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Karla Casos is a successful model and actress from Peru who also designs jewelry. She was educated in New York City in the school of Business and Finance of Pace University and in Management Design at the prestigious Parsons School of Design where famous designers studied such as Clair McCardell, Donna Karen, Tom Ford, Narcissist Rodriguez, and Niki Hilton, among others.

Karla Casos maintained a balance between advertising modeling and runway modeling for important firms of renown in the US and in Europe. She is the winner of an international contest of models in New York, which appeared in the cover sheet of "TALENT MAGAZINE". Karla has also been a presenter on television in Miami for a Hispanic program and has participated in innumerable video clips, for Glory Estefan, Will Smith, Tito Red, Double Edge, Ricky Martin among others. She has also worked with the Spanish director Daniel Ortiz.

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