A Bad Woman Feeling Good:
Blues and the Women Who Sing Them
by Buzzy Jackson
Miscellaneous Female:
The Journals of Damhnait Doyle
by Damhnait Doyle

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In the past century, in 1988 to be exact, as a young talent Emilija was sent to a musical competition called 'My First Applause' that was a part of the Demo X TV show. There she was representing the musical talents from Zadar. She won this competition the first time, then the second time, and again the third time and so the word got out that some girl keeps winning on this show. The famous composer Rajko Dujmic, among others, somehow heard about this so one day they got together. her knees were shaking a bit from the excitement, but he didn't notice. Emilija told him that she had her own band and he decided he would come and see and hear them perform one day. So he did and at that point offered them to do one of his songs. It was the song called 'Rock Me'.

Emilija says she thought to herself "Oh my, what is this?", but Rajko always knows what he's doing and she also met Stevica Cvikic who wrote countless hits that she listened to when she was growing up, falling in love, and crying.

She kept thinking this was happening to her by some mistake. To meet such successful people, people that she had only seen on TV until that day!

"Wwwooowww! Ever since that day, music is my life and my life is music...

They eventually recorded the song 'Rock Me' and she put 348% of herself into it out of the respect and the opportunity she was given. And guess what? They won at the national contest in Novi Sad where she met Dr. Nikica Kalodera, Edita Cebalo, Visnja Trusic and Snjezana Vego who along with Rajko and Stevica make a winning team.

On her very first performance night with "RIVA" the sound system broke down and they couldn't even say 'Good evening, we are ...khgrkhjhlkhflihq...' and just static came out of the speakers. A few years later her band confessed they thought she was bad luck and were tempted to kick her out of the band. Who knows what would have been if that had happened, but we stayed together and it all took off. In 1988 they had their debut at Zagreb Fest. In 1989 they won at EUROSONG in Lausanne, Switzerland and represented Eurosong in America at the DISTANT ACCORDS AWARD, Nashville, Tennessee and won 4th place. that same year they launched its first record called ROCK ME. Next they launched an album in English for Koch records. And in 1990 they recorded two songs in English written by PER GESSLE, a guitar player and song author of the famous group ROXETTE.

During this time they were guests and performed at the most attractive top shows in many European TV centers as the Eurovision winners. They were promoting their album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and other countries that published their album. Even in a distant Japan they were at the top of the charts for a very long time. They had an arrangement with one Swiss agency to represent them throughout the world.

Then in 1991 was the beginning of the homeland war that was halting and tearing down everything in its way. It was their worst nightmare. All their concerts that they were giving were humanitarian, for needy children, hospitals, wounded, orphans whose parents died in the war. The band made big contributions, but their agents in Switzerland did not understand the situation they found themselves in so they decided to go their separate ways. At this time, as a group, they decided to pause for a while. But this pause was much too long and they each started building their separate lives. Emilija for one went on with chasing her dream and that dream is music.

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