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Taťána Kuchařová

Taťána KuchařováTaťána Kuchařová, born on the 23rd of December 1987 in Trnava, Czechoslovakia is a Czech beauty pageant winner who won the title of Miss World Czech Republic and Miss World 2006. With this accomplishment she made history to became the first woman from the Czech Republic ever to win the title at the final event of the Miss World competition, held on the 30th of September 2006 in Warsaw, Poland. Her hometown of Trnava is located in Slovakia which formerly constituted part of Czechoslovakia. These days she lives in Opočno, a small town in the north of the Czech Republic. In 2006, at the age of 18, while studying at a grammar school, Taťána competed in the Czech Miss 2006 competition and was chosen as the winner of the competition. This victory guaranteed her participation in Miss World, which was was to take place in Warsaw, where Kuchařová won Miss World as well and gained her global recognition.

On March 2013 Tatana was selected as World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (WNYLE) Global Women Leader and member of the World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Council of Prominent Women Leaders.

Taťána KuchařováKuchařová beat 103 other contestants voted from among a panel of judges and from television viewers around the world during a two-hour final pageant ceremony in the Polish capital. The Mayor of Warsaw watched the finals and presented the new Miss World with a scroll naming her as an honorary ambassador of Warsaw, and asked her to carry a message of peace around the world. Kuchařová, a 5 foot 8 inch tall highschool student told the judges that she wanted to attend university and then become a model, which she hoped would enable her to travel. That same year in December of 2006 she appeared in a fashion video, directed and produced by Alexander Schukoff in Vienna for Fashion TV. Taťána handed over her crown on the 1st of December 2007, to the next Miss World, Zhang Zilin of China in Sanya, China.

Among the countries she travelled to during her reign were Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, America, China, England, Northern Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka and Latvia. She was able to finally graduate from high school nine months after winning the title. She soon was signed by numerous modeling agencies such as Eastern Models and Czechoslovak Models, Elite Model Management of Miami, Vanity Fair and Pinkerton Model and Talent Company. She has appeared in Nardelli Gioielli Magazine Covers in the Czech Republic: 'Life & Style'; 'Style'; 'Top Class'; 'Joy' - May 2010 and in Slovakia Magazine: 'Emma' - February 2011.

Taťána KuchařováKuchařová works with the finest modeling agencies in the world - which speaks loudly of her value as an international model. Her representation in Europe and the United States with top agencies is a testament to her appeal as a fashion model. Eastern Models agency was created to satisfy the world's need for beauties from eastern Europe. Established in 1991, it is the oldest modeling agency in Poland. Located in the very heart of Polish capital city of Warsaw, it cooperates with other leading agencies all over the world. Czechoslovak Models is the oldest established agency in the Czech fashion market, offering full service in modelling and production. Czechoslovak Models Agency also represents finalists from the competition Miss CR, representing girls like Miss World 2006 - Tatana Kucharova and Miss Intercontinental 2008 - Kristyna Lebedova. Czechoslovak Models also works with prominent as well as young contemporary Czech fashion designers and photographers. Elite Model Management is probably the top agency in the world. In the US it has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta and offices in Milan, London, Paris and numerous other major cities worldwide. The Pinkerton Model and Talent Company is representative of founder Lynn Pinkerton’s vast experience with the model and entertainment industry. She has been known as a pioneer in both industries for over 35 years and since 1980 she has owned agencies in San Francisco, Miami and LA. Vanity Fair is an Austrian Model Agency based in Vienna.

Taťána KuchařováIn 2013 she shot a campaign for Italian designer, Nardelli Gioielli, in Barcelona and here's what she had to say about the Spanish city:

"I visited couple of my favorite places in Barcelona, such as the museums and galleries, had a nice stroll in the Old Town and of course, I could not miss the Sagrada Familia, which is associated with my favourite architect Gaudi", said Taťána.

The advantage she has when working in Barcelona is the fact that she speaks basic Spanish and is able to communicate in it. Every day she began working very early to be able to take pictures in all the popular and interesting places without tourists interupting the shoot. She says that her morning routine over the years got her used to getting up very early in the morning and it is not a problem at all. In this case, she even enjoyed the morning city just for herself.

"This city is very beautiful and I always love coming back. Barcelona is one of my favourite European cities and due to my busy working schedule, unfortunately, I am not a frequent visitor, so I was very excited to shoot this new collection here.”

This year it has been already five years since we started the activity of my Foundation Beauty of Help. From the very beginning I wanted the Foundation to focus on support of seniors and on solving their problems. I realize that seniors in our society belong to a group of neglected people that does not get much space for self-realization. For these seniors it is hard to live and conclude their lives in dignity and fulfillment.

I admit that I feel happy and have a good feeling when I see how the Foundation is capable of helping social projects for seniors. These are hundreds of people’s destinies and concrete persons whose lives we helped to ameliorate.

In these complicated times which are especially cumbersome for socially endangered citizens, the activities of our Foundation are even more important. I would therefore like to thank all of you who have supported the Foundation because thanks to you it is possible to keep helping and thereby keep literally fulfilling the Foundation’s name – Beauty of Help.

Taťána KuchařováKuchařová has started a foundation in the Czech Republic. The purpose of the Foundation is to secure financial, material, humanitarian, legal, professional, personal or educational support and help for physically, socially or economically disadvantaged individuals or groups both in the Czech Republic and abroad. To strive for continual and systematical solution of the problematic situation of seniors in the Czech Republic, and making their lives better. The Foundation strives for development and use of basic humanitarian and legal principals of society’s life, and it thereby declares its effort for universal support and help that will lead to amelioration and development of quality of seniors’ lives.

The Foundation wants to become an influential entity whose opinion on issues of elderly people will be respected so that the Foundation can influence development in the social sphere. In the long run the Foundation tries to fulfill its mission by striving for a change in public perception of seniors, with the goal of achieving respect to life of elderly people. Their goal is to strive for long-term solutions to the problematic situation of disadvantaged individuals or groups, or at least ameliorating their quality of life.

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Taťána Kuchařová


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