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Evridiki Theokleous was born on the 25th of February in Limasol, Cyprus and she grew up in Nicosia. She was still a little girl at nursery school when she started to show her love for music, singing and dancing. She started guitar lessons when she was 8 years old and afterwards at high school she started theory, harmony and piano lessons at the Greek Conservatory of Nicosia.

She attended many school musical events and she traveled in many European countries with a big choir which consisted of many children from schools all over Nicosia during the first years after the war of 1974, singing traditional songs, and others especially written for Cyprus, the war and fugitives. During her first adolescent years she participated in a lot of song competitions and out school events, singing with her guitar, or as member of various groups, playing mainly songs of Beatles. In 1981 and still a high school student presents herself for first time in the Cypriot Television in a musical Christmas program. In 1983 she is selected by CyBC (Cypriot Broadcasting Corporation) and takes part in the vocal group that represented Cyprus in Eurovision Song contest with the song of Stavros Sideras "I agapi akoma zi" performed by Elpida. She is presented two more times at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986 and 1987 with the song of Petros Giannatos "Tora zo" performed by Elpida and the song "Aspro Mavro" of Andros Papapavlos performed by Alexia. In September of 1987 she leaves for Paris, where she studies at "Studio des Varietes", being the first accepted foreign and non French student. There she studies phonetics, guitar, theory, harmony and also dancing, body and face expression and performing.

Afterwards she is being accepted at "Berklee College of Music" in Boston, USA where she completes her music studies (phonetics, basic keyboard, ear training, History of Music, History of Jazz, Jazz Harmony, instrumentation). She stays in Boston for one year and when in the summer of '89 she goes to Athens, she meets Phillipas Papatheodorou (President of EMI then) after initiative of her good friend and colleague afterwards Leonidas Malenis, and she signs her first discographical contract. So, she settles down in Athens with her fianc? then Giorgos Theophanous, she abandons her studies and she opens a new door which leads her to her goals and the fulfillment of her child dreams.

In the autumn of 1989, just after her first audition with Giorgos Hatzinasios, she starts singing in "Michel" with Giorgos Hatzinasios, Giannis Spanos and Marios Tokas. Afterwards works in many music halls of Athens.In 1991 the album "To proto mas parti" in which Evridiki participates with Dakis, Giorgos Polihroniades and Manto, singing "Zitas" (Viens - Viens).

The release of her first personal album becomes true. In 1991 she releases "Gia proti fora" which includes songs of Alexis Papadimitriou, Giorgos Theophanous and Leonidas Malenis. Her beloved friend Dakis takes part. "To mono pou thimame" hits the charts, then the song "Gia proti fora", "Fige" etc. and Evridiki gains a place in young people's hearts.

In 1992 she is awarded as the Best First Appearing female singer in the "Popcorn Music Awards", she represents Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest with George Theophanous's song "Teriazoume" and after some months she releases the album "Poso ligo me ksereis", composed just by Giorgos Theophanous.

In middle February 2006 she releases her latest CD "Sto idio vagoni". All the songs were composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by him and Lilian Dimitrakopoulou. Evridiki wrote two of the songs (music and lyrics) and there are two duets with Dimitris Korgialas and Georgia from the group Mple. In November she goes to Thessaloniki for a series of live appearances with Stelios Rokkos, Giannis Vardis and Eleni Peta.

The quartet continued the live appearances in Athens in the spring of '06. During summer she tours all around Greece with Dimitris Korgialas, she enters the studio for the preparation of her next CD, she rehearses for live appearances at Zoom in Athens, where she starts in December with Eleni Peta, Dimitris Korgialas and Giorgos Perris. She accepts CyBC's (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation) proposal to represent for a third time Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland with a song of Dimitris Korgialas.Zoom is being renewed, her new performances are being directed by White Room, the grand opening was on 15/12/06 and Zoom transformed into the most "in" places of alternative music in Athens.

On 23 February she performs for the first time the song "Comme ci comme a" composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by Posidonas Yiannopoulos, with which she represented on 10 May Cyprus in the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, Finland.

In middle March she releases her new personal CD with title "13". The 13th CD of her career has 7 songs written by her and the rest are composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by Posidonas Yiannopoulos, Nikos Moraites, Thanos Papanikolaou and Lilian Dimitrakopoulou.

Currently she is prepairing her summer concerts all over Greece and Cyprus with Dimitris Korgialas.

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