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Aruba is the southernmost of the Lesser Antilles islands comprised of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao. and is the farthest west of that group. It's a mere 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela. On a clear day the Venezuelan mainland is visible from the south-eastern coast, and about 42 miles, or 20 minutes by airplane, to their nearest Caribbean neighbour, Curacao.

The oblong island is fronted by heavy surf and a jagged coast on the northern, windward side and by seven miles of honey-colored sand beaches on the southern leeward coast. It's some 75 square miles in area and is about five miles at it widest point and 19 miles in length. Aruba is an easy island to get around, the road systems are in good shape, well-marked, and anyway, it's hard to get lost for too long on an island where the coast is never more than 3 miles away.

Aruba attracts some one million visitors and cruise passengers per year, most from North America and nearby Venezuela, and it ranks as one of the Caribbean's most popular vacation spots. Miles of beaches, some quiet and smooth and others with stiff winds and a choppy surf, as well as first-class resorts, gambling casinos, shopping, and exceptionally fine dining. If you are looking for tropical glamour, fine beaches, and a lot of fun entertainment come to Aruba.

Palm Beach's white powder sand stretches as far as the eye can see, with excellent swimming conditions in calm waters. For changing and refreshments, you can use the public areas of the nearby hotels. Hotels also offer their own watertsports center. Accessible by public bus, taxi or car.

The Riu Palace is beautifully designed and located right on Palm Beach, offering a most spectacular view of the Caribbean. With the wide expanse of soft, golden sands virtually laying at its front door, The Riu Palace invites you to enjoy the warm breeze wafting in from the ocean or enjoy swimming in one of the two fresh-water pools.

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