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Funda Arar was born in April of 1975 in Ankara, Turkey. She spent her early childhood in Ankara where she was born,and the later part of it in Mugla and Adapazari. She studied at Istanbul Technical University's music conservatory, specialicizing in the mandolin. Her first album Sevgilerde, came out in 2000, become a big hit, especially the song "Aysel".

Sevgiliye was released a year later and included hits like "Seni Dusunurum" and "Cesminaz" in collaboration with Kirac. Alagul and Sevda Yanigi, her third and fourth albums came out in 2002 and 2003 which had the songs "Haberin Var Mi?", and "Asksiz Kal".

Arar's newest album Son Dans, was released in March 2006 following a long break.

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