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by Damhnait Doyle

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For years, she has been among the most dynamic and successful solo artists in Germany. With a crafted fusion of Rock and Pop sounds, Jeanette has repeatedly conquered the top of the charts, raked in music and media awards, and played sold-out concerts, all while displaying a consistent commitment to developing as a musician. Jeanette takes us by surprise. Jeanette moves us. After four sensational studio albums and a Christmas album recorded especially for her loyal fans, Jeanette took a creative sabbatical so she could work intensively on writing new songs. The first taste of what was to come was released in October last year. The single “Bad Girls Club” was a precursor to the powerful, energetic, and innovative style that she developed. Jeanette now presents her new album “NAKED TRUTH,” making one thing perfectly clear: Jeanette will once again exceed the expectations of fans and critics...

This new work from the young woman of 24 wins us over with its personal, authentic tracks, all serving to impressively document her development as a singer, songwriter, and performer. Jeanette has really grown up – and not from one day to the next, but rather in an evolutionary development, clearly influenced by playing hundreds of concerts and an unfailing love of music. Since releasing her debut single “Go Back” in 2000 and the soon thereafter released album “Enjoy,” Jeanette has been working hard on her music and herself. The follow-up album in 2001, “Delicious,” marked a clear breakout for this solo artist, surpassing even the great success of her debut. In early 2002, Jeanette and her band went on their first nationwide tour through Germany. It was soon sold out, with 20 dates added to the summer schedule. There was no time to think about relaxing. Jeanette wanted more – to try new things. A well-known workaholic, she didn’t take a break, and devoted all her time to her music.

The third album, “Rock My Life,” released in 2002, was the next step in Jeanette's career, and once again more than delighted her fans. Once more outdoing the gold status of the previous album, “Delicious,” “Rock My Life” went platinum. In early 2003, Jeanetteset off on her second tour, this time across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The concert DVD itself achieved gold status within a surprisingly short time.

A very special collaboration in 2002 topped the year for this native Berliner, as she recorded the single “We’ve Got Tonight” with Ronan Keating. It was one of the most beautiful ballads that year.

Her fourth studio album was released in the Fall of 2003. “Break On Through” was a rocking, energetic LP which shot to the top of the charts and once again achieved platinum status. The amazing year of 2004 was highlighted by a sold-out “Break On Through Tour 2004” across 50 cities in five countries and with over 130,000 tickets sold, releases in Asia and other countries, and countless music and media awards.

By the end of 2004, Jeanette had begun to pen her own songs with the help of her friend, guitarist, and producer Jörg Weisselberg. Most of the songs for “NAKED TRUTH” were created in early 2005 during an extended global trot to China, Mexico, and Los Angeles. The lyrics address love, freedom, the future, and overcoming fear. They’re about her feelings, her impressions, and her experiences. The broad spectrum of the songs is thoroughly engaging. Jeanette really allows listeners a glimpse into her deepest self. “NAKED TRUTH” is a work of power, soul, and a signpost for her musical future.

“I found my center with this album. Every song is like one of my babies,” says Jeanette of her feelings during the production of “NAKED TRUTH.”

She will also return as an actress to television this coming Fall. As the chaotic “Flaschengeist auf Probe“ (“Genie in a bottle, trial size”), she gets her own comedy for the first time.

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