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Sânziana Negru

Sânziana NegruSânziana Negru, born on February 11th, 1987 in the Republic of Moldova on February 11, 1987 is a blogger and a vlogger. She was a TV presenter at Kiss TV and 1 Music Channel where she presented numerous events as an MC and appeared in numerous videos and TV commercials. She was also a success as a model.

Although born in the Republic of Moldova she grew up in Targu Mures, where she spent most of her life. For about 8 years, this beautiful brunette has called Bucharest home.

Her a blog is dedicated to the fields of fashion, lifestyle and travel and ahe has won numerous awards at the Digital Divas Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Her niche is Cultural Events, Radio & Television, Love, Dating & Sex, Coffees, Travel, Shopping & Fashion Brands, Clothing & Footwear, Sports & Beauty & Make-up.

The first year of college she studied in Cluj-Napoca, after which she transferred to Bucharest, where she finished with a degree in Communication and Public Relations Specialization within the Faculty of Political and Administrative Sciences.

She has appeared in Maxim magazine and in FHM, where she gave up her clothes and her inhibitions. Sanziana received an offer from Florin from Hi-Q, to work for the site lore ok.ro, where she was presenter and reporter of world news.

She was also involved in modeling and participates in presentations, commercials, and also has done some episodic appearances in serials and in movies.

Sânziana NegruHer social media following has steadily grown with 59,000 followers on Facebook, 255,000 followers on Instagram, another 30,000 subscribers on her YouTube Channel and her blog recieves another 125,000 monthly visitors.

"I’ve always wanted my own spot where I could write a little something, express my personality and enjoy being creative. I thought it might be about new make-up products, a cool outfit, fun holidays or just an idea or some thoughts."

"I am Aquarius and I love anything beautiful! My website is a blog about me, but equally it could be about you, how we like a shade of red lipstick, a crazy type of chocolate, star signs or dangerously high high-heels (don’t worry I still get the worn out trainers from the cupboard when I’m out with my friends!)"

Recently, Sânziana was challenged to live in 3 different houses for 3 days . Her opinions, ideas and advice are a good starting point for anyone that wants to start a house hunt. Below are the conclusions written by her.

"Lately I have been walking around the country quite a lot. At the mountain, at the sea, everywhere. I saw some places that made me say again that I don't appreciate this country as much as I should."

"One of these places is Vama Buzau, in Brașov county, where together with www.storia.ro I started a project that visually delighted me more than I can describe during the 3 days in which I visited the 3 houses proposed by them."

Sânziana Negru"Valley21 is the complex where the first house is located, in the middle of nature, where you wake up in the morning and just have to look out the window to exclaim: "How lucky I am to live!" It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest, as it can also be a holiday home. The design of the villa is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional houses built in the past."

"I am by no means an expert in appreciating houses, I only now cultivate my taste for interior decorations and my appetite for everything that means "good living" opens up, but after these 3 days of good energy in 3 absolutely superb houses , I would definitely rethink my plans for the future."

"The second house I visited, which was integrated very well in the middle of nature, was in the Scandinavian village of Snagov. That is, something closer to Bucharest. It is the newest residential project in Romania, composed of active houses, characterized by low energy consumption."

"You will find both imposing larger houses, with 3-4 bedrooms, for a large family, as well as some smaller, more cozy (and more to my liking) houses, both of which have a unique, minimalist architectural style with clean lines."

"Realistically speaking, this is really a place where I would buy a house in the next few years, especially since it is outside Bucharest."

"The stay of the houses ended in Cluj, in the Măraști district, together with Blitz Imobiliare , in a residential complex where I found a wonderful apartment , in which I could move tomorrow. That's because I have a few years to work for one of the two houses above."

Sânziana Negru"The apartment conquered me because of the way it was decorated, the wall with wallpaper in the form of a map and the climbing installation were the attractions of the room."

"Finally, I can only thank those from Storia.ro for the challenge launched, the criteria according to which I would choose a home are much better defined now, having 3 days experience in 3 cases, and I recommend you to take a look at the site . I hope the material will be useful to you if you go fishing on the internet and do not know where to look."

Sânziana, who is from the busy Bucharest area is already dreaming of the summer fun in Cluj. Sânziana has a strong background in television, and for several years has been completely dedicated to blogging, being a true "citizen of the Internet", where she does most of her work.

Even though she currently resides in Bucharest, Sânziana is Transylvanian, after the several years she spent in Transylvania, in Târgu-Mureș and then in Cluj-Napoca, where she did a year of college.

"I'll start by saying that I regret very much that I no longer live in Cluj. I do not regret that I moved to Bucharest, but I regret Cluj as a city, I regret the Cluj as attitude and energy. However, I am extremely happy for everything that is happening in the city and even more so glad that both Electric Castle and Untold are there."

She says that the special atmosphere that surrounds the city of Cluj during the summer is mainly due to Cluj itself, but that a rather important minus is the volume ofd traffic in Cluj, which is more and more similar to the traffic volume in the Capital.

Sânziana NegruSummer is really full in Cluj, with the events and festivals organized in the city or in the city area. Electric Castle and Untold have become true tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world, but especially for music fans from all over the country.

Sânziana had the opportunity to see Cluj in the "era" that preceded the epoch of the full summers and, she says, events like Untold or Electric Castle are now even appreciated internationally - with many others trying to copy the recipe.

The Festival in Cluj has over 100 events on 5 scenes during Cluj Days. The start of festivities is on May 17th.

"I think people in the capital have a lot to learn from the organizational point of view of these events in Cluj. I do not know why, but the recipe is not applied in the capital nor at the sea - where the atmosphere in Neversea, for example, does not even compare with the fun to be had at Untold."

"We can certainly be proud of an event like Electric Castle internationally. You can find the same energy in Cluj in March, but also when you go to festivals. Obviously, summer is bigger and the city is more lively especially when many foreigners arrive. They come with their energy and enthusiasm, and this is a plus."

Small minuses exist, but become "minor details" when the fun is such high quality. Traffic is the most common problem in Cluj during the festivals, when the city streets are simply suffocated by the avalanche of cars that have arrived.

Sânziana Negru"The only thing I regret is the fact that the traffic in Cluj now resembles that of Bucharest, which I already hate. At Untold it is not such a big problem, because you are in the center, but I find it very good for the bus transport from Electric Castle, which works through the night until the morning."

With traffic or not, Cluj lives by young people and is successful in the summer, especially because it is one of the largest university centers in Romania.

"When we talk about Cluj, the world thinks of a young city, with many students and I think that these festivals are so successful for this reason. If you move them to Iași or Timișoara, I don't think it would come out the same."

"They are also student cities, but maybe they are not as big university centers as in Cluj. In addition, Cluj knew how to open faster to this kind of events."

It all started with an email from the Discovery Channel team. - "Hey Sanziana, our team has only one place for one person from Romania, would you like to go to the Bahamas to experience shark diving with the two presenters of Shark Week? If so, the departure is in 2 days from now. "

"After this email I did not sleep for days. Of course I said yes, who would refuse such a thing?"

"I had no idea how to dive, no knowledge about the shark species, or the people who will be there, but I thought that if this opportunity came to me, I definitely have to accept it."

Sânziana Negru"I put my luggage in order and after I finished a project in Milan, joined the queue at the boarding gate to Nassau, Bahamas."

"I arrived at the hotel - Atlantis resort. Am amazed at how big everything is, like a whole mall. I get another email from Discovery's boss telling me that after I check in for the camera, he is waiting for me with dinner with the whole team."

"It seems to me that Americans are discussing things using email a lot more than we do, and that would be confirmed in the coming days when they sent me an email asking me if I wanted a cappuccino or espresso. Um ... whatsapp anybody?"

"Entering the room, I realize where I am and my chicken skin is made. This is really happening!"

"I went to dinner, I get to know everyone, at one point I reach for one of the guys I knew I was going to do the shoot for the show. Paul, he introduces himself, and when I give him my hand, I gather a plastic hand, wrapped in rubber. I feel a little confused."

"Had I been rude, should I have been more careful and not reached out? I had done a little reassessment about the people I was going to be there with but the most important thing about this man was missing."

"This man was Paul De Gelder, a survivor of a shark attack after which he was left without a hand and a leg. This man deserves 10 pages written about him in this article but I'll try to summarize what is most important to know about him."

Sânziana Negru"In 2009 Paul was working for the US Navy, and during a mission, he was attacked by a shark that in a few seconds left him scared for life. And from that moment, Paul dedicated his life to sharks, knowing and protecting them."

"Can you imagine what kind of man would do such a thing? In the few days I spent with him, everything was a life lesson for me. He is such a good and positive man as I was rarely given to see. As tough as he looks, he's so warm and gentle inside."

"I asked him how he didn't feel hatred for something that transformed his life. He told me that before the accident he thought that if we killed all the sharks, we would have no reason to be afraid to enter the ocean, but then he was just talking about his ignorance."

"As he began to learn about these creatures he is absolutely fascinated by, he understood that sharks have much more reason to fear man than vice versa.

He realized that our fear, ignorance and the lack of interest for sharks, leads the species to extinction - and it was what made him return to the water only 3 months after the accident is as he says - a deep love for being in the water".

"Casey Neistat made a vlog about Paul last year and I recommend you look at it for a good life lesson on how to overcome your fears. Find the vlog on Casey Neistats YouTube Channel and I urge you to see it."

"The second presenter of the Shark Week show is Joe Romeiro, a wildlife filmmaker for many years and the man I have been with the most about sharks and sharks diving."

Sânziana Negru"Paul was going to be one of the people who would be with me at the time of the dive. He did not leave me for a second, he held me by the hand while I was underwater, Joe filmed, Lauren took pictures, Andreas gave the sharks food so that our presence would not disturb them, and Ignacio is the instructor we went down to. down (I went down 20m to the bottom of the ocean) and that reminded me constantly to balance the pressure in our ears as we went deeper."

"I remember Joe telling me before diving that if I'm not scared and I'm not anxious, it means I'm not human and I feel the situation at its true value. Paul constantly told me not to forget to breathe slowly and slowly, not to panic, not to make sudden movements, to keep my hands close to my body (sometimes sharks confuse their hands with piss and they can bite)."

"After the first day of diving, when I arrived in the hotel room, I had such a condition that I was not even allowed to speak. I couldn't explain what's with me. There was so much new information to remember, to process that I didn't know if I would cope with the stress."

"I wanted Bogdan to be with me, to be at least someone who speaks my language. I went to bed with the thought that I would wake up in the morning and tell people that I'm not ready for something, that not everyone is made for it and I prefer to see this experience on the boat and not under it."

"It was an experience full of adrenaline and that is exactly what makes it so beautiful and memorable. Accidents have never happened to the diving school where I was in the Bahamas, as long as you follow the rules, you will be safe, but we are talking about some wild creatures, the most dangerous predators of the ocean, the unpredictable can happen anytime."

"But when you get down, everything becomes so calm, so peaceful - all you have to do is sit and enjoy watching such a spectacle of nature and the sharks welcome you in their environment without doing anything to you - as long as you know how to behave around them. But when I woke up and I got up from bed feeling better I thought that God had not brought me there to be afraid.

Sânziana Negru"And now looking back, I can say that it was one of the most beautiful experiences that my life has offered me so far and that I will tell the story again and again until my old age."

I really thank the people of Discovery Channel for this opportunity and the girls from Grafitti Pr who mobilized so well, and in such a short time as to make it possible for me to go there.

See photos of her shark dive on her website at www.sanziananegru.com

I'm happy. More than ever! And I'm quiet. And this peace of mind seems like that, a simple thing, but it's so hard to get near someone. I live my life now as I wanted to live it at the age of 20, but then I had other lessons to learn. And it's good what I lived then, it's good what I live now. I think I'm at a good point in my development.

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