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Jennifer Sebnem Schaefer was born in Frankfurt, Germany and is a Turkish-German top model, actress and TV presenter pursuing a career based simultaneously in Germany and Turkey. She is a 5'11" brown-eyed blonde. Her father is German and her mother Turkish. She has modeled since she was fifteen, commuting between career engagements in Germany and Turkey, at the same time pursuing her studies in Goethe University.

She modelled for several well-known Turkish brandnames, notably for the elusive Zeki Triko swimwears.She took part in the Turkish version of the show "Dancing on Ice around the world", and she came the 7th among the 10 participating celebrities. Schaefer starred in two TV series to date, both in Turkey, "Lise Defteri (High School Journal)" and "Emret komutanim (Yes Sir!)". She has also starred in two films which were box-office hits across Turkey

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