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Anasol Escobar's parents took her to Argentina, to be born closer to the sun, in November’s spring. According to her father, the name Sol was the final move in the romantic plan, whereby the Great Sun God would have the mission of warming up her strong-willed Scorpio temper.

She was born in Buenos Aires but is Colombian. Colombian in experience, accent and roots, because she grew up in that country of magic realism and wild music, with amazing sunsets and those little things that make you belong to a place. She carried music with her from the moment she started dancing at the age of 5, and would reinvent her favorite melodies as she roamed around the city. But to be a professional singer-songwriter has cost her 6 years of her life, and many of her songs persisting in the musical medium have only been steps on the path to making music her entire world.

Now in the US, surrounded by English speaking faces, she's proud to release her first international album, with Univision Records.

With watery eyes from seeing this soul’s dream come true, I present to you my album.

Anasol Escobar was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although living in Colombia, Anasol’s parents wanted her to be born closer to the Sun, so they traveled to Argentina where Anasol was born. At birth, Anasol’s (Sun’s Daughter) father, an astrology devotee, analyzed her natal astrological chart and proclaimed that his daughter was going to be an artist. And she proved him right, beginning serious dance instruction at the age of five. Spending most of her childhood in Colombia, Anasol nevertheless traveled the globe with her parents traversing Italy, Portugal and Spain. They even spent time exploring Africa. All of these travels and exposure to other cultures has helped evolve Anasol into a person curious about the entire world around her with a definite impact on the music she would eventually write and perform.

By the time Anasol reached the University, she became interested in music and spent much of her University career studying all aspects of music inculding sound engineering and piano. It was there that she learned the importance of an artist creating her own material. It was during those days that Anasol began to write her own songs.

With a distinctive voice and great beauty, this super-talented singer/songwriter, inspired by her love of both music and dance, has created her recording debut album, “Anasol” released by Univision Records in Mexico in May, 2005 and in the United States and Puerto Rico in August. It included her first hit single Sentimiento. The song, with music and lyrics by her, reached number 31 on the Billboard Latin Pop chart. A second single "Nace" was released after that. The album did very well in the US, México and Colombia. Anasol is currently recording her fourth album, which will be released by an independent label.

In “Anasol”, she continues to express the energy shining inside her. Talent is reflected in her writing, her music, her way of interpreting and showing her freedom to achieve her goals. All this is achieved once more with the support of the talented multiple Grammy winner, Luis Fernando Ochoa, who produced Shakira’s first albums as well as other Grammy winning artists like Ricky Martin, Chayenne, and Bacilos. About Anasol, Ochoa says,

“I have been so lucky to able to work with these two amazingly talented singer/songwriters. While both are extremely talented writers and vocalists, their music is totally different. Anasol’s music takes from so many different elements – a fusion of electronica/dance, programmed and highly processed sounds – Anasol is the essence of the modern musical thinker with her mind reaching way beyond the borders of Colombia into Europe and many other places”.

“Through the songs on this album, I have been able to express my own thoughts, feelings and intuition about life, freedom, about beauty and energy. It is a great opportunity for me to show my art. It has a label, it has my signature, I feel it’s mine, and it is my first step outside Colombia. I’ve been lucky to be able to express myself as I have wanted. There weren’t any restrictions. I feel proud of this work”, said Anasol

The first single “Sentimiento”, music and lyrics by the artist, expresses the power of emotion to move. It is an homage to life, encouraging people to be able to take risks and to not be afraid to feel. “I am proud of this work because I explored different aspects of my musical personality, connecting my poetry with my thoughts regarding life”.

“Anasol”, which comprises 11 tracks and a bonus dance mix track of Sentimiento, is a “virtual pop” album; “virtual pop because my music contains visual electronic elements, combined with other elements normally found in the pop genre, such as guitars and drums”.

Her words are inspired by such literary giants as Ernesto Sabato, Marguerite Yourcenar and Julio Cortázar. Anasol expresses in her songs Scorpio’s passion and sensibility. Musically she has being influenced by the work of Everything But The Girl, Tori Amos, Madonna, Gustavo Ceratti and Index ID just to name a few.

Among some of the stand-out tracks from “Anasol”, we find: Nace: “it is the power of an outrageous laugh in the middle of a splendorous afternoon;” Dame: “in this song a very special person gives me the wings to ask him for a surreal moment; and Sube el Alma, which “talks about how vulnerable we become when we face those things that makes one uplift their soul.”

With regard to the subject matter of this CD, Anasol says that she wishes to transmit to people the will to live. “Sometimes when we are young we think we are immortal, that everything will last forever. We forget that we can get invent life in the dawn of every day”.

She states that she is always trying to find herself, maybe because she dreams, like her name, that the sun will always shine upon her. Her greatest wish with this production is “to express myself, with the freedom provided by the elements, to create, surprise, and invent things for others”.

Whether as a composer, dancer, singer, or astrologist, Anasol will always surprise you.

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