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Quite possibly the most exquisite secret in Mexico, Maroma Beach is a resort hideaway intent on preserving the ecology of its 500-plus acres of beach and rain forest, all the while bringing individual service and luxury to unprecedented heights. Maroma is nestled into the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and lies a mere 30 miles south of Cancun, but thankfully, remains worlds away from this spring break hot spot's pace and lifestyle. Maroma's guests are immersed in a quiet world of warm azure waters, pure white sands and rich tropical foliage. This miniature Eden of stucco huts and thatched roofs, beachside serenades and sunset cruises, will rejuvenate both body and spirit.

"Handmade Hospitality" is the philosophy the resort operates under, referring both to the passion to meet guests' every need and the machine-free method of construction used in creating the resort. Eco-travelers will delight in learning that every building on the property was made by hand, without any machinery or electricity, and only one-tenth of Maroma's property will be developed in order to preserve the ecological balance.

Entering the world of Maroma is like wandering into the warmth and pleasure of your best friend's "casa." Whether indulging in a private four-hand massage by the ocean, or dinner by torchlight on the beach, this extraordinary retreat will make dreams you never knew existed come true.

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