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Blessed with striking natural beauty, sparkling versatility as an entertainer and flawless golden talent, Cynthia “C” Basinet was born in Van Nuys, California.

A resilient star, today Basinet shines as a rare inspirational gem of entertainment, combining her experience as an actor, performer, a sought after American fashion model in Europe during the rise of the supermodel, as well as being recognized as a remarkable humanitarian.

With crowning distinctions as a classically trained musician (she learnt the saxophone and flute as a child), Cynthia is one of the best jazz singers in the world today and is capable of conjuring up Hollywood’s golden era of glamour from American history with her critically acclaimed performances and sultry jazz recordings. Her exquisite, speak-easy singing style smoldering with elegant mastery has ensconced Basinet as a cultural living treasure of the American jazz canon.

However in her twenties the world of fashion called and Basinet began a successful modeling career in San Francisco that led her to be based in Paris modeling for five years. Here she studied French cinematography and learnt French fluently while being shot by some of the world’s leading photographers for Europe’s elite fashionistas in Paris, London and Milan. Her sparkling wit, brains and beauty not only captured the fashion world’s camera lens, but also the eyes of some of Hollywood’s leading men including Jack Nicholson whom Basinet was partnered with for several years.

The beautiful, leggy, comedic redhead eventually returned to Los Angeles where she appeared in music videos for the likes of Roy Orbison and the Babys. In LA, the talented Basinet transitioned into acting appearing in movies, TV shows and national commercials. As a star, she has also been referenced to date in over fifteen books.

An astute businesswoman, Cynthia has always recognized and embraced the liberating power of new technologies to reach new audiences in entertainment. As a recording artist, Basinet established an entirely new channel of distribution for her music, using the Internet to bypass the usual Hollywood and recording industry path to bring her releases directly to listeners around the World.

The innovatively strategic move in music distribution, garnered Cynthia Basinet worldwide radio play and millions of downloads where she created an entertainment phenomenon with her rendition of “Santa Baby” (also in the film, “Party Monster”).

Ironically, the global radio airplay of Basinet’s sultry rendition of the song was accredited to screen legend, Marilyn Monroe, who never recorded the song. Cynthia Basinet’s "Santa Baby" remains an essential and iconic Christmas jazz classic each year.

As a multi-tasking single parent (of a son, Jon), Basinet’s awareness of social issues that affect people, families and individuals universally, led her to use her music and increasing platform to raise awareness for multitudes of others in the world, including a trip in May/June of '01 to refugee camps in the Western Sahara. Here she used her profile and her gift of music to raise awareness and inspire hope for those in need.

As an outstanding icon of humanitarianism, Basinet appeared in the book, “1000 PeaceWomen Across The Globe,” after being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Award in ’05.

In 2006, Basinet released her first full length CD, "The Collection". As diverse as she is.

In 2007, Basinet has released a 10th Anniversary version of her classic, "Santa Baby" and an exquisite new album called, "Uncovered" featuring new tracks of some of America’s greatest standards. It is Basinet at her classy and sultry best.

Cynthia Basinet continues acting, recording, performing and inspiring others worldwide with her beauty, sparkling array of talents and her golden voice while residing in Los Angeles, CA.

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