - July 1999

Turkey: 'Elle' - August 2003

UK: 'Image' - December/January 2000; 'Jewels & Watches' - Winter 2003

US: 'Shape' - April, May & August 2001; 'Elegance' - October 2000; 'Modern Jeweller' - November/December 2000

Tatiana ZavialovaHer presence in front of the cameras of fashion shooters around the world made Tatiana one of the top models, but her presence on the runways of Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion shows were absolutely stunning. Her ability to transform her looks was amazing and made her much in demand by the best fashion houses in the world. Listed below are some of the shows she worked in:

Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1995 {Dorothee Bis}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1996 {Comme des Garcons, Mariot Chanet, Yves Saint Laurent}
Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 1996 {Emanuel Ungaro}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1996 {Christian Lacroix, Emanuel Ungaro, Kenzo, Lanvin, Ocimar Versolato, Zucca}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1997 {Barbara Bui, Lolita Lempicka, Vivienne Westwood}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1997 {Emanuel Ungaro, Hervé Leger, Jacques Fath, Lolita Lempicka, Vivienne Westwood}
Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter 1997 {Emanuel Ungaro}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1998 {Dolce & Gabbana, Guy Laroche, Hervé Leger, Lolita Lempicka, Romeo Gigli, Vivienne Westwood}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1999 {Leonard, Lolita Lempicka, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent}

Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2000 {Lolita Lempicka, Vivienne Westwood}
Haute Couture - Spring/Summer 2000 {Hanae Mori}
Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2000 {Vivienne Westwood}

Tatiana Zavialova

Below is a fan site by a Russian girl named Katya.


Around the World with Tatiana Zavialova


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