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Ioana Chisiu

Ioana ChisiuIoana Chisiu is only 27 years old and born and raised in Simleu-Silvaniei in Romania. She has graduated from the Bolyai Faculty of Economic Sciences (finance-banks) and obtained a master's degree in Accounting and Auditing.

In Simleu-Silvaniei she was best friends with a childhood freind that became her husband and the father of her children.

"Probably many of you already know that, but what you do not know is that 3 years ago a few hours before giving birth, I was putting wallpaper in the living room. I had several hours to wait until the birth and I knew I had to get tired enough to sleep at least a few hours before the big day."

"I arrived after 12 o'clock midnight in the big bed, quite uncomfortable for a future mother with an exaggerated big belly. I closed my eyes but I could not fall asleep, there were too many unanswered questions in my head, too many emotions coming to the surface."

"3 years later I am living my dream - I am the mother of two beautiful girls: Maia & Raisa, I have a husband that I fall in love with every day, parents I can always rely on, a sister from whom I have a lot to learn and friends who do not love me. they never left hard."

"In these 3 years I have done more than I did in the rest of my life - My blog which is a great achievement for me."

Ioana Chisiu"I write for 3 magazines, two from the country and one from abroad. I am involved in many local projects. I take courses for professional development and participate in various workshops and seminars. I cook in my spare time for pleasure and lately have become passionate about interior design."

"Many believe that a family is on the path to career, for me it was the opposite. The family supported me and I was ambitious to get to live my dream and for that I thank them with my soul."

" 'A Mother's Journal' is the part that is not seen on the blog or social networks. It is the part of my soul with many wrinkles and tears of happiness and not only, with many sleepless nights, but with many lessons received from life."

"Online editor, blogger, stylist, inspirational speaker, TV host and last but not least in the end, a mother and wife. I started online writing at the begining of 2012 and through the years, I had many collaborations with famous brands in the fashion and beauty industry : Guess, FashionDays, Huawei, Dove, Vichy, Philips, Glamour Magazine, Untold Festival, Feeric Fashion Days and other big names."

The year of 2015 was one full of surprises. It was a year that also included the starting of her career in television, as a host of Celebrity show, on LookTV.

Ioana Chisiu"I developed passion for fashion as a child, when I started drawing and making doll clothes. Then I started to change my clothes, shorten them, tighten them, add something else, be more extravagant, more fashionable."

"For me, fashion is a lifestyle, something that changes the personality of each one of us. My blog brings in addition to the story, the story of a fashionista with the two twin daughters and a husband."

"A major change is coming from the blog - I will have a cooking section 'Ioana in the kitchen' and an interior design one. Can't wait!"

"In Romania, there is still a desperate desire to highlight what often ends badly, through a parade of glittery clothes that are much too worn out. I love to wear costumes. I have a white suit from the time I finished grade 12 which is just and maybe my favorite."

"When someone asks me what inspires me? What inspires me is everything going on around me, the city gossip, a play, nature, glossy magazines and street style blogs."

"I am often asked whether good taste inherited or acquired? I think good taste is acquired. But, the ultimate sin in clothing is when someones trousers are too tight, which leaves too much to be seen."

Ioana Chisiu"My family is really very important to me, so I had to learn to be very organized, otherwise I couldn't do anything. I have an agenda in which I write down everything - meetings, parent meetings, nurseries, birthdays, etc. I try to resolve my tasks by 5 pm, after which I spend the rest of the afternoon with the little girls."

When someone commented on Ioana's website and told her: "You are not original at all, in this era of consumerism the designers would like us to buy a product every day. This cannot be just a job what you do."

"I have developed both spiritually and professionally. I work daily, not 8 hours, but as much as needed. I run my own company - I edit photos, videos, answer the phone and emails, go to meetings. You'll see me on vacations in photographs, but for me it is work - I earn my living from it."

"On my blog you only see pictures of clothes or other products, but my work is in presenting these products and trying to transmit something special through these respective pictures. In order to do this well, I had to learn photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut, by myself, from watching tutorials and spending many hours practicing."

"And after all that, I come back home where I am a mother and a wife. I am quite fulfilled and quiet in the evening when I get into bed, I do exactly what I like, I have the opportunity to meet beautiful people from whom I have the opportunity to learn so much."

"Why is this so bad? I ask myself many times, what it is that drives people like that commentor to sit behind their computer and leave such comments?!? Why do we need to be so rude - so bad with each other?"

Ioana Chisiu"Who does not enjoy many discounts, a great diversity of products, being able to drink coffee while buying their favorite products online...?"

Her passion for fashion turned into a full time job. It all started during a cold winter in Cluj, when she decided to start her blog project. It started as an almost daily journal of her passion for everything that is beautiful - both in the field of fashion and beauty.

"Over time I started doing projects offline and more importantly, with the passage of time I met people who inspired me, who supported me and filled me with positive energy. People with whom I shared the same common passion - fashion."

"When you were little, did you ever want to grow up so that you could do everything older people did? To lose yourself in the streets on endless strolls, to stay up late at night with friends, to wander the world and of course, like any girl, want to make up your own mind and wear heels without your mother being upset with you?"

"What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a fashion influencer in Romania?"

"I will start with the beautiful part, with the advantages. The fact that you meet wonderful people, from whom you learn what inspires you and who help you to overcome your limits. You are always fresh and arranged and you have the opportunity to wear the most beautiful clothes."

Ioana Chisiu"You always have different interesting projects so you don't get bored. You have the opportunity to travel a lot and see beautiful places."

"The biggest disadvantage would be that I have to go many times and I am missing my family. It is an area with many advantages as long as you learn how to find them."

"I have a wonderful family supporting me. Our girls are very excited about everything that is happening. I try to involve them as much as I can - we have shootings together, I let them try on my shoes, jewelry and have fun."

"The girls are really passionate about photography and most of the time they are the ones who make my pictures that appear on Instagram and Facebook."

Her daughters, Raisa and Maia, are getting big now and the best advice Ioana would give to a parent starting the journey of raising children would be - "Patience, patience and dedication."

"Balancing my time between family and professional life becomes a lifestyle. So I don't feel like I'm making any sacrifices to bring them together. I'm not saying it's easy, but given that I do what I love, everything comes into its own and I don't feel like I'm working."

Ioana Chisiu"The community people who follow me are women of all ages who are looking for a little inspiration or simply find themselves in my style. And yes, there are also men reading www.FashionSpot.ro. People I have learned so much from and who I am deeply grateful to."

"To keep my body in shape I find that the girls help me. We go out as often as we can with our bikes or take long walks in the park. I try to take care of what I eat, although, I admit, I can never say no to a serving of good pasta!"

"I joined the Celebrity team, so you can see me every Thursday from 21.00 on Look TV. For me it is a big step. I feel that I have grown and that I have learned something from this whole adventure called 'blogging'. I overcame my barriers and entered a new field, where I learn something every day, television."

"I think the biggest challenge is to keep up with everything that happens in the online environment. The changes are the order of the day, you have to come up with something new and interesting every day. This is a challenge!"

"The greatest satisfaction was the entry into television. I never thought I would get on the small screen, as a moderator, to have my own show. The blog was a door opener . I learned a lot and still learn, day by day."

During school Ioana worked at a company where, at the end of the semester she was asked to remain, as an accountant. She remained for about two years, and in the meantime, taking care of accounting, she also completed a master's degree in accounting expertise and auditing.

Ioana ChisiuShe was young, she was only 22 working as an accountant, but at one point during the summer, she realized she would really like to do something else:

“At 22, it's hot outside, it's fine, and you know your friends are sitting somewhere by the pool and you have to work until 5, or later, until you finish your job."

With this in mind she decided it was time to do something else, so she went to Greece, where she worked all summer at a bar as a kind of hostess.

“And it was so great that I felt sorry that I didn't do anything all summer long. There I met new people all the time, I made so many friends, from so many different countries. I did not speak English anymore, but I learned it very quickly there, speaking it there all the time.”

In the meantime, she met her current husband, who, after a year and two months of tumultuous love, asked her to be his wife. They were very young both, at 23-24, and their life seemed pink and only good for children. So Ioana became pregnant, a twin pregnancy, which was a total surprise.

"It was a surprise for me and my husband, since no one had any twins in the family before, but, in the words of my mother: 'Only to you could this have happened!' "

"It was new territory: I was 24 years old with a new house, married for a year and a half and I had two little girls and somehow I was trying to escape all the time from that routine, and, being a super energetic kid, I said, ok, I need my place, a space of mine where I can simply enjoy the things that every woman enjoys.”

And that's how she started her blog. She wrote every day, kept posting and she made lists of what she would like to buy - then she began to receive all kinds of proposals, which showed her that she was on the right track.

Ioana ChisiuIoana promotes a type of clothing easily accessible to her readers, not only exorbitantly expensive clothes at a price, but easily obtainable clothing items and accessories, from shops, physical or online.

Or soon in the future, even from her own shop, where she will offer those interested clothes that are versatile, adaptable to any situation and to any person - clothes that can be worn both in the office and in the city.

To her readers, Ioana wants to provide more than just information. Now she has her own costume design workshop in which she will first create the clothes she will wear, because, having a family, she cannot afford to wear only famous brands. But, as she is 90% of her readers, so the clothes will be destined for them too.

“Basically, I try to make a drawing according to my skills, and make myself understood with my tailor - because I'm not a designer, I didn't get an education in the field. But I didn't finish journalism either, and I'm here and I'm writing."

"I want to set up an online store, fdistrict.ro, I want a lot so I'm lucky that my husband works online and he helps me a lot with the site. There will be products created by me, basic, elegant, casual products that you can wear both during the day and in the evening.”

"The idea of ​​these clothing items came to me when I was doing Fashionality meetings, where people from corporate environments participated, who had a job that meant a lot of office work and when in the evening they wanted to go out in the city, they didn't have time to change."

"This is how I thought of making versatile products that could be worn, both during the day, at the office, and later in the evening, in the city. The first item of this kind that came out of the workshop was a jumpsuit that can be worn in the evening, without anything, with the bare back, but also in the day and at the office with a shirt underneath the overalls."

Ioana Chisiu"You get your shirt down from under the evening dress, you wear a pair of statement earrings, some red lipstick and you can go out into the city without going home - because a lot of people have this problem over time, and it is clear that if go home after work you'll end up going nowhere.”

Because she will use quality materials, the clothes brand of Ioana's will be neither super expensive but also not very cheap. They will have decent prices at much better quality, considering that she is a perfectionist in everything she does.

Ioana is also a perfectionist when it comes to her family - her family comes first and she confesses that she would give up everything for her family. Basically, her husband and daughters were also one of the reasons why she stayed on to keep on blogging, without trying to commit, at the end of her maternity leave.

Her husband is also from Simleu-Silvaniei and so are the grandmothers of the little girls and blogging allows her to take care of raising her girls - who are in need of a mother, and not a nanny.

"You need to be informed all the time, to be aware of everything new; then fashion weeks follow, where I, as a blogger, should always be present, but being a mother I cannot afford to go at all. So, last year I went to Milan for the first time, this year I propose to go to Milan or London in the fall, if possible."

Ioana ChisiuIoana has also been involved in "The Woman" - a women's business conference for the third year running.

She was also presenter at the "Mother's Conference", for which she was host for the first time this year, and she also wrote for magazines like Boulevard, and 24-FUN, where she had her own section, "Fashion and the City" .

She is a fashion blogger recognized by those in her field - confirmatiing that all his activity with the blog, in recent years, was not in vain, was the invitation received from the University of Art and Design, to judge the graduates gala of those who give their final exam through an original collection.

“For me it was an honor, it was a confirmation that everything I did in these years with the blog was not in vain, it brought me confirmation that I had a word to say - those students finished a faculty, and I was invited to give them a keynote address."

Another confirmations was when she appeared in Elle, the most read fashion magazine in Romania.

She also participates in a unique project, to promote certain areas through fashion blogging, called "Fashion Bloggers", an event organized successively in each of the cities of the participating bloggers, which can present, each in part, to others, local beauties, not necessarily just clothing.

Ioana Chisiu"This event will promote the city, because bloggers will come, visit, and post pictures and comments with everything that inspires them from their visit to her home city of Cluj."

This, and many others, Ioana Chișiu does out of pure passion and not for money or trying to please everyone. She has succeeded to be a dedicated blogger, a good mother and a loving wife - always energetic and smiling at all the fashion events.

She is truely a beautiful, smart woman, who is early at home and late in the city, dedicated one hundred percent to her family and her passion for fashion.



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