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Naide Gomes

Naide GomesNaide GomesNaide GomesNaide GomesNaide Gomes

Naide Gomes, born 20 November 1979 in São Tomé and Príncipe is a Portuguese heptathlete. She is also a top-class competitor in the long jump, and she competed in the 100 meter hurdles at the 2000 Summer Olympics. She represents Sporting Clube de Portugal. Gomes started competing under the flag of her birth country São Tomé and Príncipe and represented it at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, though she has lived in Portugal since she was 11 years old. At the Sydney Olympics, Gomes was the São-Tomé flag carrier in the opening ceremony. Before changing nationality she set the current São Tomé and Príncipe records in 100 meter hurdles, long jump, high jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin throw and heptathlon.

She gained Portuguese citizenship in 2001, and has since represented Portugal at major international events. Gomes has won gold medals for long jump at the 2006 European Athletics Championships and the 2007 European Athletics Indoor Championships, raising the national record to 6.89 meters at the latter. In Madrid, she became the first Portuguese athlete ever to reach the seven meter distance in the long jump, by jumping 7.01 meters. In Valencia she won gold at the World Athletics Indoor Championships 2008 by jumping 7.00 meters. On 22 July, Naide Gomes was the winner of the IAAF Super Grand Prix DN Galan in Stockholm, Sweden with a new national record of 7.04 meters.

On 29 July, at the IAAF Super Grand Prix Herculis in Monte Carlo, Monaco, she jumped 7.12 meters, a new national record and 2008 world best mark. On 19 August, at the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China, a top-favorite for the gold medal, in peak physical condition and having dominated the season, Gomes unexpectedly fouled on her first two attempts and then stutter-stepped on her final try jumping a mere 6.29 meters, thus failing to qualify for the final. She won the long jump gold medal at the 2009 Lusophony Games with a jump of 6.74 meters. In the women’s Long Jump, the 2008 leader and World Indoor champion, she won with 6.74 meters ahead of Brazilian Kelia Costa at 6.71 meters in a emotional event. The Lusofonia Games are the games of the countries who share the Portuguese language or some links with its culture.

Gomes participated in the first round of the Portuguese National Club Championships, held at the University Stadium of Lisbon, but was injured seriously, causing a rupture of her achilles tendon. This injury prevents her from participating in the London Olympics in August 2012. Her fans, team, and country will certainly miss her presence.


Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing flag São Tomé and Príncipe
1999 All-Africa Games Johannesburg, South Africa 5th Heptathlon
Representing portugal flag Portugal
2002 European Indoor Championships Vienna, Austria 2nd Pentathlon
European Championships Munich, Germany 10th Long Jump
2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, England 5th Pentathlon
Hypo-Meeting Götzis, Austria 4th Heptathlon
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 1st Pentathlon
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 1st Long Jump
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 5th Long Jump
Universiade İzmir, Turkey 2nd Long Jump
2006 World Indoor Championships Moscow, Russia 3rd Long Jump, 6.76 NRi
European Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 2nd Long Jump
2007 European Indoor Championships Birmingham, England 1st Long Jump, 6.89 NRi
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 1st Long Jump, 7.00 NRi
2008 <6th World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany 1st Long Jump, 6.71
2009 Lusophony Games Lisbon, Portugal 1st Long Jump, 6.74
2009 1st European Team Championships Leiria, Portugal 1st Long Jump, 6.83
2009 London Grand Prix London, England 1st Long Jump, 6.99
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 2nd Long Jump
2011 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 2nd Long Jump, 6.79
2011 World Championships Daegu, South Korea 10ª Long Jump 6.26

See more of Naide Gomes on her website at: www.naidegomes.com

source: www.wikipedia.org


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