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When Anna Vissi was 12 years old she won the first place at a "Best Voice" contest, held in Cyprus. She already had great talent so her mother decided to move all the family to Greece, where she could offer better opportunities for Anna' s musical career. As soon as they arrived in the capital of Greece, she signed a contract with the Greek discography company Minos and started working with some of the most famous Greek composers and singers like Charis Alexiou, George Dalaras, and others.

She participated twice in Eurovision, first time representing Greece and the second time Cyprus where she won the 5th place with a song of her own composition. In 1977 Anna won the first prize at the Music Festival in Thessaloniki. In 1983 she married Nikos Karvelas, a composer, with whom she collaborated in 1975. After their marriage, she started a close collaboration with her husband. Since 1975, all her releases have become gold or platinum and Anna has been (along with George Dalaras and Haris Alexiou) one of the top selling Greek artists. In 1986, she participated at the Cypriot National Final for Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Thelo Na Gino Star", taking second place. This song is still unreleased today. Some of her most successful albums include I Epomeni Kinisi, Tora, Empnefsi!. In 1988 she made her debut as a radio producer on ANT1 Radio. Her radio program had the title of one of her songs "Ta Koritsia Einai Atakta" and was aired every weekend. In the same year she participated with the song "Kleo" at the Greek National Final for Eurovision Song Contest, ending third. Next year, she releases studio album Fotia (Fire) with leading single "Pseftika". "Pseftika" became the biggest hit of the year, with its mix of ethnic and pop dance elements. She performs in "Diogenis Palace", Athens' biggest night club that time. Anna Vissi has become the most popular artists in Greece and Cyprus, combining great looks, a magnificent voice and exceptional performances live on stage.

All her records have become best sellers, turning gold or platinum. She has been continuously changing her look, and every song she performs was a new proposition towards Greek music.

Anna decided to begin a career abroad. Her first step was with the CD single "Forgive Me This" in America and Australia where the press took interest in Anna . She did a mini tour in the U.S., giving concerts in Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Chicago, Boston and New York (Madison Square Garden) The Los Angeles Times wrote: "A performance so charismatic, so filled with sheer magnetic talent... expect big things from this potential new international star", while the New York Times wrote: "With raised arms and delicately stepping feet, she was no unapproachable, packaged pop diva, but an irrepressible entertainer".

In New York City, Anna performed a mini concert for her fans at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. This performance was part of a series of events hosted by the Virgin Megastore, promoting some of the world's biggest stars, with Anna being the only Greek star to receive this honor. The event was promoted throughout the tristate area by KTU (radio station) and was part of "Anna Vissi day" at the biggest Virgin Megastore in the US.

Fans of the Greek diva lined outside the store for hours as they waited for a chance to meet with her and then watch her perform an exclusive show at the legendary store, joining the ranks of other international stars like Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey who performed during similar events.

The highlight of her 1999 world tour was her performance at the Madison Square Garden Theatre in New York City in front of a packed house, for a sold-out extravaganza. Her performance received great reviews in the local press, most notably from the New York Times, making Anna the first and only Greek female star to perform in one of New York City's most prestigious venues. Once again, she has joined some of the world's biggest stars who have performed sold out shows at the Theatre, stars like Whitney Houston, Sarah Brightman and Celine Dion.

Greek national broadcaster ERT chose Anna Vissi to represent Greece in Eurovision 2006. There were 4 songs to pick from, which Anna Vissi sang during a song selection show on 14 March 2006. The Greek viewers used televote and SMS messages along with a panel of judges to choose the song they want Anna Vissi to sing in Eurovision 2006. Two of the competing songs, were composed by Nikos Karvelas, namely Everything and Who Cares about Love, with Vissi herself writing the lyrics to Everything. The third song, A Beautiful Night was written by composing group Pegasos, better known as country group The Replete Bros, nominated in 2004 by the Country Music Association for the best international artist award. The last song, Welcome To The Party, was written by Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos. Everything was selected as the representative song of Greece. It won 47.79% of the votes. The day after the final, Vissi filmed the video clip. Her old record company Minos EMI has released a CD single of her two prior Eurovision entries Autostop and Mono I Agapi since she is participating in the contest again.

After the video to the song was completed, Anna Vissi embarked on a promotional tour across Europe starting on the 12 April 2006 with Russia. She also visited Malta, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia & Montenegro, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belgium, and ended her tour on the 10 May 2006 in Israel.

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