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GlukozaNatalia Chistyakova-Ionova, (Russian: Наталья Ильинична Ионова), born June 7th, 1986 in Syzran, Kuybyshevskaya Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union is better known by her stage name of Glukoza - a Russian singer/pop star and television celebrity.

Her mother and father were both computer programmers, and her elder sister is a pastry chef. As a child, her hobbies included ballet and chess. She also did some acting and was in the films Triumph and War of the Princesses, as well as a few episodes of Yeralash.

Currently she has a passion for aviation, her two Dobermans, and her yellow Mini Cooper, which she enjoys driving. She describes her favorite musical artists as Madonna, Moby, Mumiy Troll and Agatha Kristi.

Glukoza's musical career began when she was discovered in 2002 by record producer Maxim Fadeev. Together they recorded her first album, Glukoza Nostra, and released her first music video, Nenavizhu (I Hate), which was entirely computer-animated.

Her singles found little popularity until 2003, when Glukoza released Nevesta (Bride), accompanied once again by a computer-animated video. Nevesta shot Glukoza to the top of the Russian music charts.

Other popular singles released over the following two years included Glukoza Nostra, Sneg idyot (It's Snowing), Oi, Oi, Malish (Babe), Karina, and the duet with Verka Serduchka Zhenixa Xotela (I Wanted a Groom).

GlukozaHer success in music earned her many accolades including the MTV-EMA award for "Best Russian Act" and the Muz-TV award for "Breakthrough of the Year", with her animated stand-in named "Character of Year" by the Russian internet search engine, Rambler.

After 2003 and over the next three years, Glukoza gave over 500 concerts in the Far East, Siberia, the Urals, the Volga Region, the center section of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Caucasus, London, and the USA. The number of tickets sold for Glukoza's concerts totals over 1.5 million.

Glukoza became the face of Avon Color Trend, the spokeswoman for Motivi clothing and 'My Scene' dolls, and lent her animated image and logo to Rekondor Ice Cream.

Three perfumes were also released: G [Gloss], L [Life], and Z [Zoom]. She was featured on the cover of such magazines as Elle Girl, Hello Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, and Shape Magazine.

In June 2005 Glukoza released her second album Moskva, with hit singles Schweine (Pigs), Yura, Moskva (Moscow), and K Chertu (To hell), bringing her total album sales to over one million.

In December 2005 she recorded and released an English version of her popular song Schweine that never took off with the public. In late June 2006 Glukoza married Alexander Chistyakov, manager of the power supply systems of Russia.

GlukozaShe is also an actress, known for The Red One: Triumph (2000), Rud i Sem (2007) and Zhara (2019). She has been married to Aleksandr Chistyakov since June 17th, 2006. They have two children together. Alexander Chistyakov is co-owner of the Ruspetro oil company.

Their oldest, Lidiya Chistyakova-Ionova, was born on May 10th, 2007. Lidiya's younger sister, Vera, was born on September 8th, 2011. Both girls were born in Marbella, Spain, where Natalya and Aleksandr have a vacation home. Natalya's son Aleksandr from her first marriage also lives with them.

Her engagement to Alexander inspired Glukoza's manager, Maxim Fadeev, to write her most recent hit single Svadba (Wedding).

Later in October 2006, Glukoza released a new single titled Sashok, about her love for her husband Alexander. The next month, in November, Glukoza gave her rumored-to-be final concert in St. Petersburg.

Glukoza continued to give small private concerts around Russia until January 2007, when she announced that she was taking her pregnancy leave.

After her pregnancy leave, she released another single called Dengi (Money). During the festival, New Wave she sang a duet with Maxim Fadeev Sicily. In May 2010 she released new single Vot Takaya Lubov video.

Her song Schweine was featured prominently in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV on the game's Eastern European-radio station Vladivostok FM.

GlukozaIn 2011, Glukoza competed on the Russian version of the television show Fort Boyard. In 2017, Glukoza starred alongside Aleksandr Revva in the comedy film Naughty Grandma.

She married Aleksandr Chistyakov on June 17th, 2006. The couple has two daughters: Lidia Chistyakova (born on May 10th, 2007) and Vera Chistyakova (born on September 8th, 2011). Both girls were born in Spain. She currently lives in Moscow, Russia with her family.

Pop singer Glukoza got into a piquant situation on one of the streets of Moscow. Glucose was shooting her own new video and one of the main shots was an assault of her by an ex-lover that raised his hand to the artist.

Natalya was not actually beaten for real but for the sake of filming a new video for the song Without You. Natasha took part in the filming of the latest video for the song Without You.

According to Glucose , the work on this scene was not easy, not only for the pop singer, but also for casual passers-by. "This video turned out to be experimental."

The production was a scene of a street brawl, which was shot with a hidden camera, and the pop singer herself played the main role. Glukoza admitted that she was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of people passing by.

The feelings of passers-by turned out to be protective of her and they had to explain that it was just a video shooting and the guy wasn't really beating her.”

GlukozaAfter the last song “Ju-ju”, which Glukoza released together with the Leningrad group, she wanted to make a sequel on the same subject. And so the song Feng Shui appeared, the main idea of ​​which is a female vampire resented by her man who was cheating on her.

During the filming, Natalia had to not only drink a few cans of fake blood, but also really jump from the fourth floor. Yes, and she was not like herself - even her husband could not recognize her. And this, by the way, is far from the whole story of filming this exciting clip.

So, be sure to watch it - you will not lose time in vain. Without underwear.

The history of the amazing Glukoza started on Christmas Eve of 2001, when a CD suddenly emerged from the mysterious depths of the "Elf" production center headed by Maxim Fadeev. The CD was marked: Glukoza Sugar.

The song was soon aired on several Moscow radio stations, but hardly anybody noticed it in the hectic pre-New Year period. Meanwhile, Sugar reached the Top-10 chart of the Nashe Radio station in Kiev, where nobody even knew so much as the name of the project.

Realizing they'd missed on something extraordinary, Moscow show business started panicking; experts and representatives of major record companies were rushing in search of Glukoza.

The quickest capital label turned out to be Monolith whose managers found out that the project was directly connected to Maxim Fadeev. In March 2002, the label signed a voluminous contract with the project.

GlukozaGlukoza and Fadeev seem to have been made for each other. After Fadeev described to her his concept of sound production - "We just take the raw material and cut off the redundant" - the credit of trust between these newly established partners became unlimited.

From then on, Maxim Fadeev has been creating all the music material for Glukoza. Besides, the producer is the one and only director of all the videos of the project.

"I'm not going on tours, nor appear on the glossy covers – what for? All the interviews and broadcasts are rubbish! I live in the Net!" announced Glukoza.

Maxim had nothing better to do than to locate the 3D version of the girl in the virtual space. But what does she look like? How was he to bring to the audience the appearance of this perky cyber-tease?

The solution was prompted by Glukoza. "I like Masyanya very much. We even have something in common, but in essence I am different. And forget about Gorillaz", was the emphatic statement of the girl.

So she made a drawing of herself. Professional designers and artists just edited the image. Nenavizhu (Hate) was the debut video of Glukoza, followed by a series of other cartoon videos.

Nenavizhu's appearance on TV became a real feast of the latest 3D technologies. Now the cyberpunk girl named Glukoza had all the chances of becoming a symbol of the new virtual generation that lives in the Internet, makes friends in chats and doesn't judge by appearances.

GlukozaWith the absence of information, gossips were multiplying fast as ever, while the real things were much simpler. Only a few could see the girl with their own eyes.

Now the project has an iconic status and is one of the most popular in the country. Glukoza is not just a performer of well-known hits, her name has been given to a pop-retro-punk style band.

Their songs do not pass by, they live in them, they are constantly on the tip of their tongues and they sing them again and again. Only in June 2003 we could at last not only hear but also see Glukoza.

The triumphant public appearance of the singer took place at the final concert of the Star Factory 2, producer of which was Maxim Fadeev.

Glukoza's songs took first places in the national hit parades while the singer herself was awarded with many music prizes. In 2003, Rambler Internet portal named the animated Glukoza the Character of the Year.

Based on the project idea, a computer game was created, characters being the members of the popular band.

At the end of May 2003, the ten-track debut album of Glukoza - Glukoza Nostra was released. The second album Moskva (Moscow) was released in 2005 to include 10 songs and a unique Schweine video. Both albums were a huge success, and the songs have been in hot rotation on the radio stations ever since.

In 2006 Natasha got married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov. At the end of 2007, Glukoza resumed her music activities and, together with Maxim Fadeev, founded Glukoza Productions.

GlukozaIn January 2008, Glukoza records the Babochki (Butterflies) song and makes a video for the song. At the same time, she becomes a co-author – as well as the anchor of the program Detskie Shalosti (Kids' Tricks) on the СТС TV channel.

In spring 2008, a new song Tantsui, Rossiya!!! (Dance, Russia!!!) bursts onto the hit parades, soon becoming a real national hit. A great number of her concerts are fully sold out, her new album turns out one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

In July 2008, at the New Wave festival in Jurmala, Latvia, Glukoza presents her new duo Sicilia (Sicily) recorded with Maxim Fadeev. In October 2008, a new official website of the singer goes online.

At the end of 2008 Glukoza's clip Dochka (Daughter) gets into hot rotation of the leading music TV channels. The new animated video features a revamped Glukoza and little Glu, whose prototype was 18-month-old Lidochka (Lidia), her daughter. According to the video's plot, the two brave blondes save the Earth from the extraterrestrial invaders.

In the year 2009 Glukoza became the friendship ambassador of the Best Buddies fund – Best Buddies Russia. You can learn more about the fund and the role that Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova (Glukoza) plays in it through the following link: www.bestbuddies.ru/about

In March 2009, Monsters vs. Aliens cartoon movie was released on wide screens. Glukoza did the voice-over for Gigantica (Susan Murphy), the main character. It was her first – and rather successful experience of cartoon dubbing.

GlukozaIn spring 2009, Glukoza prolonged her contract for "Kids' Tricks" (СТС) and continued self-cultivation as a TV anchor. In the summer of 2009, Glukoza released a new single Dengi (Money), which she calls a "fat comma" in her creative work.

It was already in autumn that Glukoza declared a change in her image. Jeans, tank tops, bulky shoes – as well as funny songs – are now a thing of the past.

The fans have discovered a new Glukoza – feminine, thrilling, grown-up. At the end of the year, various editions (including magazines "ОК", "Teleweek", "Glamour", Internet portal Lifeshowbiz.ru, as well as TV program "Cosmopolitan:Video Version" on TNT unanimously mentioned Glukoza among the '09 most stylish, beautiful and bright stars in national show business.

In March 2010, came the long-expected premiere of the song Vot takaya lubov (Such a Love). An absolutely untypical for Glukoza kind of sound (and provocative text!) brought lots of attention to the novelty.

In the summer of 2010 Glukoza filmed a video for the song High Sign. The music was written by German writers specifically for Glukoza. The Russian version of this song is entitled Flap.

The lyrics were written by Glukoza’s husband, Alexander Chistyakov. With this song Glukoza is planning to launch into the world music scene. The music video will be released in February of 2011. In the fall of 2010 Glukoza finished filming the music video for As If In Childhood.

GlukozaOn January 31st High Sign was released through the music portal tophit.ru. The single I Want a Man (Bitch Gaga) was released on April 18, 2011. Alexander Chistyakov wrote the lyrics for this composition. According to Glukoza, this song makes light of metrosexuals.

In April of 2011, Glukoza performed a solo concert entitled NOWboy at club B2. The video I Wanna Man hit the airwaves on TV and Internet on May 30th, 2011. Timur Batrutdinov played the main character in the video for I Wanna Man.

Glukoza's official new website www.glukoza.com was to be launched in June of 2011.

In July of 2011 a remix for the song I Want a Man was produced by the DFM DJ’S especially for the summer season and would be played on dance radio stations.

Glukoza became a mother for the second time on September 8, 2011. The long expected child made her appearance at a clinic in Marbella, Spain. The baby girl weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. (3.03 kg) and was 19.29 in. (49 cm) long.

She was named Vera in honor of her grandmother, mother of Glukoza's husband Alexander Chistyakov. Even as she cares for her newborn, Glukoza was planning to be hitting the stage.

The premier of the song Trace of My Tears took place on September 10th, 2011. Glukoza wrote the lyrics herself. The music was written by Artem Fadeev. Fans were able to listen to the track for the first time on the airwaves of the biggest Russian radio station - Russkoye radio.

GlukozaTrace of My Tears captured all hearts of Glukoza fans because of its honest and profound lyrics. This song is dedicated to a good friend that you can always rely on. "It is the city that I love, - Glukoza shared that it is the city that she liked to go back to. The city that she can always share her feelings with."

In October 2011, the concert program NOWBOY went on sale on Blue-ray and DVD. This exclusive concert is unique in the history of Russian music. For the first time, rather then seeing a typical show, viewers can watch the show in 3D format.

Glukoza has developed a reputation for being a front runner and fan of using cutting edge technology in music. Fans can hear their favorite Glukoza hits and as a special suprise, new material from her brand new album Trans-FORMA.

Glukoza’s third studio album, Trans-FORMA made its appearance on November 10th, 2011. Fans of Russian pop-music fervently anticipated this new release. This album contained absolutely new and unknown songs by Glukoza, such as One Strike, Such is Love, Trail of My Tears, Dance Russia, Butterflies, I Want a Man and Daughter.

Other tracks on the disc are Played Out, My Vice, Freak, Shot in the Back, Like in Childhood and four English tracks: Sugar, High Sign, Schweine and Forget You Not.

The title of the album, Trans-FORMA, Glukoza thought up together with her fans. Fans sent many interesting suggestions on the web. Glukoza commented on her new image “I have already said that the old Glukoza will no longer appear, I am changing, transforming".

GlukozaMusic is changing. This album there are songs everyone knows, and new songs which are the sound of what I consider a new direction in my musical career – it is a dance sound, a bolder sound.

There are more electronics. Shot in the Spine is a Pop-Punk style track, you have R’n’B in Such is Love, electronic dance in Freak and Played Out. Several composers wrote this music: Max Fadeev, Artem Fadeev, Gunter Graff.

The musical arrangements vary greatly. I think it turned out great. The motto of the album I picked up from Beyonce who sings Who runs the world? Girls! Or in my interpretation: Girls Rule!

Glukoza confessed that the new album would introduce a new Glukoza to listeners. “It seems Glukoza’s karma hasn’t changed. I started with this cartoon personage and I won’t go on without her."

"Glukoza was an expression of me, of my character. I have totally been in sync with Glukoza’s edgy character all ten years of our co-existence. Glukoza’s updated character we called Cyber Glukoza. And she is no robot-house maid, but a girl of our time, daring, sexy, electrifying."

"Fit and sleek with nerves of steel, a web connection and an open-minded view - this is how I want to see myself; it speaks to my soul and matches my feelings. I think every young lady wants to feel like Glukoza."

GlukozaCyber-Glukoza will be the symbol of my new album Trans-FORMA and will soon appear with me in videos. However, strictly animated videos we will no longer do. We’re gonna strive to keep it real, keep it live.”

On November 17th, 2011 Glukoza performed a private release of her new album Trans-FORMA for journalists at Under the Ground rehearsal hall in Moscow.

After a long absence from the stage, Glukoza delivered her first open concert of her new album Trans-FORMA on November 24th, 2011. Glukoza performed fan favorites, and brand new tracks from her newest album.

In the video, Glukoza is in the center of an enclosed space, which is visible from all sides of the room through hidden windows. In these windows are all different kinds of freaks, who are watching this beautiful girl…

Recall that the video for the song My Vice from Glukoza’s third album Trans-FORMA, in which she demonstrated excellent form post-childbirth, was shot in December, 2011.

The subject of the video was kept in the secret. The film crew signed a contract of nondisclosure regarding the details, but sources close to the singer claimed that it would be one of the most provocative videos ever.

Regarding the idea behind the video, Glukoza commented: "We filmed the clip as we saw it in the moment. We admit the video may be a failure for viewing on public television; we weren’t afraid to take a risk."

Glukoza"The same thing happened with Such is Love which was considered unacceptable for public viewing because the word cocaine is used in the lyrics and because of mild striptease. It’s stupid. They show everything on television now."

"But when Such is Love became a sensation on YouTube, I was convinced that the Internet is one of today’s vital venues for artists."

"At the beginning of filming, it wasn’t our plan to make My Vice a super scandalous video, but as we filmed artistic chaos took over and we deviated from the script."

"We chose to go ahead and use what resulted”. Despite Glukoza's fears - the major television channels did establish My Vice in their video rotations.

In autumn of 2012 Glukoza took part in the seventh season of the Dancing with the stars show on the Russia-1 TV channel pairing together with Evgeni Papunaishvili. In the end the endless rehearsals did not pass in vain - in December 2012 the couple won first place.

In January 2013 the music video of the song Take Me by the Hand (TMH), the music and lyrics of which were written by Max Fadeev, aired on music TV channels.

The song itself has been in rotation on Russian and Ukrainian radio stations since September 2011. Initially, a video for this song wasn’t supposed to be shot - but one thing made Glukoza’s producer change his mind.

In October 2012, Maxim Fadeev received an email from a young man, in which the latter describes his own love story. Here is an excerpt from that email:

Glukoza“I associate the song Take Me by the Hand with the story of my last relationship. The end of my love story is as sad as the song itself. How I’d love to return everything to the way it was, and what a pity it is that we aren’t able to affect some things. Especially the will of another person…”…“I lost my lover by some stupid turn of events. This girl loved me more than anyone in the world. But I deceived her expectations, and betrayed her. We were supposed to see each other for the last time on the platform of the Leningradskiy train station. I was going to move away from Moscow, because I couldn’t be in the same city as her. I remember how I stood on the platform waiting for her. I thought that if she came, it might still be possible to fix something. I waited and believed that she would come. At the time, the song Take Me by the Hand was playing on my mp3 player. And, you know, it might not be very manly, but I stood there on the platform and cried, remembering that I was leaving behind my heart, my past, my hopes and illusions in this city.”

“She didn’t come to see me, and I left this city, taking only emptiness with me into the future…"

This letter touched Maxim Fadeev so deeply that he decided to film the music video, in which this girl comes to the train platform after all, and forgives the protagonist.

The song Take Me by the Hand remained in the top music chart of the country for 27 weeks and became the award winner of “Zolotoy Grammofon”, by Russian Radio. By the way, the song TMH was at the top of the chart only a few weeks after the track premiered on the station.

In February 2013 all of Glukoza’s content became legal with free network distribution in the largest online sales of Apple – iTunes.

In the Winter of 2013 Channel One started airing the world-famous game Fort Boyard, which Glukoza took part in. Her team (“Strong Ligaments”) made it to the game finale, but suffered a defeat to the “General Laborers” team.

GlukozaOn April 6th, 2013 the band Leningrad held a concert in the Moscow concert hall Crocus City Hall. Russia’s most flamboyant band performed one of the songs in the concert program in a duet with Glukoza, a longtime friend of Leningrad’s soloist - Sergey Shnurov.

The choice of the collaborative song wasn’t random. Once, at a party event, Glukoza performed a karaoke with Sergey Shnurov of the “Manager”, the song loved by millions. And when Shnurov was putting together the track-list for the future concert, he had the idea to repeat the duet with exactly this hit.

On May 17th, 2013 Smoky Mo and Glukoza appeared as musical guests on Ivan Urgant’s show where their collaborative track Butterflies was aired for the first time.

The song Butterflies was released by Maxim Fadeev’s production company as early as 2008 and immediately received high airtime on many Russian and Ukrainian radio stations.

Nonetheless, the famous Russian rap artist Smoky Mo decided to prolong the life of this romantic song. Having once heard Butterflies in the dining car of a train on his way back from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, the rapper fell in love right away and decided to create a cover of it.

Although the track had been recorded, it would’ve never gotten published if it weren’t for an event that brought the two artists together after almost 5 years. In the spring of 2013 Glukoza stopped by the studio of her friend Basta (Vasily Vakulenko), where she met Smoky Mo.

The two of them instantly became friends and, during one of their subsequent meetings the rapper finally decided to share with her his vision of her Butterflies. The singer found this experiment to her liking: “I didn’t expect that Butterflies would sound so good in rap version, Sasha (Smoky Mo) has really done great work with the text. It turned out to be a very sensual and brutal track at the same time! I really like it!”

GlukozaIn one evening, the track was re-arranged and recorded together with Glukoza’s voice. The shooting of the music video took place a few weeks afterwards.

At the end of June 2013 Smoky Mo and Glukoza presented the result of their collaboration – the music video Butterflies. The song that premiered in the Evening Urgant show is being featured in Smoky Mo’s new album Junior.

The collaboration between Glukoza and Smoky has reached top positions in the iTunes chart, and, also, taken first place in the hip-hop chart RU_TV and others.

On the last summer day of 2013 Glukoza presented yet another release - the track “Bolno”. Only a couple days after Glukoza’s new song premiere, it had already become a real viral hit on the Internet.

Glukoza: “Despite the fact that the song’s title is Bolno, which means Hurt, the song is very upbeat and is bound to become a frequent guest in your playlist, if you’d like to cheer yourself up on gloomy autumn days”.

Within days, fans had left over a hundred of comments, showing great appreciation for the release: “It’s a real hit, bravo, Glukoza!”, “I really liked the song! Can’t wait to see the music video to the song!” and so on.

As is tradition, the music to the song was written by Maxim Fadeev. And the author of the text to Bolno is another artist under the wing of the famous producer – Olga Seryabkina (soloist of the group SEREBRO), who has never previously written any verses for Glukoza.

"Olya and I have a relation of great affinity, since we hang out a lot outside of work" - shared Glukoza. Together with Max they’ve written a great song, which coincides with my inner self and immediately found its way to the top of my personal rating of my repertoire. I started to perform Bolno at my concerts already before its official release. The audience embraced the new track right away!"

GlukozaIn November 2013 Glukoza presented her new music video to the song Bolno. The video's main peculiarity has got to be its naturalness. Without notifying anyone about the planned video shoot, the singer invited some friends to an ordinary night out in a cafe.

Her friends were extremely perplexed when they saw the cameras that began to film the guests. This was the principal idea of Glukoza and Maxim Fadeev – to capture the live emotions and the interaction of close friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

On June 7th, 2014 there was the premiere of the song «Why», whose lyrics and music were written by Maxim Fadeev. The track aired for the first time on the radiostation DFM.

The song was released on the singer's birthday. For Glukoza Why is more than just a new track release. "It's a special song for me - many career and personal changes in my life are tied to this song."

On July 9th, 2014 Glukoza presented her new music video to the song Why. Its exclusive premiere took place on the air of the music TV channel RU.TV. The video shoot lasted two days on the island of Bali, where the singer spent her vacation in February.

Its magnificent calm, wild exotic nature, uniqueness and majestic ocean set the scene for the new video work. As is tradition, the director that adapted Glukoza’s cherished composition was Maxim Fadeev. The main characters of the Bali love story were Glukoza herself and Oleg Miami – a new artist of the Maxim Fadeev production center.

GlukozaOn July 10th, 2015, the song Sing To Me, Wind premiered. As is tradition, the author of the music and lyrics is the artist’s star mentor – Maxim Aleksandrovich Fadeev.

The track appeared for the first time on the airwaves of the radio station DFM and then successfully debuted on the airwaves of Russian Radio. Glukoza: "This song is the anthem of my summer. All of my tenderness and love is in it!"

On July 24th, 2015, Glukoza presented her new music video to the song Sing To Me, Wind. The exclusive premiere took place on the air of the music TV channel Russian MusicBox. The shooting of Glukoza’s new video product took place in Spain and lasted for a period of two days.

The music video recounts the unforgettable day of a natural photographer, a beautiful girl who stumbles upon a map fragment and sets out on a fascinating journey over the most scenic sites of Catalonia and the Pyrenees.

The entire route’s length was a total of 7001 kilometers! Following the lure of the wind, the explorer searches for map fragments on rugged cliffs and in picturesque corners of the city.

The beautiful mountainous region with impressive precipitous cliffs and sceneries of ethereal beauty transfers the viewers into a breathtaking journey. – "It’s a light, beautiful story that tells how much your day can change if you choose to venture slightly off route." – commented the director of the music video, Stanislav Morozov.

The end of the year 2015 definitely marked a productive time in Glukoza’s creative music career, especially with the release of her new song Warm Me Up, which Maxim Fadeev and Olga Seryabkina wrote especially for her, to the great delight of her fans.

GlukozaIn a short time, the track gained great popularity both on the FM waves, as well as all over the Internet. As a result, the release of a music video to this song was only a question of time.

It is well-known that Maxim Fadeev’s Production Center is not scared of experiments and, therefore, this time it was decided to engage the singer’s fans in the creative process.

Therefore, a competition was announced on the Internet in order to find the best storyline to the future music video. It didn’t take too long to wait for the result – more than two hundred ideas were sent in over a few days.

There were so many good ideas and interesting personal stories among them that it was decided to release a video that would not only convey the storylines of all the participants in the competition, but, in addition, a part of their soul, life and personal experience: their first love, inner turmoil from fighting with their loved one and unshared feelings.

The singer herself, remembering her first date – which, as is known, remains in one’s heart forever, decided that the story will take place under the rain, which conveys very well both the mood and the personal reminiscences of her past.

The truth is that the singer fell in love with a dancer in her senior class, who wouldn’t pay any attention to her until she joined some dance classes especially for him.

Having noticed the future celebrity in the classes, he invited her on a date, which, as it seemed, was ruined by some heavy rain, but is still vivid in the singer’s memories because of these extreme weather conditions.

GlukozaAs she once did for her special date, the singer again joined the dancing school and took several contemporary dance classes, this time for the music video. The result of these lessons can be seen in Glukoza’s new video.

The filming took place shortly before the New Year. The conditions were not favorable, to put it mildly. The heating was out of service due to some accident and with the freezing December temperatures it was extremely cold at the venue.

Considering that Glukoza was shooting in a light dress and under the rain, one can only imagine how difficult the entire process must have been, but, nonetheless, the video turned out to be very sensual and passionate largely due to the singer’s seductive dancing.

In July of 2016 the music video to the song I Will Be a Secret was premiered. The music video production took place in two stages: the first part was filmed in the winter of 2016 at the “Serednikovo” estate, while the outdoor filming, without which it would have been impossible to convey the mood and enthusiasm of the music video, took place in June.

The light and summery composition turned out to be a sort of revelation for the singer. Through this music video she wanted to convey to girls that one simple truth: that even after many years of marriage they should strive to remain a secret for their beloved, try to surprise him every day and keep the passion alive in the relationship.

At the same time they should remain best friends, have fun and fool around together, without being afraid to seem ridiculous.

Having rested and mustered up creative inspiration after the summer premiere, Glukoza again got to working in the autumn of 2016. Already in September the fans got to hear the new composition Without You.

GlukozaThe song turned out to be the complete opposite of the last work – the singer’s autobiographical story of her first love and the difficult choice that happens at least once in everyone’s life.

There weren’t any plans to shoot the music video for the song, and certainly no plans to present it so quickly – one week after the release of the track itself. However, the endless inspiration, which was evoked by Glukoza’s sudden meeting with her first love, didn’t leave anyone in the Maxim Fadeev Production Center’s team indifferent.

It was then decided to start working on the music video as soon as possible. The filming process itself was very emotional. Glukoza succeeded brilliantly in the art of acting and was able to convey her thoughts and share her genuine feelings with the audience.

"Anger, resentment and jealousy – these are the feelings that are capable of killing even the strongest and most tender love, and we wanted to tell about it." - said the creators of the music video."

"How many feelings do we melt within ourselves!! Don't be afraid to discover new faces, don't be afraid to change yourself! Accept something that is not explained or contradicts your concept of the world) I think that's when you can open yourself from a new - unexpected - side."

"To deny yourself the desire is to steal from yourself the opportunity to stay happy every minute! Do you spoil yourself often?"

Glukoza"Catching myself thinking that we are all dependent on time and waiting for anything. Call, act, make decisions. And only people with the strongest endurance win this fight! I'm in a terrible rush, I can't wait. Sitting in one place and not being able to influence the course of events is the biggest problem. Apparently, that's why fate is checking me on this issue specifically."

"This year has been incredibly hard for me! Perhaps the most! I felt like I had things that I needed to raise!! Incredible losses - I lost a very close person to me for the first time. A lot of some minor troubles that was difficult to endure! Denials, defeats and everything I wasn't ready for."

"But what can I say! I've overcome everything and I've set the tasks I've been able to accomplish! I've never felt so strong before."

"Each of us has our own dark sides. But it's still important to stay brighter. Since childhood, I've heard the phrase: ′′ Asking about age is indecent ", it's, you see, a bad tone. I believe that the number in the passport should not solve anything and, especially, become a complex. Listen, Lauren Hutton at 73 on the cover of Vogue Italian, and the girl of 74 year-old Mick Jagger. Wow!"

"I don't think it will be news for you that the difference with my husband is 13 years. And this, I tell you, is beautiful! My infinite energy and softness, his wisdom and determination - here are three (actually four whales ) that our marriage holds."

"I'm sure that everything will be humbled by age: love, beauty, happiness, and madness. Here it is what you radiate! Everything is always reaching for the light! Do you agree with me? Or, after all, does age play an important role for you?"

Glukoza"Every person in my life carries a lesson! And all of them are different: they teach both bad and good. The first teachers, of course, were parents and grandparents. As I understand, everything in the world was divided into the same ′′bad and good′′.

But with age, of course, these facets are erased! And now I perceive any situations of life as a school. All thanks to my surroundings - Thanks to those who not only gave joy, but also caused pain! It was you who made me the one that made me comfortable to live with now!

And advice to you: always choose carefully and shape your surroundings, these pendulums should make you better!

Well finally here we come to this post. To be honest, I was waiting for him because they say a lot, but not enough, it's time to sort out and answer all your questions about my husband's attitude to my naked photos. But I wouldn't want to do it on my own. So especially for you, my dear ones, I interviewed my husband. Our thoughts about the topic that you are extremely concerned about. Here's Chistyakova's direct speech:

′′ I believe that a naked body can be shown delicately, with meaning as an element of art, especially a girl who has a different creative profession, and she is is not a model."

"When it is true, besides beautiful, it is quite appropriate. Artists didn't paint so many beautiful nudes for nothing Comments from sofas are interested to me only to understand the character and mood of the audience - because my wife has such a profession. The most negative reviews are often simply the result of the lack of interesting life in the commentator."

"Hopefully now we've put all the points over and the topic is closed. Love, be loved and devote more time to your own life."



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Inna Zobova is a fashion model and actress residing in Paris and is the designer of her own line of exquisite scarves. Her unique visual design signature is based on drawings, mixed media and photography. INNANGELO's scarf collections are crafted by Ratti. This prestigious company was founded by Antonio Ratti in 1945 on Lake Como in Italy and is one of the biggest luxury textile manufacturers in the world. The Ratti name is a symbol of resolutely ambitious quality in the world of luxury. Click on the image above and look at Inna Zobova's designs.

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