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Florenta Popa

Florenta PopaFlorenta Popa, born on August 14th in Romania is a Model and Magazine Editor.

She has walked the runway in shows and graced print ads for Marithe & Francois Girbaud, Hugo Boss, Valentino, L'oreal, Christian Lacroix, Simone Perele, Sonya Rykiel, International Salon de Lingerie-Paris, Lanvin, Jolidon, Wolford, Instituto Secoli Milano, Irina Schrotter, MNG, Miss Sixty, Patrizia Pepe, Gai Mattiolo, Toni Ward, Addy Van Krommenacker, Frey Wille, Balenciaga, MAC Cosmetics, L'oreal Paris, Hugo Boss, YSL, Marie Claire Arabia, Elle, Lanvin, Jolidon, Christian Dior, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, FHM, Men's Health Australia, Penti, David Morris Jewelers and more.

She has appeared in magazines like Marie Claire and Elle Magazine among others. She is represented by agencies: Studio 1 in Romania and Bareface in the Middle East.

I first became acquainted with Florenta when I developed one of the first large websites for models years ago. I have always remembered her because along with her great look was a very young and beautiful girl who was intent and determined to become not only a model, but a very successful one at that.

She was a very young girl who was quite thin with a sort of raw and edgy look. Nevertheless, she had an exceptional presence that I knew once she got a little older and more confident it was a no-brainer that she was definitely going to make it in the modelling industry.

And make it she most definitely has.

So Florenta, what was it that captured your interest in modelling when you were a young teenager and gave you such intense determination to succeed as a model?

Florenta PopaFlorenta: "I remember I wanted so badly to give it a try, even though I wasn't too confident with my body, with my look. My dad and one of my cousins believed in me and convinced me to go to Metropolitan Top Model and Elite Model Look competitions. So I did."

"At Metropolitan Romania contest I was first accepted and then eliminated for having a few extra centimetres/inches on my hips. After a short while, I went to the Elite Model Look Romania competition and won it."

Was it more difficult finding work when you were in your teens due to living in Romania or did you begin to travel in search of opportunities?

Florenta: "I wanted to travel in search of opportunities - very well said. And in starting to travel, I've discovered my number one hobby: to travel."

Was winning the Elite Model Look in Romania what initially launched your career or had you already been booking lots of work prior to winning it?

Florenta: "Yes, everything started to change after winning the Elite Model Look competition."

"First of all, I understood that being different is an advantage and all I had to do to was to move to the right place for me and for my potential modeling career."

"I've worked during highschool for a local television as a model and for some music videos as well, but I didn't feel truly appreciated at that time and that place, honestly..."

Florenta PopaIn the beginning you took in a fair amount of cruel comments and name-calling from other young girls about being skinny. Have you ever run into any of these nasty girls since you have graced the covers of magazines, been in videos and walked the runways of the best designers in the world?

Florenta: "Hahaha! Yes, I remember. My high school collegues were not very nice to me. With some exceptions, of course."

When did you first realize you had accomplished the goal of being a successful model or did it unfold in your thoughts slowly. Ever have an "Aha" moment where you said to yourself "Wow - I did it!" ?

How does your family feel about your success as a very successful international model?

Florenta: "I never called myself a successful model. I realized that my dream came true after a long while. It might look from the outside that we are successful but, in fact, all of us were dealing with certain problems, we also receive negative answers from some agencies or modeling markets."

"It depends ... how do you define success? Some thoughts and lessons changed my perception on success. For instance, I felt unsuccessful when I was close to getting the Cavalli campaign, but I didn't get it."

"Or when an agency decided to send me back home because I gained few kilos. Then I realized that the real failure is not trying."

"And being successful means to do what you love without compromising, being able to rise again after you fall, being able to support yourself."

"My dad was the happiest dad ever, every single time he received my magazines and covers he went to everybody to show them. He passed away at the end of 2016, so he's my angel since then."

Florenta PopaYou are still living in Romania, but in Bucharest instead of Constanta where you grew up. Any plans in the near future of moving elsewhere or do wish to remain in Romania?

Florenta: "I am open to new opportunities and challenges. I'll go anywhere I feel is right for me and I'll stay if it is really good for me."

Your career has taken you to many countries around the world. What countries have you been in and what countries have you not been to that you'd like most to visit?

Florenta: "Yes, indeed. I have been traveling a lot. I've worked and lived in France (Paris mostly), Italy (Milan mostly), had contracts in China, Turkey, Mexico, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon."

"I have had direct bookings in Portugal, Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Hong Kong and many other countries."

"I would love to visit Peru, Australia and, well actually I would love to see the whole world!"

What do find in traveling that you feel has enriched you, made you more aware or changed your views on life?

Florenta: "Traveling the world changed me a lot. And is different than being just a tourist for few days. When you have the chance to stay longer, but not in a hotel, you see more, understand more, get to know them, compare and learn."

Florenta Popa"I learned that working is not a joke, each of us must do things in a professional way, at his best, be on time, be responsible. We need more discipline. Work is work, fun is fun."

At some point you may decide to retire from modelling - or at least only do exciting gigs - do you have other interests career-wise that interest you?

Florenta: "True. I've worked in mass media (in parallel) and now I'm working in e-commerce."

"At one point, I'm interested in having my own business and applying all I've learned so far."

I read that you have very solid thoughts on health and fitness and it definitely shows. You believe in the value of consuming lots of water. Are there other health or fitness regimes you follow?

Florenta: "I don't follow any fitness regime, but I do go to the gym and try to drink more water. I will soon try the X-body training."

You once stated that you would rather have a passport full of visa entry/exit stamps than a house full of stuff. This means that you place value on experiences more than on possessions - which also likely means that you value human interaction more than wealth and appearances. Who are the people you most admire and why?

Florenta: Yes, you have such a good memory!

"I respect and admire all people with true integrity and feel sorry for whomever values appearances and does not have at least the curiosity to discover. I dislike ignorance."

Florenta PopaHas the entertainment industry, as in film, television or broadcasting ever attracted your attention like many models in the past have attempted and succeeded?

Florenta: "I did think about film industry once, but because I need financial stability I've decided to accept only the big and better paid, or exciting gigs (like acting for TV commercials, campaigns or modeling), besides my daily job."

Any new and exciting ventures in the works for the near future?

Florenta: "I can't really talk about it now. But I will ... soon!"

On your tombstone what would you want engraved on it as your legacy? ( yeh I know that's far off in the future )

Florenta: "Hmm, I think I'll want to be cremated and my ashes burried in a special place to me. I don't want a tombstone! (Lol) But vampires never die! Hahaha (I'm born in Dracula's country!) Hahaha"

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FlorentaPopa

Instagram: www.instagram.com/florentapopa

The video below was shot by Alessia Laudoni - a beauty, lingerie and fashion photographer living between Barcelona, Rome and Milan. She has a feminine style, sexy, delicate and fresh and loves working with bodies, natural lighting and on location, always looking for the most creative light. She has done a superb work in capturing Florenta.

FEED ON BEAUTY from ThisAndThatLab on Vimeo.


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