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Karolina Pisarek

Karolina PisarekKarolina Pisarek-Salla, born August 16, 1997 in Szczecinek, Poland is a Polish model, celebrity and influencer. She was a finalist of the fifth edition of theTop Model program.

Pisarek was born and grew up in Szczecinek, Poland in well settled family. Since her childhood she was interested to modelling and decided to make career in that same field.

After finishing her early schooling education from a local well known private school she started her career as a model. To get expertise in her professional modelling career she lived in Germany for some time.

Because of her talent and beauty she has gained a huge fan base in very short time and currently is one of the top models in Poland.

Pisarek is known for the films 365 Days: This Day in 2022, The Next 365 Days in 2022 and in Feel More Girls.

The daughter of Monika and Jacek Pisark, she began her media career in 2015 by participating in the fifth edition of the television program Top Model broadcast on TVN - taking second place in the final by losing to Radek Pestka.

Karolina PisarekShortly after the broadcast of the program, she started cooperation with the Avant Management agency.

Currently Karolina has almost 902,000 followers on Instagram and with this she also regularly uploads daily fashion vlogs on her you tube channel where she has 13,000 subscribers.

She took part in photo shoots for magazines such as Elle, Glamour and Harper's Bazaar. In addition, she worked with fashion house Juicy Couture and BCBG in Los Angeles and became the face of Miami Fashion Week in Florida.

In 2019, she was an ambassador of the cosmetic brand Cien Food for Skin distributed in Lidl stores. Several times she was included in the TC Candler list of "100 Most Beautiful Faces of the World".

Voted one of the most beautiful faces of the world in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by TC Candler. She is a “Poland’s Next Top Model” finalist and “Ameryka Express’ winner in 2020 .

Voted “Polish Model of the Year” by Fashion TV. She has covered dozens of magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Shape. She is the 2022 Dancing With the Stars runner-up. Karolina’s native language is Polish, but she also speaks English.

Fashion TV awarded her the title of Model of the Year, and during the Personalities and Successes of the Year 2019 gala, she received a distinction as the Success of the Year category.

Karolina PisarekIn 2020, she won the second edition of TVN's Ameryka Express, in which she competed in tandem with Marta Gajewska-Komorowska and co-hosted Top Model.

In 2021, her autobiographical book Girl Power was published. Don't put off your dreams until tomorrow! In the spring of 2022, she took part in Polsat's program Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Dreams really come true.

"Just a few years ago, I was an ordinary teenager from a small town who dreamed of a career in the fashion world."

"At the age of seventeen, I decided to fight for myself and applied to the Top Model program. I didn't win, I took second place, but it was not the end of my adventure with modeling, but only the beginning."

"The road to fulfilling my dreams was not easy, but thanks to the support of strong women, hard work and determination, I achieved what I wanted so much."

"I would like to show you that you always have to fight for your dreams. It will not be easy, maybe you will meet with hate, misunderstanding, jealousy, but eventually you will find out that it was worth it."

"I have found my life path, now it's time for you!"

Karolina PisarekIn the same year, the films 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days, in which she played the character of Amelia, and in the autumn she took part in the thirteenth edition of Dancing with the Stars broadcast by Polsat TV.

In her personal life she remained in informal relationships with chef Damian Kordas in 2017, Brazilian model Daniel Matsunaga from 2017 to 2019, and Brazilian former rally driver Jaime Camara in 2020.

In 2021, she became engaged to Polish entrepreneur Roger Salla. In the spring of 2022, preparations for their wedding were reported in a series of reports on the program Good Morning TVN. On June 10th of the same year, they were married.

It is known that Karolina Pisarek's partner is 28 years old. Roger Salla is the son of a well-known e-commerce businessman.

According to Pudelek.pl, the star's fiancé works in one of his father's companies and is vice president of finance.

Roger Salla is also associated with sports. Karolina Pisarek's beloved was a footballer and played as a defender in the position of a defender, among others, in the TSG 1899 Hoffenfeim club, the youth teams of Legia Warszawa and Polonia.

Karolina PisarekIn 2020, the model was interviewed by VIVA! In an interview with Beata Nowicka, she revealed what she needed most in a relationship with a man.

“First of all, there must be chemistry between people so that there is something to build on. And loyalty. For me in a relationship, whether professional or private, loyalty is the most important thing,” she explained.

“I am an independent woman, everything I have I built with my own hands. My professional life is a lot of madness, but at home I need peace and security."

"Since I was little, my biggest dream was a stable private life. I hope that I will be able to fulfill this dream as well”, added Karolina Pisarek.

Also, Pisarek had not appeared in social media for some time. Her absence alarmed admirers. So the model explained in a moving video that she had been struggling with the coronavirus for two weeks. The star decided to talk about the course of COVID-19 and warn her followers. "It felt like my lungs were crushing," she said.

The last few weeks of the illness had been physically and mentally difficult for her. Fortunately, Pisarek is already over her illness. The model decided to talk about her fight against COVID-19.

The star of the Top Model and America Express program posted a series of videos on social media in which she reported the course of the disease. She fought for her recovery for more than two weeks.

Karolina Pisarek"Hey my dears. Many of you had noticed that my last absence has been quite long and I wanted to tell you what happened. I have been struggling with COVID for the last 2.5 weeks."

"Just as everyone says that "Eeek, young people are easily affected by COVID", so I have had a completely different experience ,"Karolina Pisarek began.

The 23-year-old described the symptoms she noticed at the beginning of the coronavirus infection. She said she never wanted to go through something like that again.

The body was so weakened by the virus that Pisarek was unable to perform the simplest activities.

“It started normally with a common cold, then I lost my sense of smell, taste, and let me tell you, after that it really started to break me down."

"For a week I couldn't even pick up my phone because I was so tired, I had no strength, I was so lethargic," the model added.

At some point, Pisarek was sure that her condition was improving, she woke up feeling much better and said she could return to her duties, remote work.

It turned out that it was just the beginning - suddenly the star felt much worse! The model experienced serious depression for the first time.

Karolina Pisarek“And then such a prank that my condition did not improve at all. On the contrary. It was even worse. I started having severe depression. I felt hopeless. I have never felt anything like this in my life,” she confided.

When breathing problems appeared, Pisarek got scared and called an ambulance. She constantly monitored her condition, checked the parameters.

"Then I started choking. I was choking, I didn't know what was going on. It felt like a lot of needles were sticking through my nose.

"One moment I couldn't breathe through my nose, and when I tried through my mouth, it felt like my lungs were crushing."

"Like someone put weights on my chest. Then I checked the pulse oximeter as usual and it was not the best, so I called the ambulance," she reported.

Before help could reach her, the model managed to calm down a bit. With her confession, Pisarek wants to warn everyone to take care of their health and be careful.

“I'm telling you this story so you'll really pay attention. I know a lot of people say young people can get over COVID easily, but I am the best example that they don't." Since I, as a young person, went through COVID in such a way...", she confessed.

“A total rollercoaster - The last 2.5 weeks have been so hard not only physically, but above all mentally, that I am glad that today is much better.",the star added in the recording.

We hope that Karolina will be back to full strength soon! We wish you a lot of health!

Karolina Pisarek
Television Shows

2015:Top Model(TVN) – participant of the 5th edition

2020:Ameryka Express (TVN) – participant of the 2nd edition, winner

2020:Top Model. Front Row(Player) – host

2021:Fort Boyard (Viaplay) – participant of the 3rd episode of the 3rd edition

2022:Your face sounds familiar (Polsat) – participant of the 16th edition

2022:Dzień dobry TVN – the heroine ofthe Pisarek reportage series says yes

2022:Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars (Polsat) – participant of the 13th edition


Girl power. Do not postpone your dreams until tomorrow! - Znak Publishing House, 2021.


2022:365 days: This Day – as Amelia, Sister of "Nacho"

2022:Another 365 Days – as Amelia, Sister of "Nacho"

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Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek

Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek

Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek Karolina Pisarek

Karolina Pisarek



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