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Patrina Morris has always been a guitar and voice kind of girl, however her musical journey has taken her into all aspects of music and in doing so , she's evolved into what she is today. Brought up in Southgate, North London and born to Anglo- Indian Parents, Patrina feels she has been lucky enough to know two cultures which includes the most amazing of foods! After travelling extensively, she now finds herself living between South Portugal and London.

The Sessions - Paul Oakenfold followed by writing collabaration with Mr Rob Davis, which took her to Sony Records with Talvin Singh co-writing and producing. She then met Andrew Hale (Sade) of Sony Records and released the song Om, the album Eastern Uprising for Sony India.

Patrina went to guitar school and started to write her own songs when she met Ze Francisco and Paulo Machado of Marenostrum. They started to record songs and then they put the band together and started to play live with thier new addition of Joao Francisco de Jesus on drums and percussion.

Their music is very much a hybrid of all the things Patrina has learned and loves, but with bossa and brazillian influences.

At the moment they are putting together live versions of the songs as they realized that through playing this summer they've found they have taken on a very different feel.

Patrina has been living in Portugal in the hills for the last few years looking for peace and to look at life from a different perspective, playing her music and living close to the earth.

She had no need for a phoneline or a computer, she always managed with a mobile until about a year ago when she was given a computer by a friend who said her life would change...and did it ever!

Patrina has begun a MySpace page and has a new website in the works to showcase her music via the internet.

Official Patrina Morris Website

Check her out at: Patrina on MySpace

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