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Turkish actress and model, Berg├╝zar Korel, became a household name in Turkey after playing the widowed bride Leila in the film Valley of the Wolves - Iraq. The controversial action film is about when U.S. forces surrounded the headquarters of a clandestine Turkish unit operating in northern Iraqi.

Humiliated by the US in the War on Terror when they were marched out by the agents with hoods over their heads before being inexplicably deported. Her Turkish officer husband ends his own life over the incident and Leila vows revenge.

Berg├╝zar Korel was born September 2 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a theater and film actress - the daughter of film actors Tanju Korel (1944-2005) and Hulya Darcan. After graduating from college in Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre Department where she played club volleyball. During school she was in many plays and short films. In the film Valley of the Wolves her character Leyla speaks Arabic, which she had to learn in a very short time and was very successful at it - film broke box office records.

Korel Berg├╝zar also participates in socially responsible projects. She worked with Yapi Kredi and TEGV in implemented a collaboration with the "I Play I Am Reading" - a children's street theater which organized a project where they were coaching players in volleyball, ice skating, and other sports such as windsurfing, dance and piano as well as training in the field.

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