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Valerie Sajdik was born on April 2nd 1978. She spent her childhood in Moscow and went to French School. At age 13 she comes back to Austria. Valerie speaks German, French, English and Russian. In 1992 Valerie at age 14 signs her first record deal and releases her first selfwritten song. („L'amour existe“).

In 1996 Valerie starts to study law and, parallel to that, she attends singing class at the Music Conservatory in Vienna. Valerie is chosen immediately at the casting for the austrian girlband c-bra in 1998. The first single "Make Up Your Mind", produced by David Bronner, appears at EMI. c-bra reaches twice number 1 on the Austrian airplay charts, as the new album "Mind Your Make Up" is out in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

During 2000 after the separation of "c-bra", Valerie founds the jazzformation "Valeriesgarden", and soon after she graduates with a law degree and finishes her singing studies.

In 2002 Valerie moved to the "Seine" and starts collaborating with different French musicians on the projects "Zebraville" ,"Villa Paris" and "Rinocerose". She discovers the little village "Saint Privat" close to Montpellier on a trip through the South of France. And she spontanously decides to stay there. Shortly after she starts a new project with the viennese electronic music artist Waldeck. The project is named after the village-"Saint Privat"-since it is so beautiful there...

Valeries summer hit "Tous les jours" is being played on many radiostations across Germany and Austria, the album "Riviera" is very successful in both countries and finds enthusiasts all over Europe and even in the United States in 2005. Consequently the Austrian Music Award "Amadeus"goes to "Saint Privat" as newcomer of the year.

Saint Privat releases the album Superflu, and Valerie signs a solo deal with Sony BMG Austria.

The album "Picknick" , produced by David Bronner, is released in May 2007. The release in Germany follows in February 2008. This album contains one promise: here you are being rocked, swinged, jazzed, and of course, you are being popped.

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