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Individuals of all economic strata are shedding their jobs, hometowns, and lifestyle to embrace a wider experience and a more meaningful existence.
exotic travel locations

solo bicyclist

Jilly Sherlock is not your average woman. This amazing woman is living on 5GBP per day as she bicycles solo from the UK to China. In her own words Jilly explains the reason she is on her solo bicycle journey:

"Being a notoriously unlucky flyer - hijacked, volcanic ash victim, aborted landings, cancellations, not booked on flights, wheels falling off planes, struck by lightening - and also a non-driver I thought it would be an idea to head off east on my bicycle.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..."... See More

exotic travel locations

In his own words Mark Moxon explains the beginnings of his travels:

"In early 1995 I visited a friend who had just bought a new house. I remember it quite clearly: at the top of the stairs he had a perfectly formed bathroom in which I had what can only be described as a religious experience. The bathroom was one hundred per cent peach. It had a peach-coloured bath, a peach toilet, peach tiles on the wall and a peach basin on which sat a bar of peach-scented soap. Hanging on the racks were fluffy peach hand towels that neatly matched the peach carpet below, and sitting on the windowsill was a bowl full of peach-coloured potpourri. I realised then and there that if I did not do something pretty radical, I was going to end up with a peach bathroom all of my own, and the thought filled me with dread."... See More

exotic travel locations

Cycling Silk is a cycling expedition following the Silk Road between Europe and Asia. Kate Harris and Melissa Yule have set a goal to explore existing and proposed transboundary conservation initiatives in mountainous regions as they pedal along the Silk Road, using bicycles as vehicles for adventure and environmental advocacy. They have departed Istanbul, Turkey and will end their journey in Leh, India about 12 months later. Their journey will take them through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Nepal, and India. Follow Melissa and Kate at www.cyclingsilk.com and on their Facebook page. Keep up with the travels of these remarkable Canadian women and be sure to contribute to their scurvy avoidance fund on their website. To take a look at an exceptional video of the first few months of the journey click here. These girls are not on a pleasure tour - but on more like an endurance test... See More

exotic travel locations

After they had been dating for about a month Alex and Taru decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime on a Hallberg Rassy 352 sailboat named Caos. (Chaos in Spanish) They departed in October 2010 and are now in the Caribbean after departing the southeastern coast of Spain with a plan to tour the world by sea. Track their journey via their website at: sailingaroundtheglobe.blogspot.com

When people asked Alex and Taru: "Are you doing this to run away from the reality?" Here is the reponse in their own words: "Yes, of course we are. We are utterly convinced that a detachment from the society is what we need, to reach those new insights which we're so desperately longing for - as the things you might call the normality or the reality, aren't enough for us any longer... See More

exotic travel locations

After one thousand one hundred and fifty-two days at sea, Reid Stowe finally set foot on land in New York City making him holder of a new world's record for the longest self-supplied voyage. Stowe departed in April of 2007 and has been continually aboard the 70-foot schooner named Anne, which he built himself, until his landfall in New York City. Stowe started his trip with his companion Soanya Ahmad, who had never been to sea before. But, Soanya had to jump ship because of nausea after 306 days at sea. However, what was thought to be seasickness was actually morning sickness. Since then, she gave birth to their son, Darshen, while Stowe continued sailing. One thousand days is the estimated amount of time it would take for a trip to Mars, so Stowe called his journey "Mars Ocean Odyssey"... See More

exotic travel locations

Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll left their secure jobs and comfortable lifestyle in Prague, Czech Republic for a creative sabbatical: traveling the world, taking photographs and sharing stories about people from all walks of life. . Their Blog - UncorneredMarket.com is all about human stories, engaging travel photography, street food reportage, and insights into personal growth. Their aim is to humanize the places they visit - drawing readers in through photographs and stories, so they connect with people and places they might otherwise never hear about or actively disregard.

They seek to alter the view of America that people get from watching the news, movies, or television... See More

exotic travel locations

Human Rights activist Shannon Galpin founded Mountain2Mountain in November 2006. A rape survivor and mother, she realized she could not just stand on the sidelines, watching women and girls routinely raped, oppressed and denied basic human rights. An avid mountain biker, and continually focused on breaking barriers, in 2009, she became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country where the culture does not allow women to ride bikes. In 2010 she became the first person to ride across the Afghanistan Panjshir Valley. Shannon is a traveler that has found a passion from her travels and has been featured on Dateline NBC, Today Show, Huffington Post and in Outside Magazine... See More

exotic travel locations

Oisin Hughes is an Irishman who went on a 34,000 mile motorcycle ride. This crazy Irishman had never even driven a motorcycle when he decided to buy a new BMW and ship it to Canada - the starting point of his amazing journey that took him from Nova Scotia across Canada and up to Prudhoe Bay at the artic circle where he actually started his epic journey. It took him from the artic circle down through Alaska and Canada into the northern United States. Then he drove through Mexico into Central America and down into South America all the way to Ushuaia - the southern-most town in South America. And that was just his first motorcycle journey. His story can be read in a book that he wrote and available as a free e-book download. The story and journey continues... See More

exotic travel locations

In her own words - "My name is Julia Dimon and I'm a hard-core travel junkie. My addiction has taken me all over the world to more than 80 countries across six continents and I'm only in my twenties. I've lived as a Buddhist monk in Korea, battled through a survival course in the snake-infested jungles of Belize, jumped off one of the world's highest towers, toured genocide memorials in Rwanda, made lip-plates with the Mursi women of Southern Ethiopia, braved radiation in Chernobyl and spent a night of torture in a Latvian prison. Take it from me, travel is highly addictive. It doesn't come with the Surgeon General's warning, but it should.
Julia co-hosts Word Travels, a 39-episode TV series broadcast internationally on National Geographic Adventure... See More

exotic travel locations

"The mind, when pondering at night has always asked those questions. What are you doing in corporate wonderland, banking, university, office, church. Who is the other animal asleep inside, thinker, punk, creative, cowboy, vagabond, anarchist, healer, artist, writer, photographer, globe trotter, intellectual? Oh God dare you to think. So when he sees the gamble, manipulations and lies he follows the old old dream, sets out for this journey that is called life, to explore the world traveling overland..."

Manfred Schweda was an Austrian banker who followed the voice within and you can follow his journey... See More

exotic travel locations

After 98 days, 23 hours and 42 minutes over 5394 km, Aleksander Doba, the first Pole and only third person in the world has crossed the Atlantic in a kayak. Thanks to his determination, strong will and vast experience the biggest expedition of Aleksander Doba has been successful. Despite the difficult weather conditions, with the currents and winds in his face and high waves, Aleksander often met with disturbing weather conditions making him go in circles and exert greater effort. The expedition was undertaken in a kayak made of carbon aramide composite. The seven meter long boat was equipped with a survival kit, desalinator, solar panel, batteries and fresh water containers. A radical accomplishment when you consider that Aleksander Doba is a 64-year-old man... See More



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one billion rising for justice

One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime - That is one billion women.

In 2013, one billion women and men shook the earth through dance to end violence against women and girls.

On 14 February 2014, we are calling on women and men everywhere to harness their power and imagination to rise for justice.

Imagine one billion women releasing their stories, dancing and speaking out at the places where they need justice, where they need an end to violence against women and girls.


One Billion Rising For Justice is a campaign started by V-Day and brought to life by millions of activists worldwide.


Yabanci is a book by a Dutch woman who moved from Holland to Turkey to starta new life in a Turkish village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A great read for those who are considering a move abroad or have lived in a different culture. Available in English as an ebook or in Dutch in both print and popular ebook formats.. take a look


Ka'ana is a small luxury resort in Western Belize, where guests are indulged in personalized service, luxurious appointments and modern amenities. An upscale outpost for exploring, guests find that every adventure is a curated experience that is authentically Belize, while uniquely and intimately Ka'ana. A true intersection of style, culture and adventure, Ka'ana is proud to bring a layer of bespoke luxury to the culturally rich heritage and pristine jungles that surround their resort, so that their guests stay in Belize is truly unlike any other... See Ka'ana

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