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She was born to a Slovak mother and a Czech father in Brezno, a small town of central Slovakia, then part of Czechoslovakia.

Having originally studied medicine in Prague, Adriana gave up to her studies to become to model. On December 22, 1998, she was married to a French football player .

Adriana Sklenarikova was born in Slovakia in 1971. The companies she has modeled for include Argentovivo, Byron Lars, Laura Biagiotti, Levante Hosiery, List, Love Sex Money, Onyx Jeans, Peroni Beer, Red Point, and Roberto Cavalli.

Adriana is now happily living in Madrid, with her soccer player husband Christian Karembeu. Their marriage was a major event in Spain in December of 1998, since Adriana is one of the best known models in Europe, and her husband is the star of one of the country's leading soccer teams.

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