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Sanda Ladosi is a singer born in Romania. Through the years she has worked with composers such as Eugen Mihaiescu, Marcel Dragomir, Ionel Tudor, Cornel Meraru, Mihai Constantinescu, Alexandru Simu, Raimond Vancu, George Popa, Dan Iagnov and others. The longest of these collaborations was with Dan Iagnov for 11 years and over 50 melodies. Sanda has participated at annual summer festivals and concerts all around Romania and has collaborated with well-known Romanian artists such as: Marcel Pavel, Stefan Iordache, Ioan Gyuri-Pascu, and Aurelian Temisan.

From 1999-2002 Sanda collaborated with the Romanian Judo Federation and participated at all events of maximum importance representing Romania at European and World levels in Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Monte-Carlo, U.K., and in Moscow.

  • 2001- launched video for the song “O Noapte Cu Tine”( “A Night With You”)- director: Petre Nastase.
  • 2001- tour in the U.S.A.
  • 1999- launched the album “Mi-e Dor” ( “I Miss”) edited by “Roton Records.”
  • 1999- National Music Festival Mamaia- 3d place –composition for the song “Te Chem” (“I Call You” Dan Iagnov)
  • 1997- launched the album “Nu ma iubi” (“Don’t love me!”), “Roton Records.”
  • 1995- TVR Grand Prize “Trei din zece pentru un show” - “Three out of ten for a show” and also a prize in the competition for “Song of the Century” (hosted by TVR) with the song “Intre Noiu Mai e un Pas” (“Between us there is only one step left to make”).
  • 1995- National Music Festival Mamaia- 2nd place- duet with Stefan Iordache, song: “Intre noi mai e un pas.”
  • 1994- Launched an album of duets with Stefan Iordache, signed by composer Dan Iagnov, edited by Topaz.
  • 1993- Debut- “Electrecord Records”- album “ Cand Vine Seara” (“When Night Falls”) LP.
  • 1989- Recital at the National Music Festival Mamaia
  • 1988- National Music Festival Mamaia- 1st place musical interpretation section. • 1987- participation “Steaua Fara Nume” (“Star without a name”) singing competition.


  • 2001-1997: 'Titu Maiorescu' University, Faculty of Law, Bucharest, Romania
  • 1988-1984: Pedagogic High school of Targul Mures, Romania
  • 1988-1985: School of Fine Arts, canto section
  • 1987-1984: School of Fine Arts, classic guitar section
  • 1980-1976: School of Fine Arts, piano section
  • 2003 - working on a new album with composers: George Popa, Dan Iagnov, Raimond Vancu
  • Collaborating with a Croatian-American - Romanian firm representing it in Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia on cultural matters.

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