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Jen Ashton has done everything from making flower arrangements, to working as a pharmacy technician, to holding jobs in public relations and club promotions, to acting, modeling, and recording music. But even though she had the looks and the determination to succeed in any of these, it was art that captured her time and attention.

As an artist, Jen Ashton has ventured through many different styles and techniques trying to “find herself”. Her collection over the years has changed with her many modes and inspirations. However, she is greatly influenced by her love of Henri de Toulouse- Lautrec , Herni Matisse and Andy Warhol. Like these great masters of their work, Ashton continues to develop and create, study and experiment; but the constant throughout her career has been expression. Whether captured in a portrait, created with movement, spoken through color, or simply translated by the written word…she has always expressed herself through her art. In her own words...

"I am the quintessential professional artiste'. I live "outside the box." I paint things, draw things, sketch things, cast things, sculpt things, mold things, build things, create things, and imagine things. I even take pictures of things, and print things. I make up things and write things too. And yes, I make a good living doing these things. People actually buy my stuff! In fact, I have clients all over the world who pay top dollar for my stuff...!"

Jen Ashton is a world renown artist extraordinaire, and a super sexy single mom! As a painter, sculptor, writer and model, she has worked with the likes of famed faces and bodies spanning the globe. Coined as the “Artist to the Poker Stars” she earns her living painting portraits for the most well known players in the industry, as well as many other popular celebrities. As a life sculptor, Ashton also casts, paints, and bronzes the bods of some pretty big names! Its never a dull day at the studio when you see beautiful women, famed athletes, and adult stars lining up to be immortalized. Through the awesome art of life sculpting, she is also able to work with women to help build confidence and renew their body image. After working closely with women in the studio and in the modeling industry, Jen was inspired to create a literary empire based on women’s empowerment. With twelve books written and a publishing deal on the horizon, Ms. Ashton is a natural born leader for women worldwide…all while maintaining her most important position as the leading lady in the eyes of her beautiful little boy.

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