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Aline Khalaf is a Lebanese singer. Aline Khalaf's passion for music was obvious from the start but her real break came when she took part in the famous program for amateur singers; Layali Lebnan, and managed to walk away with the Global Medal. This prize gave her a steady push into the world of show business.

Since then it became clear to Aline that music and singing were her only true passion and lifetime dream. So she started to perform in big restaurants alongside some of the already known stars. When she finally found a production company to back her talent and believe in her; the Lebanese singer started working on her first album right away. Relax-in Company stood by the singer all the way and together they hit the market with Khayfa Menak.

Next to come was Bousat Al-Rih that marked another steady step forward for the singer. When Ya Zein was released, Khalaf was quite famous already and had become known in the Arab world. Wayed Wayed followed soon after and was a success just like the other previous albums. But it was her hit album La Ley Lah that made the strongest impact at the time. The main song was so popular that Aline decided to shot it as a video clip-and it was a wise decision as it was as successful as the song!

Aline's next album Azz Alaya was released later and followed by the ever-popular Law Andak Kalam. The album was a further addition to the singer's already growing popularity. Khalaf's last album was Aloulak Eh. Throughout her career, Aline has shot a number of her songs as video clips that increased her fame and popularity. Among these were Wayed Wayed, La Ley Lah, Dala'a El-Habayeb, Azz Alaya, Law Andak Kalam and Aloulak Eh. Aline has made a good work in her last album Sodfa that was released on the summer of 2005 and she shot two songs from this Album and they were: Sodfa and Meni leek.

Sodfa was directed by Carolin Labki and meni leek the hit song was directed by Salim el Turek. After July war On Lebanon,she sang for Lebanon, and her song's name was AL Watan "The Homeland". Finally she has released a new single under the name of " Ba3dak 3al Bal" and has shot it with the Director "Randa Aalam"

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