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In 2002 Hadise won the title of Miss Mol and it gave her a great deal of self-confidence and modeling opportunities. But she realised that singing was her thing, so she put the modelwork on the sideline. She focused herself totally and refined her voice and with a mix of endless perseverance and some realism, she took part in Idols 2003. In the beginning of August 2003 (3 months after her participation in Idols she got a call from Johan Hendrickx. He is the manager of '2Brains Entertainment Group', worldly known as the management of artists like Kate Ryan. He was very impressed with her performance and voice in Idols, so they met to talk about Hadises interests in music and her future. Afer some conversations they had a deal.

Some time later, the first CD was born. A whole year was needed to produce with a lot of pain and sweat, but the result is very amazing! Producer Yves Gaillard and Serge Ramaekers took care of the skilled accompaniment. The choice was a very personal musicstyle: Urban/Pop. It's not the classic R&B-music, it's a lot more. Here Hadise felt right at home.

The first single of the CD 'Sweat' was a hit single when it was released in November 2004. In the middle of the song you can here a rap by upcoming rapper Raw Jawz. There is no video clip of the song on perpose, to keep it just a little more mysterious. But for Belgian TV/JIMTV did play the song by showing a clip of Hadise at the SIMS-awards.

The second song she released in May 2005 is called 'Stir Me Up'. This time Hadise wrote the lyrics together with Yves Jongen. For the production of the song a combination of 3 American producers were involved: Leroy Cambers, D. Meezee and Mo Benjamin. They worked on this in their studios in France and the USA. Music sender TMF made of this hot video the Superclip. Hadise went to Skopje, Macedonia with a team of about a dozen people who worked day and night on the 'special effects'. For Hadise this was her first video clip, but definatelly not her last one! It was an exhaustive but great experience!

In September 2005 Hadise has a third hit single in all the music stores. 'Milk Chocolate Girl', based on true events, was recorded at Antwerp. During long breaks Hadise would enjoy a piece of milk chocolate. But one day she told her producer Yves Gaillard: "Chocolate is so tasty I just couldn't live without it." With a smile Yves answered: "What is it with women and chocolate?" The next day the lyrics for the song were created.

In November 2005 the debut album “Sweat” (named after her first hitsingle and all of the heavy work/sweat they'd put in the album) was in the Belgian stores! It is an urban R&B-style, but it also has influences of jazz, soul and funk, varied with oriental influences. As bonus there is 'Sakin Gitme'. This is the song 'When ya Breathing On Me', translated into Turkish. Beautiful! Certainly a must-have CD!

In January 2006 her fourth single 'Ain't No Love Lost' is released. This time not an up-tempo song, but a beautiful ballad… that by the way also was written by Yves Jongen. The 2nd track on the single (translated by Hadise herself!) is 'Burdayim'. This is the song 'Ain't No Love Lost' in Turkish, with a new jacket. In the video we see shots of Thailand, where Hadise and crew lived a heavy week to record this one, but the results are breathtaking.

In February 2006. The condom company Belgian Pop Line released their new line. Foreign Belgian musicians where used on boxes of condoms and Hadise was one of them. "In our culture a lot of negative thoughts go around about sex. I know that some people don't follow Islam about the subject of sex, and they can make that choice. Everybody is free to do what they want to do. But if you have sex, do it safe!"

Also in the outside world a lot of arrangements are happening. Hadise created a lot of compilations in Poland, Turkey and Germany. But mostly Turkey (the land of birth of her parents) totally love this new talent. Hadise has already presented some shows and appeared in for example the Beyaz Show and Charity Show that was broadcasted live on Show TV. Also Turkish newspapers and magazines are filled with articles, interviews and photoshoots. During her appereance in Turkey the paparazzi didn't leave her a second. Everywhere people were waiting to see Hadise. Bodyguards are necessary and not a luxury.

In April 2006 the Turkish Star TV asked Hadise to present the Turkish Idol. After some deliberation with her management they agreed. This is her debut as a TV presenter. The show, called 'Popstar Turkiye', every week has about 20 million viewers. Her manager Johan Hendrickx is on the jury. For 10 weeks she's co-presenter which the Turkish people really enjoy! During the final of 'Miss Turkey' in Istanbul, she performed together with her idol Tarkan. This 4-hour show was broadcast LIVE at Star-Tv and was followed from around the globe. Also the German RTL was at the show to make a special about Hadise and Tarkan.

Today her most recent single 'Bad Boy'is availably on single. Together with her producer Yves Gaillard she has mixed the song into something new. A lot of Oriental influences are mixed and the result is something really for Hadise! The video clip, recorded at the beach at Bredene, came alive after 3 long and heavy nights. The team Pimpz created an original and daring video.

Hadise won her first TMF award! She was nominated for Best Urban National, together with Kaye Styles, Leki and Brahim. With a crushing score of 42.9 she took the award home. For Hadise, this was her second nomination. In 2005 she also was nominated, this time for Best New Artist, but unfortunatelly this one went to the female singer Katerine.

Her brand new single 'A Good Kiss'is out and the song is filled with Turkish influences. In October 2007 at the yearly TMF Awards Hadise was nominated for 1 award: 'Best Urban National'. And like last year she won. Other nominated people in this category were Kaye Styles, Brahim and Lunaman. This is Hadises second TMF Award.

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