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Anahí was born a 14th of May of 1983 in Mexico City. She has been characterized for being a very versatile actress and singer. When she was only two years, she stepped into a stage for the first time and she discovered that was the place where other children of the same age felt restrained, in her case, she found it natural. Her first participation in television was in "Chiquilladas", directed by Cesar ("El pollo") Gonzalez, a show that was the beginning for various talents such as Lucero and Aleks Syntek, and many more. Later she participated in movies and theater plays. Her incomparable smile and originality put her in one of the most solid and promising positions of hispanic television. During various seasons the Mexican audience got to know her as being the image of the beverage brand Fanta, she also captivated audiences with her voice performing "Te doy un besito", musical theme that closed the children's programming on a television's channel.

On the small screen (television) Anahí acted in endless programs such as "Casos de la Vida Real", "Dr. Candido Perez", "Hora Marcada", and "La Hora Pico". She has also worked in the following soap operas "Madres Egoístas", "Muchachitas", "Angeles sin paraíso", "Alondra", "Tu y Yo", "Mi Pequeña Traviesa", Vivo por Elena", Mujeres Engañadas", "El Diario de Daniela", "Primer Amor", "Clase 406" and "Rebelde".

In the field of acting she hasn't limited herself to small screen productions, she has also participated in diverse movies like "Nacidos para morir" with Humberto Zurita and "Había una vez una estrella" with David Reynoso and Pedro Fernández. Since she was a little girl she landed various jobs for television surprising everyone with her charisma and great artistic quality.

In the field of music she has been outstanding and amazing. Her first album was called Anahí, her next record was called 'Hoy es mañana' and incuded songs like: Descontrolándote y Corazón de bombón. In addition, she performed the song 'Mensajero del Señor', a significant song that brought her to visit Santo Padre of Yucatán, Mexico. At present, Anahí enjoys her greatest phase in her career as a singer with the group "RBD". This phase began in the year 2004 when Pedro Damián called her once again to be a part of the cast of the soap opera Rebelde, a mexican version of the argentinian Rebelde Way, to performe one of the 4 main characters: Mia Colucci. It's great success exceeded frontiers, being televised in the entire United States, and many european countries like Spain and Germany, as well as countries in the east. Along with the pop group RBD and her colleagues Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez they have released three albums in Spanish, three in Portuguese for the brazilian market, one in English, and two live.

In 2007, together RBD taped the series "RBD-La Familia" which has been transmitted by paid television with great success in Mexico and over this year and the next it will be transmitted in many places around the world. RBD has also began their tour "Celestial World Tour 2007" which has taken the group with great success to countries by South America and Europe and still have to travel United States, Mexico and other countries.

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