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In 2002 Fernanda released her single album, Wherever You Are (I Feel Love). Although her music originates from Germany, she considers herself a Brazilian. Born on March 5th 1983 in Belo horizons (Minas Gerais) she grew up in Rio de Janeiro. Already at the age of 4 years Fernanda danced with the Carnival in Rio and sang to Samba-folklore hits also. She came from an artist family. Her mother produced some successful Brazilian Pop Songs and her aunt and uncle are well-known singers in Brazil. Fernanda spent much of her childhood time in studios.

When Fernanda was nine years old, her mother fell in love with a German man and they moved to Hamburg. Since then she commuted back and forth between Brazil and Germany to dance. She also took up jazz, modern Dance, HipHop, ballet, as well as vocal lessons in Germany.

Fernanda Trained physically, following styles such as box CUT, Tae Bo, BBP and crew Class. She became a licensed Fitness trainer (Fernanda is the youngest in Germany ) of Aerobic, Body pumps. She has done her own Choreographies for various music videos as well. As a dancer she is seen in many music tie-clips. Likewise Fernanda participated in different stage and TV-appearances with national and international artists, like e.g. Shaggy, Decaying Talking, ATC, Sarah Connor, and Rick Astley.

Fernanda gained notice from their producers and the song “Wherever You Are (I Feel Love)” was written for her.

Fernanda speaks four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, German and English). In 2001 she quit school, in order to be able to give 100% of her energy to her music.

Fernanda is currently in the band Hot Banditoz. Check out their website to learn more.

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