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Melissa Barrera

Melissa BarreraMelissa Barrera, born on July 4th, 1990 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is a Mexican actress and singer.

For those who haven't followed Melissa Barrera's career from its beginning could easily assume that the actress became a star overnight - but that's far from the truth.

Barrera was born and raised in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and has been working hard for many years.

She started in passionate telenovelas and even did a Mexican reality show called "La Academia," where she met her husband, Paco Zazueta.

She landed a lead role as Lyn in Starz's "Vida," which lasted three seasons, then had her breakout Hollywood role as Vanessa in Lin-Manuel Miranda's film adaptation of "In the Heights."

"It was July. It was supposed to be hot - but the pool was freezing," recalls Barrera.

"It was raining the entire time, and we had 500 dancers and extras, and we kept having to stop because there was lightning!"

Melissa BarreraBarrera's face breaks into a grin at the pure chaos of shooting a huge, aquatic musical number outdoors. "We'd all be on the sidelines cheering on the dancers. It was such a fun week!"

Things really started taking off for her from there. She took the lead role of Chama in an indie film titled "All the World Is Sleeping".

It is about a struggling, 30-year-old Chicana woman in New Mexico fighting for her life as she deals with substance abuse and losing custody of her daughter.

Then comes a role in the hit horror-film franchise Scream's fifth movie, which she admits was a dream come true.

And it doesn't stop there. Barrera's latest Netflix series, "Keep Breathing," debuts on July 28, with two other film productions, "Bed Rest" and "Carmen," releasing later this year.

Melissa Barrera has not been left behind and will now star in the new Netflix drama series entitled "Breathe" - which she is brilliant in the role of Liv.

According to Variety magazine, the production was ordered back in February by the platform, where Barrera will play Liv, a Manhattan lawyer who must fight for her life after her plane crashes in a Canadian forest.

Melissa BarreraThe series produced by Warner Bros Television will feature six one-hour episodes, written by Martin Gero (Blindspot) and Brendan Gall, with Gero also serving as executive producer under his production house Quinn's House Production Company.

The 30-year-old Mexican is also part of the film adaptation of the musical "In The Heights," by Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, which will hit some theaters in the United States on June 11 and also through HBO Max.

She will also appear in the reboot of the hit horror franchise "Scream," which is scheduled to premiere in January 2022.

In between all her acting projects, she somehow also managed to squeeze in time to become Clinique's first Latina global beauty ambassador.

The Mexican actress and singer, continues to reap triumphs and it seems that since her departure for the United States luck has been smiling on her - this time in a slightly different area.

As the star of 'In The Heights', she was chosen as a global ambassador of the beauty brand, Clinique.

It was on her Instagram account where the actress of "Club de Cuervos" shared this news about the prestigious brand and made it clear that she felt very honored and proud.

Melissa Barrera"With great emotion I share that I am the new face of @clinique! Very honored to represent my people and be the first Latina to be a global ambassador for Clinique."

"I always dreamed of being the image of a brand and what better than one that I grew up with and that the women in my family have used for generations - so I am happy to start this journey and share it with you."

For its part, Clinique, the exclusive beauty house, welcomed Melissa Barrera, who - it is worth noting - is not only the first Mexican global ambassador, but also the very first from all of Latin America!

"Although Melissa's attributes are many, we can say that her vivacious personality and authenticity are what make her perfect to represent Clinique around the world," Clinique said.

As part of her work as an ambassador, Melissa will first travel to Venice, Italy, where she will carry out the first formal photo session with the brand - material that will serve as social media advertising prior to the official campaign that will be in the fall.

"It makes me feel good that little Latinas can see me and think that they can also be the face of a major brand globally."

"I feel like that means a lot. I've always dreamed of having a campaign like this, but I never saw anyone who looked like me or had a name that sounded like mine, or that I knew was Latina," Melissa told Vogue USA.

Melissa BarreraMany actresses could only dream of reaching this caliber so early in their Hollywood careers - Barrera's success is impressive and worth paying attention to.

For Latina actresses in particular, there was a time when getting as far as Barrera already has wasn't even conceivable - let alone possible.

For years, if you actually landed a role, it was often limited to the "sexy Latina" with the heavy accent and the big boobs, the maid, or something related to drug trafficking - that was it.

Many of these roles typically were not driving the plot; actresses often didn't have many lines.

One that comes to mind is Eva Mendes in "We Own the Night" where she plays Bobby Green's sexy Latina girlfriend, Amada. Her character didn't say much, but almost everyone remembers her masturbation scene.

While there's still a lot of work that needs to be done, Barrera believes the industry is changing.

She's also grateful to have stepped foot in Hollywood when the industry finally became a place women could actually feel safe in.

Melissa Barrera"I think there's definitely a change - it's definitely happening - and I have definitely benefited from that wave of vocalization and demanding of representation."

"I came into the industry with the MeToo movement, basically," Barrera told POPSUGAR. "So, I've always felt safe because I know now, we're not afraid or ashamed to speak up when we don't feel comfortable or when someone is crossing a line."

Barrera is very intentional about the roles she takes on. She admits to turning down work that felt stereo-typical or that she feared would pigeonhole her.

She has been privileged to be able to refuse jobs that didn't feel like an alignment because of the opportunities for Latinx actors that actually exist today that didn't 10 or 15 years ago.

"I remember when I was doing 'Vida' I started to get all these offers and all these scripts for movies where I was playing the exact same character as Lyn, and I remember being like, I don't want that."

"I don't want to become just that. I don't want people to see me as just that. And I made it really clear, and it's something that I still try to do."

"Every time I finish a project, I want something that feels, if not the opposite, very different than what I just did. I want to keep people on their toes and keep the people that follow me guessing."

Melissa BarreraBarrera, one of the leads on Starz's Vida and the upcoming film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights, opened up about her journey to success and prioritizing her Latin roots within and outside of her work.

"It feels like so much more than an acting job." Melissa Barrera says of her starring role on Starz's hit series Vida.

"I feel like it was a gift that I was given." Barrera stars as Lyn Hernandez on the series which was recently renewed for a third season.

"Barrera's performance in particular blooms with searing clarity," Vox wrote. The Hollywood Reporter called Barrera's performance 'absurdly funny.' The A.V. Club called the actress 'a force to be reckoned with.'"

"It is important to see Latin stories out there and to see the dreams that our people have and how hard we work."

"There is more to us than just the negative things you see in the media or what certain people want to say about Latinx people."

But it's not just Barrera's work on Vida. Whether her upcoming role in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical 'In the Heights', her time on popular telenovelas like 'Siempre Tuya Acapulco' and 'Tanto Amor' or in regional theater productions in her hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, much of the conversation with Barrera seems to circle back to her Mexican roots and it is no coincidence.

Melissa Barrera"I'm Mexican. I'm fully Mexican. I was born and raised in Mexico and now I happen to work in the United States."

"And I am proud to be a part of this Latinx wave of shows and films that are finally starting to get made and people that have never seen themselves represented on screen are finally getting to see themselves - and I get to be a part of it."

"So I feel that it is important to wear my identity on my sleeve and be one of the faces of this movement and help people see themselves because a lot of people have felt erased in their stories or their stories are never told."

"I feel like it is a responsibility of mine to be a voice for those people who have not had one for so long. And I want to do that."

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Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera


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