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Jordyn Taylor is a 16 year old singer/performer from California. She have been involed with music since before she can remember and she has a deep passion for it. Some of her inspiration comes from singers like Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and all of the other amazing performers through the ages.

Although she has been blessed with all of those oppurtunities her heart truly resides in her music. She is working with L.A.'s and Hollywood's hottest choreographers. She is also studying voice under Billy Purnell and Leanne Summers, and most importantly she's working with Johnny Viera of JOTS Productions and Lou and Jerald from Manta Productions who are developing her sound and will be finishing up her debut album very soon.

Jordyn is also involved in modeling and acting is with L.A. Models/L.A. Talent. You may have seen her face in one of the several commercials/ads she has done recently for the following companies:

  • Gottschalks Back-2-School Commercial
  • Bubblegum USA Jeans Ad
  • Albertson's Graduation Ad
  • Boeing Aircraft Ad
  • Kohl's Department Store Commercial
  • RadioShack Commercial
  • California Barbie Commercial (Europe)
  • Gold's Gym Ad

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